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  1. It's not just Floridians. My sis most likely has the virus. She probably got it from her boss, who is sick and basically told everyone to come to work even if they're sick. There were several people in her office that were sick, and yesterday she started feeling short of breath and a little tight in the chest. She has no fever. This is in Georgia.
  2. @Arcadia, @Pen, et al, It's very eye opening to see how often this is transmitted in religious events. Even here in GA, the cluster in Rome (GA) apparently started from a man who went to church on Sunday morning feeling just fine. Then by that afternoon, he was sick.
  3. [tongue-in-cheek] Are we in Mercury Retrograde? Seriously, what is with the lack of communication?! I suppose it's a bureaucratic thing, cause it's definitely worse the further up the chain you go. State and local folks are doing much better. But there's been a serious lack of communication between people/offices and often what's being said at the higher levels simply isn't getting carried through on down the chain. There are multiple disruptions along the lines of communication and with things actually getting done. I found 41 deaths on Mar 12, 49 on Mar 13, and 57 on Mar 14. Those are the accumulative totals. Daily new deaths: 3 on Mar 12, 8 on Mar 13, and 8 on Mar 14 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  4. There was some talk wayyyy back in this thread about trying to break it into separate threads. At the time, I guess it was decided that wasn't going to happen. Now there are several threads, but I don't think the discussion in this thread is going anywhere. But not losing all the news because of discussion is important! I don't know where the balance is, but maybe if everyone tried to keep discussion from going too far off news, it would be okay. Yeah, I know that'll be different for everyone. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Georgia delays presidential primary due to coronavirus pandemic
  6. Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now (emphasis mine) @Thatboyofmine and everyone else that is trying catch up and understand what is happening you need to read this!
  7. You might try Alba Botanical unscented it's a good quality, organic hand lotion. Even the herbal healing variety and the original scent have extremely light scents.
  8. Trump plans to declare national emergency over coronavirus pandemic
  9. Sometimes I think people underestimate the weight something like this can have on kids and how easily that is lifted by simple things like knowing their parents are paying attention and planning. They don't worry about all the details we get caught on or the cascade of problems we might see. Just knowing that "Mom's got enough groceries to last forever [in their minds]!" is enough to lift that weight. I have made my kids watch a couple of Dr. Campbell's videos, mostly the ones about how the virus works and how to prevent spread, etc. They didn't appreciate it, but at least they know what's going on. ETA: Aack! I just reread this and realized it might come across the wrong way @mlktwins! I don't mean this to mean your kids don't know what's going on. I meant it as support and agreement with you. Your-family-loves-you-because-they-know-you've-got-their-back kinda thing. Oldest dd works at Kroger ClickList. I put in a HUGE order of normal, regular groceries (not bags upon bags of rice or cans of beans...just the normal stuff to stock my pantry and freezer to get my big family through a couple weeks). Her co-workers were like, "Girl, what is up with your mom?!" She told them I was stockpiling for the coronavirus. This was several weeks ago. She was a bit smug last time she was over here. I bet anything it's the toilet paper aisle. Dd sent me a picture very similar to this one from her store. Their store had restocked the paper aisle this morning at 7am. It had toilet paper on one side and paper towels on the other and included facial tissues and stuff. Both sides looked like this by 9am.
  10. I like your suggestions. I'm not sure if it would help, but maybe make it slightly more emphatic by eliminating all the "I think" and "Perhaps". Just state what needs to be done: "There needs to be a dispensation for all children..." "Buses still running..."
  11. We've already talked a bit about how many people are still in denial. I think all the sports closing and school closings will help to serve as a wake-up call to many people. I don't think this has been shared yet: Ohio health official estimates 100,000 people in state have coronavirus
  12. There are a lot of school closures starting Monday here in Georgia, but I'm hearing from individuals and social media with screen shots of the announcements being sent out. The actual news hasn't even caught up yet. Every county surrounding UGA is closing, and none have reported cases in the news. AFAIK, every county with a case has closed schools.
  13. Things have really blown up in Georgia today. Tons of closings. Schools all around Atlanta are closing. Our local school district is closing (info not in the link below), and we're not even part of metro Atlanta. https://www.ajc.com/news/latest-atlanta-coronavirus-news-what-next-for-hawks-after-nba-season-suspended/iUCSnaFbaphfSaA2rmUfEL/ I have to admit to feeling slightly vindicated for making everyone sit out of events that are now cancelled. But I am concerned about single parents and those who cannot take off work. I don't want to get too political, but I'm really feeling the need for an emergency UBI to be implemented ASAP. I think that would go a long ways to helping in this situation. ETA: Our county has NO confirmed cases.
  14. UGA has suspended classes for 2 weeks after spring break.
  15. You and I can cry and scream together. Dh and I were supposed to go to Scotland and France this year for our 25th. First time I'd have ever been overseas. *sigh*
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