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  1. I learned to be fluent in English by watching tv and movies. I used all sorts of swear words without knowing it, until someone would correct me. :leaving: I probably still use some words that might be rude, especially slang and curse words, but I don't know unless someone tells me. I wish I had thought to be more selective about what I was watching LOL.
  2. :thumbup: THANK YOU! This is a great resource, and sure beats my scraps of paper and highlighted catalogues. I appreciate you sharing your hard work.

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    I have: Math-U-See Algebra Teacher's Manual - excellent condition, extra copy that sat on shelf but was never used I'm interested in: MUS Algebra DVD only MUS Stewardship grammar-level French logic-stage Elemental Science (any) Artistic Pursuits 4-6, books 1 or 3 Catholic: A Year With God (spiral bound) Faith & Life 3 TM (any edition) Faith & Life 8 TM (any edition) Famous Men of Greece (Memoria Press) PM with interest, thank you! Story of the World Activity Guide SOTW1 SOTW 1 2 4


  4. Honestly, I use baking soda and have found that to be most effective. Bonus that it's also cheapest B) Not the best tasting, though LOL.
  5. Can someone tell me what my son has? Do you mean his dangling participles? It's what separates the boys from the girls ;)
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