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  1. We were buying birthday presents today (at the bookstore), and ds (6) wanted to buy paperback copies of History: The Definitive Visual Guide for his friends. (We finally went with a paper airplane book + kit.)
  2. Hey, how is the house selling going? Haven't seen you post in a while and I'm tap, tap, tapping my fingers waiting, waiting...

  3. This. And not just quantity either, but regular sleep. Going to bed & wake times should be relatively similar every single day. I have been severely anemic and felt as the OP descibes. When I take a good multivitamin AND a separate iron supplement (w/ folate & B12), I feel much much better. The sleep is a big component of it, too, though, and one that I think is often ignored in our society in general.
  4. I just spent a good 30-45 minutes poking around on my high school's website, looking at their curriculum guide and book list both. I'm a systems-of-education and goals of curriculum, as well as the actual curricula to achieve those goals, junkie. I don't buy that much, but I spend a lot of time reading theory, scope & sequence, and researching various approaches and materials. In another world, I would have gotten an Ed.D. and become the curriculum director or similar for a school or school system.
  5. Well-stated! :) I think that UP, realistically, is written for parents whose children are not homeschooled. So let's be honest, I doubt he much considered homeschoolers in his recommendations. I also think it's much more about an attitude than a specific set of prescriptions. At least that's what I tell myself. ;)
  6. While I know Latin, I use that knowledge solely to check her work. She's self-directed in terms of day to day to work, and it's worked very well for us. She's also in 4th grade. HTH. :)
  7. Because I had my first relatively young, I spent a lot of time with the only friends I had being significantly older than me. We all had children around the same age. Eventually, though, I've found my tribe - similar age, similar stage of life, and so forth. I will say that it's taken me quite a while. I knew they were out there somewhere. ;)
  8. Finally cleared enough room on my computer to upload a few new pictures. Here's ours for today.
  9. How picky are you? :) I have done both. I decided just to go the farmer's market route this year, mainly because I get just what I want at the quantities I want. Plus, it's fun! I almost always see someone I know, I get to know the farmers, etc.
  10. Yes. :) I tried going vegetarian at one point in my life, persuaded by all I had read about animal cruelty and health. I was very careful to be a healthy vegetarian, not a 'junktarian.' I was completely ill. :/ I have high protein needs that generally I just can't meet through plant foods. I also have a tendency towards anemia and despite my awesome supplements, the highly bioavailable iron in meat is important for me. We are very careful to know the source of our meat. For that reason, we don't eat as much chicken or very much pork at all. I can't wait until I can get to the farme
  11. The Classical Writing materials use a lot of things over two years' time, so it didn't seem fair to count the cost solely on fifth grade. Similarly, the IEW DVDs are used beyond just one year (and, of course, someone could have invested in them prior to 5th grade, but I just couldn't cover all possible breakdowns). Basically, I was trying to be as fair as possible to each curriculum. I haven't seen Rod & Staff above grade 3; I was going solely by WTM (3rd edition, 2009) for those recommendations.
  12. Cow is tasty. I sort of want to ask if we can go thank our cow this year, pre-slaughter. Is that weird?
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