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  1. @Katy - thank you!! This helps tremendously!! I kept reading about not starting a fasting protocol if one is on “diabetes” medication. Your clarifying that this specifically means insulin is extremely reassuring to me. That was what was worrying me most (in addition to the nutrients). It sounds like she will be fine as long as she gets enough Calcium. I will ask her if she takes a supplement the next time we chat. I certainly do! I have no idea if she has Native American ancestry - she is adopted. AFAIK, she has no medical information about her birth parents at all.
  2. I guess this is what worries me the most - the still taking the Metformin in conjunction with the fasting without talking to her doctor about it. I do hope she gets positive feedback from him on her weight loss and that her “numbers” (whatever those consist of) have improved when she returns next week. I am hoping he will at least ask her how she is losing so she can explain her method to him.
  3. She watches carbs, sugar, and fat. She is anti-keto diet. I don’t know why.
  4. That is good advice, except she brings it up every time we talk on the phone (usually once a week). She gives me specific details about how much she’s lost, what she is eating, how much she is walking, how often she fasts. It’s pretty much all she talks about. I don't’ bring it up - she does. Obviously I encourage her and tell her I am proud of her.
  5. I think that number (which I may be wrong about) has been creeping upward while on the Metformin. I know her doc has adjusted her dose and she currently takes the max she can. She had worked her way up to walking a mile but hurt her back and had to stop for awhile. She’s working back up to one mile. This is what I fear her body is doing as well. It’s mostly that I think she is not getting proper nutrients. Idk if she takes a daily vitamin or other supplements.
  6. I’m sorry you see my concern as “way too invested.” Other than my immediate family of dh and ds (and an uncle I barely know) she is the only living family member I have left. Neither one of us has siblings. I care about her and want her to be healthy.
  7. I’m worried about my cousin. She is morbidly obese and on Metformin for (pre?) diabetes. She’s been on it probably two to two and half years. At her last doctor visit, she was told that if her A1C hit a certain number, she would have to go on insulin. Apparently, it’s been creeping up?? I think the number was “7” that would put her on insulin?? I know nothing about this.. Anyway, the thought of being insulin-dependent put the fear of god in her, so she is working on losing weight. Side note - she previously lost approx 150 lbs several years ago using Medifast. Then gained all of it back. She is 5’3” tall and started at 303 lbs. She is down to 260 lbs after about two months, which is great, but I am worried about her approach. She discovered Dr. Fung and has started doing intermittent fasting. This seems reasonable to me, but she is also severely restricting her calories. She is doing two 24-hour fasts a week and one 16-hour fast a week, I believe. She did NOT clear starting this with her personal medical doctor. Her doctor has been after her to lose weight for a long time and told her to keep her caloric intake to approx. 300 calories per meal. This also (sort of??) seems reasonable to me, but I am worried because she is combining these two approaches. I am worried she is not getting the proper nutrients that she needs and that she may be messing up her metabolism as well (going into starvation mode). I asked her a bit about this today, I know she is eating those little pretty-made salads from Walmart for lunch. There isn’t much too them - usually romaine and sometimes spinach. She has lean protein and veggies for dinner. Sometimes oatmeal for breakfast, I think. She is avoiding carbs for the most part. She has also started walking a bit. She was extremely sedentary before. I completely understand that the concept of intermittent fasting does not mean eating during non-fasting times becomes a free-for-all. I suggested she make her own salads - load them up with tons of fresh veggies. She is not eating much fat at all. When I ask questions she gets frustrated and reverts back to Dr. Fung’s videos where she tries to explain it but eventually says, “It’s very complicated.” I guess my overarching issue is that she was on a medication for pre-diabetes/diabetes but didn’t clear this fasting idea with her doctor before she started.. She does go back next week for her quarterly blood draw. I have no doubt her numbers will have improved. However, she complained today that her weight loss has now somewhat stalled which is why I am wondering if she has whacked out her metabolism. I am not even sure what my question is. I’m just wondering what folks think/know in general about doing long fasts in combination with pretty severe caloric restrictions.
  8. Do you know which ones and when this is going into effect? Is there a list somewhere?
  9. I assume that ds had some monies left from his paid summer internship before his senior year, though he had to feed and house himself during the internship. That salary was pretty good as it paid the equivalent of what their pro-rated, full-time, just starting out salary is. That is the job he returned to the fall after graduating. That said, ds finished his course requirements a quarter early. He remained on campus for the spring quarter and worked for an online tutoring company and prepped for the GMAT. We gifted him the spring quarter tuition, which was pretty significant. It gave him a nice nest egg to start with. We were happy to do it. He also did quite well on a financial investment (that we would NEVER have invested in) purchased his freshman year and sold in January of his senior year. He would have made a bit more on it if he had sold in December, but waiting until he was not going to be a dependent for us avoiding the kiddie tax. Plus, putting into that year when he was only going to have three months salary also reduced the rate the gain was taxed on. We are big tax strategizers.. He had a gap of about three months from graduation until job start. He traveled to SE Asia during that time - very cheap living. Fortunately, a local to his school and future job state friend stored his car, but he did have to pay for a storage unit over the summer. There are definitely added costs if the graduating student lives far away from the parents’ home base and is not returning their for work.
  10. Believe me, accountants are used to receiving a big box of receipts. However, it is much more cost efficient to use an accountant when one is super organized. The more organized you are, the less expensive it is to have them do your return/books, whatever they are doing for you.
  11. We handled all payments to ds’s college. Other than his one-time National Merit Scholarship of $2.500, he had no merit money and no loans. We set up an on-line account and would get emails each quarter that read, “Your statement is ready to view.” (Or something like that - it may have even said, “bill.”) We had the option of paying online with a check (pretty sure there was an extra fee if using a credit card) and used that. I’m sure there was a way to set up a monthly payment, too, but we didn’t do that. IMO, too much is at stake to put that financial responsibility on a student. In my mind, payment was our responsibility - not his. And, our ds was a teenager until his senior year of college, though I don’t think that’s relevant. No matter how responsible a student was, I wouldn’t put the burden on them to make sure I was paying my “part.”
  12. We’ve done a major downsize. It’s fine for now, but if and when ds ever marries and he and his wife have some grandchildren for me, I’d like a third bedroom (our condo has 2 BR/2BA). The one thing I really miss is having a laundry room. Our condos don’t have in-unit washers and dryers, though there are several on-site within our complex. In fact, it is fewer steps from my bedroom here to the community laundry room than it was from the MBR to our laundry room in our last house. But, it’s still a pain, and you can’t do laundry in your bathrobe.. Dh knows I don’t like it, so he does all the laundry now. So, I’d wish for a third bedroom and a washer and dryer - stackable in a closet would be fine!
  13. I don’t know of one specifically, but I would search for one that mounts under the upper cabinets and has a swivel arm thingie.
  14. I’d start with thinking about your small appliances. I can’t stand to keep anything other than the Keurig on the counter, so my biggest challenge was minimizing and figuring out where to store small (which aren’t so small in a small kitchen) appliances. I ditched my food processor, my toaster oven, and my waffle iron. I had previously ditched my bread machine (a long time ago) and my Kitchen Aid mixer (because I just don’t bake a lot). I kept my Instant Pot, my George Foreman grill, immersion blender, hand mixer, and my Vitamix blender. Finding homes for small appliances was the most challenging. If you don’t mind having them on the counter, that’s probably less of an issue. With a small space, things looks cluttered in a hurry, so I do my best to keep counters as clear as possible. Beyond that, I had one large drawer that had a ton of utensils in it. It was quite a mess until I purchased some small flat containers at BB&B so I could categorize knives, spatulas, serving spoons, etc. I got four long ones, and two short ones so I could group these types of things by length as well. I store infrequently used bakeware up high in my cabinets. Anything that you can nest (casserole dishes, bowls, etc) will help. I have one skinny, tall cabinet to the right of my range which is very helpful for storing cookie sheets and cooling racks. ETA: I was fortunate to have one sort of odd, triangular-shaped cabinet that was pretty useless for anything OTHER than storing spices. It’s not in the most convenient place, so I do pull whatever I need for the recipe I am preparing before I start cooking. However, I’m glad to have it as it holds a lot, and I don’t have my spices commingled with anything else.
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