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  1. Hoggirl

    Something to do at a party with 15-25 yos?

    Pictionary, but with a large easel and dry erase board. Two big teams. You can also have the teams make up what the other team has to draw and have it themed by rounds. So, each team might come up with three Christmas Carols, three types of breakfast foods, three countries, etc.
  2. Hoggirl

    Dress shirts from a nightmare

    I bought one on Amazon for about $30.
  3. Hoggirl

    Dress shirts from a nightmare

    Can you get a little mini steamer?
  4. Hoggirl

    Your opinion on teacher’s policy re: bathroom

    I have not read the entire thread, and I know the OP was speaking of a son, but the idea that bathroom visits are restricted for young women dealing with irregular periods bugs me immensely.
  5. @Penguin I did have the multiple children challenges explained to me by a friend who also has three children. Since I’m an only, and ds is an only, the challenges of getting siblings home at the same time was something I hadn’t considered!
  6. Absolutley precious!! I know you love the gushes over sweet Hudson James, but I also imagine you would like a big ol’ WAR EAGLE! 😉 SEC - It just means more...
  7. I am always the odd woman out in these discussions. Also in those threads where those struggle more with their children heading to college. I guess I am not overly sentimental or something. I promise I am not Scrooge-ish - I do love the Christmas season. Maybe it has to do with if gifts are your love language?? That’s not mine. It took us years to get off the gift-giving bandwagon with family and friends. I used to buy for SO many people. Between that and the decorating, cooking, baking, card-sending, traveling, performing in church, it mostly made me tired. I don’t miss all the *work* of it. I was talking to a girlfriend yesterday who has two grown daughters. She was talking about paring down their gifts (and the one husband and the two grandchildren) to TEN each rather than her usual FIFTEEN! EACH! That’s crazy to me. And, it may all be tied to the fact that we have done a major downsize and are just completely over stuff. I don’t want any gifts. Ds just graduated from college in June, and I do plan to buy him a much-needed dressier raincoat/overcoat/trench coat. We always do stockings. But, I am just not into the excess of Christmas. My take is that if three gifts were good enough for Jesus, that’s enough for anybody! Maybe it’s because we only have one ds instead of a large extended family. I am also an only. Maybe it’s because I lost parents right before Christmas. Maybe I am just plain lazy. I don’t know. But, honestly? For me, it’s a relief not to have to DO so much. I guess I am not very magical. Times change. Situations change. Children grow up and marry and families have to be blended together and have to share. I like the idea of doing an activity together and just spending time together. Puzzles, games, driving around looking at Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies.
  8. Hoggirl

    How do you prep your turkey?

    I pour a glass of wine and call and make a reservation at a restaurant that serves a Thanksgiving meal.
  9. I am trying t find a quote about the beauty of diagramming sentences. I think it was by Frank McCourt, but I can’t find it online. Someone on here used to have (or still has!) it in their signature line! Does anyone know the quote or who has it in their sig??? TIA!
  10. I would just make sure the essay is more about your ds than about Dad. Without having read it, could he list the three points all together and then expand on how each one makes Oberlin desirable/a good fit for him? “Dad’s sharing about his time at Oberlin over the years has made me bettter understand what I might like about attending as well. He appreciated discussions afforded by having small class sizes, the opportunities available to incorporate the arts, and the camaraderie afforded by the requirement to live on campus all four years.” (I have little knowledge of Oblerlin - just making these up). Then he could address each issue one by one. I’m just randomly throwing stuff out. Lol.
  11. Here’s one way debt can balloon like crazy...
  12. I guess in the future, you just need to add another line or two. “If you are coming, please let me know what time you will arrive and how many nights you will be staying. It help me plan! Thanks, Dad. Looking forward to see you, though I wish it were under different circumstances,” But, I AM a wordy texter! My fil would frequently show up 3 hours ahead of when he claimed he would be arriving. Would say they would stop for lunch on the way, but leave earlier in the morning and show up AT lunchtime expecting me to have something for them to eat. I pride myself on being a good hostess and like to be prepared. I think he liked tripping me up on purpose to try to make me look bad. Sorry, OP. I feel your pain. I do think men and women having different perceptions of this. To a man, it’s no big deal when they show up or how long they stay. They just need a bed and a shower in their minds. But, we women (especially those of us who are pleasers/perfectionists) struggle with that. Sorry if that is sexist.
  13. Hoggirl

    What's for Thanksgiving?

    Dining out!
  14. Hoggirl

    Gifting food companies

    Harry & David
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