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  1. Can you sear on a grill after? I don’t want to smoke up our place and cause the smoke detector to go off. Seems like cast iron or broiling might cause that to happen.
  2. Why does this embarrass/bother you? Just curious. Words of affirmation must not be your love language. It sure is mine! I’d give my eye teeth for a post like that. For those of you who have parents living who gush over you in FB posts, count your blessings. EDIT: typo
  3. When you go on FB, go directly to her timeline. Underneath the “about” info and “Friends” you will find “photos” and Life Events. Click on photos and you can see a few choices. Photos, uploads, albums, etc. Your best bet is to click on uploads. Most recently posted photos of anything will show up at the top. You don’t have to scroll though her feed at all. N.B. This is on an iPad. Idk how it works on a computer. Nothing wrong with venting, but you can avoid her dumb memes pretty easily. HTH
  4. Do you mean of skinnytaste’s or for cod/fish? I have found Skinnytaste to have consistently good recipes across the board. I don’t have a lot of other recipes for fish - do a stuffed salmon with Boursin and pine nuts, but I don’t think it would be well-suited for cod.
  5. https://www.skinnytaste.com/fish-florentine/ I make this with grouper, but she gives several fish options and indicates she makes it with cod. IMO, you need to double all the spinach/red bell pepper ingredients or you don’t have enough for four servings. Spinach wilts/shrinks a LOT when cooked. This recipe is yummy! Hope it works for you!
  6. When we lived in the UK for a couple of years we became friends with a family from Texas also living as expats. The husband was a rugby trainer. We went back to the states, and they went to Australia. This was 20 years ago now. I sent her a care package with Velveeta, Ro-tel tomatoes, malt-o-meal, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and cornbread mix. I think maybe the Velveeta didn’t make it though because it was labeled “cheese food” (or something like that). Anytime anyone came to see us in the UK, I asked for a couple cans of Ro-tel tomatoes.
  7. Do they have to be 80s and 90s movies? ”As Time Goes By” - Casablanca ”Cavatina” - Theme from The Deer Hunter M*A*S*H* - same Pink Panther Theme “Stayin’ Alive” - Saturday Night Fever ”Over the Rainbow” - Wizard of Oz ”Favorite Things” - The Sound of Music ”Singin’ in the Rain” - same ”Moon River” - Breakfast at Tiffany’s ”Mrs. Robinson” - The Graduate EDIT: OOPS! Re-read request. You wrote 80s and 90s. Mea Culpa! A few of the ones I listed are upbeat at least! What about something from the Grease soundtrack?
  8. Yes, I agree that cohesiveness in one’s application is extremely important. It kind of goes along with that telling v showing idea in essays. Don’t just tell me you are passionate about something - show me that you are by how you have pursued your interests, honed your talents, strived to make a difference, etc.
  9. I went back and looked at that list. My ds has a few things in the Rank 5 category and others beneath that rank as well. So his achievements were also in the bottom half of the list. We aren’t geniuses either!!! If it’s any consolation my ds said about his classmates at Stanford that, “About 15% of them are ‘scary smart’(a term we have used in our household for uber smart folks), and the other 85% are like me.” Which is what I think of as “regular” smart. One can label elite college admissions as “crazy pants” or “scary” if they like. Both might be apt adjectives. However, the go
  10. I think many of the comments are illuminating the vast differences between “then” and “now.” Whether speaking of costs or what it takes to be admitted. “Then”: I think I read in the 80s Stanford’s admit rate was around 40%. Certainly not a gimme, but hardly what it is today. My dh’s in-state public flagship was $30 per credit hour. When I was applying to colleges, I knew one family (Dad Harvard undergrad, Yale medical/mom Radcliffe, and Idk where she got her PhD) who really understood the ins and outs of elite college admissions and who worked to prep their twin daughters for
  11. It is a large list (16 in total, I believe), and they no doubt paid quite a bit in application fees. Our ds applied to 11 schools in the fall of 2013. She has not. She has visited the in-state schools that were allowing on-campus visits, but she did many other tours virtually because of Covid. I think she had also visited Case in person because they have family near there. They had visited P’ton (her top choice) before Covid hit. She is on spring break this week, and they are driving to Rochester since she has not been there, and it is now emerging as “the one.”
  12. ^This. I have a girlfriend whose senior daughter has applied to many elite schools. I wouldn’t exactly say that the mom had been totally unrealistic about her daughter’s chances - she is a strong student - but I don’t think her parents truly understood the level of competition out there. The daughter is now only waiting on Ivies but so far: EA at UChicago - deferred ——-> denied University of Denver - accepted Rollins - accepted - merit USF Honors - accepted - tons of merit UCF Honors - accepted - tons of merit UNC-Chapel Hill - accepted (applied Morehead, not invited to int
  13. And, I bet he also learned to love college football as well!!
  14. I am hoping that I can stay healthy as long as I can. As others have pointed out, we only have so much control over that. I exercise 4-6 times per week and maintain a healthy weight. I am sure I could eat better, but I don’t eat horribly. I do drink alcohol. We should be okay financially. We have always lived below our means. We have no debt. We have done our downsizing/decluttering/purging. Clearing out would be easy for ds if we both dropped dead tomorrow. I think it is tricky to know if and when one should give up one’s home and go to a group type place. I would hope to be p
  15. I have not read all of the comments, but the President of the United States just used the word, “tribe.”
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