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  1. @Evanthe - having a child attend somewhere they are excited about that does not require any debt is a huge win on all fronts! I think it IS spectacular! Congrats to all!
  2. @SebastianCat - are dual enrollment courses not included on the SSAR?
  3. My ds was 17 his entire freshman year (summer birthday). He graduated at 20. He was 1,800 miles away. He did have a medical issue his freshman year. That required some finagling for forms for treatment, insurance, etc. Nothing insurmountable, however. We had to sign a permission slip (release??) for his dorm’s ski trip and for an out-of-state weekend trip that was taken for a class. Permanent offers from his summer internship (done the summer before his senior year) typically included a bottle of Dom Perignon, but he couldn’t receive one with his offer because he was not yet 21. He also couldn’t enroll in his school’s wine-tasting class because he wasn’t 21. Lol Other than those things, I can’t think of anything else. He had attended multiple summer programs (music related, academic, camps, Scouting) and was typically gone anywhere from 5-7 weeks over summers. So, he had had some “practice” with being away, living in a dorm, etc I don’t think he had a lot of homesickness at all.
  4. I’m pretty sure that the answer to this is, “no.” When they *could* be seen on the FAFSA, the conventional wisdom at that time was to simply list them alphabetically. So, if you’re concerned, I would just do that.
  5. There is a pop-up about subscribing, but I was able to close it? Hope no one hits a paywall. This article from Forbes (though written before the NACAC vote) hypothesizes on what the changes mean. My favorite line is about recruiting past the May 1 date - “This feels kind of like trying to court women in a bridal shop.” 😂
  6. Big Four is a fantastic place to start off one’s career! Big congrats to your ds and YOU! Is he looking to do audit or tax? Is a 5th year (or an additional 30 hours of coursework) not required in your state to sit for the CPA exam?
  7. I have recently started helping out with college admissions (as part of an online course requirement) at a private high school affiliated with a Baptist Church. These two schools are popular among students and, while I have heard of both of them, I would love to hear any specifics about these schools that anyone would like to share. Specially, what can you tell me about financial aid/cost of attendance, career placement offices and outcomes, campus life, and accreditation? How do costs typically compare against going to an in-state public university? Are they generous with merit scholarships? What about need-based aid? I was also confused about what I read about the accrediting organization for Cedarville? I’m just trying to quickly familiarize myself with these two schools from those in the know (as opposed to what I might find online). Please tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly. TIA!
  8. When ds attended the Duke TIP ceremony on Duke’s campus at the end of 7th grade, (ten years ago) they had a couple of sessions for families. One was about their summer program offerings and the other was about the college admissions process. One of the things I truly appreciated about the college admissions info session was that the head of admissions was completely transparent about the the fact that, while they were certainly looking for academically qualified students, they were also looking for students who would eventually become good alumni. At least he was honest.
  9. @EKS - that’s what I thought. Thank you! ACT has always been at the end, correct? I had a friend whose daughter forgot she was supposed to do the essay on the ACT and left! She had to retake because she was applying to colleges that required it.
  10. I mis-read this initially. HUGE edit! I thought when ds took it there was an entire experimental section that was included *within* the test, but you didn’t know which one it was until the very end of the test. Seems like there were six or maybe even seven sections then (he sat for it in 2012 under the 2400 scoring system). At the end of the test you could figure out at least what TYPE of section had been an experimental, but you couldn’t know which one. In other words, you would know you had one more math section than the test called for, but you didn’t know which math section had been the experimental one. If they always tack it on at the end and everyone knows this, I can’t see how they can get good data even with the “stronger” kids. Why would anyone try very hard??? Has the essay always been at the end of the SAT?
  11. How many years has he been at the charter thus far?
  12. I love jeans from White House/Black Market. They offer both high and mid-rises. Skinny and slim. Different lengths (crop, ankle, regular). Tall and Petite sizing as well. Curvy jeans. They really have a lot of variety in wash, styles, and sizes. I go up one size in their skinnies compared to their slims. @Arcadia - they offer 00P if you ever want to try to buy there.
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