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  1. Hoggirl

    Please pray for this organizationally challenged mom ...

    Hang in there! Glad the family is all pitching in. One piece of unsolicited advice: decide if you really need to bring all that stuff back into your house after your floors are completed. Since you are in a crunch to get it out, now is not the time to purge. Just get it out and label as you go. Make decisions on what you want to bring back *in* after the floors are done. You won’t be as rushed and can maybe make clearer decisions. FWIW, we no longer own china as we hadn’t used ours (my mother’s) in years. You may use yours all the time, so that wouldn’t apply to you. Since everything will be all boxed up, you can easily decide after the fact if it is worth bringing back in or giving away! Good luck!
  2. Hoggirl

    s/o relatives graduating

    I actually had a thread about this on the college board. This is why I am not sending any formal, snail mail announcements - I think of it as gift grubbing/grabbing. Others on that post disagreed. Anyone who is close to us knows ds is graduating. They can choose to send something or not. I’ve had two relatives who have indicated to me that they want to send him some $$$ as a graduation gift. I think that is a lovely gesture on their part (and you better believe ds will send a hand-written thank you note), but I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to send something which is how I feel (rightly or wrongly) when I receive an announcement in regular mail that doesn’t have, “No gifts, please” written on it. I don’t think it’s grinchy to not send anything, especially since you have already been quite generous with them. If you want to send something, I think that’s fine. If you don’t, I think that’s fine, too!
  3. Hoggirl

    Grad school, help, please!

    I hope OP comes back and clarifies what her ds’s plans are. She has certainly received good advice here for academia, but I do think the path may be different if her ds is looking to a terminal (Master’s) degree in foreign policy/national security. Does he plan to take the Foreign Service exam? Has he gone through any security clearance screenings? I have a friend who works in this area. He began with a terminal Master’s degree from an elite school, but deviated from that trajectory when he married someone whose personality did not fit that lifestyle. My understanding through talking with him is that there really are two separate paths. This page talks about various degree programs. There is a comparison chart at the bottom.
  4. Hoggirl

    Grad school, help, please!

    Idk anything about the GRE, but ds just sat for the GMAT on Friday. He bought a prep book and did a practice test cold to see where he was starting from. He’s a pretty good test-taker and was motivated to be “one and done.” I think he just approached it the same way we did for the ACT/SAT. Just took timed practice tests and went over what he missed. Identified weak areas and focused on those. That sort of thing. I wasn’t involved Is your ds wanting to do a more professional or academic route with his graduate studies? I think there are two different paths depending on the answer. Is he wanting to carry on at his same school for grad school? Sounds like he is. And just continue on? I’m not sure about funding under those circumstances.
  5. Hoggirl

    Aging parents - this is hard. Anyone else?

    I think we are about to enter this season with my in-laws. He is 82 and she 79. He is extremely stubborn, and I see much resistance brewing. I lost both of my parents at the age of 24 and will never experience going through this process with them. I don’t really feel lucky, though.
  6. Hoggirl

    How much does college cost?

    Then my unsolicited advice is not to allow him/her to apply. Many posts indicate there is clearly a lot of dissatisfaction with how the current system operates. So, how should it work? If you could design the aid system from the ground up, how would you do it?
  7. I agree with the Instant Pot suggestion. It renewed my interest in cooking. The FB group has 1.3 million members! When I got mine two and a half years ago there were only 30,000 in the group!
  8. Hoggirl

    new type of exercise

    I do DVDs at home that use light weights. My favorite is an oldie - Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones. Each exercise usually has you working two groups of muscles at the same time. There are seven circuits, and the DVD is 50 minutes long. HOWEVER, each circuit is repeated twice (this isn’t the case for the last circuit, though, because you work each leg). Soooo, if I do each of the first six circuits one time through instead of twice through and then do the 7th circuit, it’s just about 30 minutes. I’ve done it for years. I started with 3 lb weights but now use mostly eights, after working my way up. It’s not jumpy AT ALL. I hate jumpy. It’s at a nice pace but not overly fast. If you hate it, you’re out the cost of a DVD and a set of small hand weights.
  9. Hoggirl

    This is the week!

    So exciting! Many congrats to ALL!
  10. That’s what dh says as well. It’s my own hang up, I suppose. I can’t get the link to work, but I’m sure you, Emily Post and dh are correct! ;)
  11. Hoggirl


    On ds’s campus, one had to be 18 to rent a ZipCar. I have a good friend whose daughter was a big herp girl (she wound up not pursuing that, however), and she started at a four-year college right after she turned 16 (August birthday), so the similarities between your dd and her are striking. She had a lot of issues adjusting to on-campus, college life - making friends, some depression, not knowing how to handle the drinking culture, dating culture, etc. She, too, really wanted to fit in. She really could have benefitted from another year of maturing. She did share her age immediately which, I think in hindsight, proved to be a mistake. She came home many weekends (about two hours and 45 minutes away). She didn’t have a car, so her folks would go and pick her up and take her back. She graduated at 19 and started her job about a month later. Her young-ness was a bit of an issue as she began her professional life as well. She didn’t divulge her age, but the news sort of got around, and people sometimes have resentment (not sure that’s the right word? Feel threatened? Act dismissive? All of the above?) toward someone who is successful so young. I think she had to work much harder to earn people’s respect. Ds was young for his class, and also a grade skip. I have no issues with a single grade-skip - there were probably six kids in ds’s class of 70 who had been grade-skipped, though ds was the youngest of them all. My friend’s daughter is my only example of someone who was skipped two grades. It’s all turned out fine for her now (she’s 22 now), but there were struggles and issues related to both her age and maturity along the way. Only you know what is best for your dd, but I’m just wondering if there isn’t something she could possibly do for a gap year? Perhaps gain admission to her college of choice but then defer attending for a year?
  12. Oops - to clarify. This is someone with whom ds graduated from high school. He’s graduating from college, and we received a college announcement today. I have NO issue with high school graduation announcements! We had friends who have three children, and we received three high school announcements, three college announcements, and two grad school announcements. That’s just too much to me!! And, this is probably really tacky of me, but I’m going to ‘fess up anyway. When you only have one, it starts to feel a little unalanced.
  13. Well, received one today! From one of ds’s high school friends. Guess I’ll write a check!
  14. Hoggirl

    Baylor? I believe this is a plug and chug calculator one can use to determine merit money at Baylor. I don’t know if it is still the case, but Baylor used to allow students to continue to take standardized tests (ACT or SAT) after acceptance in order to increase merit awards.
  15. Hoggirl

    College Graduation Gift Ideas

    We will probably buy ds new tires for his car - ha ha! Not very exciting. One other thing I have thought of is a piece of nice carry on luggage as he will be traveling a lot with his job. He has luggage (a carry on piece included), but it’s pretty old. My only hesitation is that there may be some particulars that he wants that I am unaware of. Selecting luggage seems like a personal choice to me.
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