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  1. “Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” is one of my many mantras. Is he just taking Latin? I am a fan of doing one subject test at a time if possible. Yes, you can take three in one day, but I think that’s a bit much. If he’s strong in Latin, start with that, and then align other subjects when taken to additional subject tests. Ds has several schools that listed submitting two subjects tests as optional. One school wanted three. Even if optional, it’s just one more data point. For homeschoolers, I think they are good to have as just one other means of “outside verification.”
  2. I think the kitchen is an easy place to start because there are often many duplicates. I mean, how many 9 x 13 glass casseroles does one *really* need?? It’s often easy to “halve” the kitchen, I think. I’m not going to have exact duplicates in clothing - except maybe jeans and black pants. I also got rid of a lot of limited use appliances when we did our downsize.
  3. Hoggirl

    College Application Services

    Fiske Guide to Colleges - Edward Fiske, Sourcebooks, 2018 Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges - Loren Pope, Penguin Books, 2012 Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College - Sally P. Springer and Jon Reider, Jossey-Bass, 2017 College Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the Best School for You - Steven R. Antonoff, EDUConsultingMedia, 2017 The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price - Lynn O’Shaughnessy, FT Press, 2012 8 First Choices: An Expert’s Strategies for Getting Into College - Joyce Slayton Mitchell, SuperCollege, 2017 College Admission - How to Get Into Your Dream School: Real Students, Real Stories - James W. Lewis, NSHSS, 2018 Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be: an Antidote to the College Admissions Mania - Frank Bruni, Grand Central Publishing, 2016 Here are some options to get you started!
  4. Hoggirl

    Arabic as a major in college ?

    Georgetown has an Arabic Major. They are known for their linguistics, too. Lots of opportunity for internships in DC.
  5. Hoggirl

    Arabic as a major in college ?

    Ole Miss (University of MIssissippi) has a Flagship Arabic program. They offer both a major and a minor. You might also check out their Croft Institute of International Studies which has a Middle Eastern Studies track within it. You choose a region and a thematic concentration. Students enter the Croft Institute as freshmen through a selective process. There is also a minor in International Studies. Ole Miss is quite generous with merit scholarships. They have an Honors College which is by application (not just based on grades and test scores). It’s obviously not a Christian School, but there will be no shortage of Christians there. EDIT: Here are schools that offer a Flagship Arabic program:
  6. Hoggirl

    College Application Services

    I will say that I have a friend who used a consultant to find good merit scholarships for her son. Idk what she had to pay him, and I know with some effort, she could have done the same thing herself. They are kind of donut-hole-ish and needed to chase merit. To her, what she paid the consultant was worth it because he saved her money by finding good merit scholarships. That was her perception. But that is a different tack than chasing rankings. They were not doing that at all. They were chasing the best fit for her ds’s desired major that was affordable for their family.
  7. Hoggirl

    College Application Services

    I’m sure not going to say that! I have a friend who I have been helping a bit through the process with her daughter. Not as a professional - just as a friend. Which, honestly, made it a bit more challenging to talk about the budget. Notwithstanding my asking was she *sure* they could afford the family contribution numbers they were seeing running NPCs - “We’ll work it out” was her reply - they forged ahead. They have a unique financial situation that is definitely skewing their numbers in an unfavorable way, but their bigger challenge was thinking that any outside scholarships would be applied to and reduce what THEY, the family, were expected to pay. Her daughter is in contention for a Coca-Cola Scholarship. I’m pretty sure they told her if she got that, they could make it work.. They were thrilled when she was accepted SCEA to Yale. She then contacted me a week later, devastated and stunned to learn that outside scholarships would NOT change what Yale expected the family to pay. Now they are scrambling, trying to figure out what to do, seeing if Grandma will help, etc. Yes, there are other schools on the table, and she has some that are affordable. But the bar has been set, and nothing is going to compare to Yale for her. So, I absolutely agree that folks should not allow their kids to apply to schools that are unaffordable. I have never understood the mindset of doing that at all. I wish I would have pushed her harder about the money. Honestly, it does sometimes go back to the “magical thinking,” though. I think admissions consultants can be beneficial. As someone else mentioned - two working parents. They can be a good buffer between parents and child during a stressful time. But, I don’t think they are necessary. I equate them to having a personal trainer or a housekeeper. No one needs those, but many people want to have them. For folks with money, I think having a college admissions consultant is a bit of a status symbol.
  8. Hoggirl

    help! Rehab for the elderly

    Have they checked him for a UTI?
  9. ^ds’s schools all released before that April 1 date - except maybe Georgetown which was snail mail at the time. “Ivy Day” will be before then. Best way to know when decisions are coming out seems to be by following Twitter accounts.
  10. Hoggirl

    who does the decorating at your house?

    The decorator/interior designer.
  11. Hoggirl

    Get rid of it all 2019

    @Story girl - for better or worse our bed is a platform bed. There is not much room underneath it. The flat storage box we had was about an inch too tall. There are a bunch of little “posts” (for lack of a better term) under the platform to support it. Our other bedroom has a sleeper sofa - barely any room underneath at all. Not only are the diplomas framed, they are matted as well, which makes them particularly large. We currently have our Christmas ornaments stacked on top. 🙂 We’ll figure something out! On games, I have seen the suggestion to remove them from boxes and just stack the boards and put the pieces/dices/spinners in labeled ziploc bags.
  12. Hoggirl

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Dh gave notice that we would be out of our off-site 5 x 5 storage unit on February 23rd. This will save us $105 per month! We spent some more time today culling but mostly consolidating. We have on-site storage at our condo, but there were already things in it, and it is only 3 x 4. We do have some of ds’s things, but I am slowly shipping some things (mostly sheet music) to him in flat rate USPS large boxes. We will continue to store some things for him. The biggest challenges we are finding are irregular-shaped items. Some of them cannot be avoided (golf clubs, bike rack for the back of the car, etc). However, what we have determined is having plastic tubs in two sizes but that are all identical has helped tremendously. Two of the smaller stack neatly on top of the larger. Though, for the most part we are stacking large on large and small on small. We are using clear tubs. I am listing what is inside of them on a piece of paper and positioning the paper inside the tub so it can be read from the outside. We are organizing things in the on-site storage unit based on how frequently we will need to access them. We will have tall stacks, but we are determined to make it work. We are having to put some things in our closets in our condo, and they are now a bit more “full” than I would like them but not horrible. Our remaining struggle are three large-ish and irregular shaped items that belong to ds - a sound mixing board, an accordion, and a guitar. I am seriously considering offering him cash to replace them if he so desires - just cutting him a a check. The guitar is not special to him, but he purchased the accordion with his own money that he saved (a large purchase for the age at which he bought it). He used to use the sound mixing board quite a bit. Still unsure what to do with my wedding portrait and all of our framed diplomas/certificates. They are too large to stack in the larger tubs we are using. I don’t really have space to hang them in our condo (nor do I want to). I posted on a separate thread that I donated my wedding gown earlier this week to Angel Gowns. That got rid of a large box! We are getting there.
  13. Hoggirl

    Guitar for 7yo son recommendations plz

    Can’t like this enough. I am a hobbyist classical guitarist and started playing at age 6. I’d prefer not to state my current age to reveal how long I have been playing! Lol! I didn’t want to show my persona bias, however. Some people just want to learn to strum. You can strum along to a lot of songs with only three chords. I have read somewhere that the guitar is the easiest instrument to play poorly and one of the most difficult to play well - more bias!
  14. Hoggirl

    Guitar for 7yo son recommendations plz

    I can’t get the ones you linked to open (I’m kind of a tech goob - sorry). What style of guitar is your son wanting to learn how to play? Is he wanting to learn to just play/strum chords so he (or others) can sing along? Or is he wanting to play the melody as well? Does he want to use a pick in his right hand or pluck with his fingers and play fingerstyle/classical? Just strumming or picking? Or both? You can pick with a pick and you can pick with your fingers. However, it is much harder to pick with fingers on a steel-string guitar than it is on a nylon guitar. There are acoustic steel-string guitars and classical nylon string guitars. He can play with a pick on a nylon string guitar. Nylon strings are much easier on the left (fingering) hand. A steel-string acoustic guitar will typically have a pick guard below the sound hole - a black, plastic sort of plate that protects the wood. A classical style guitar will not have a pick guard. If you have ever noticed Willie Nelson’s guitar, it is actually a classical guitar that he plays with a pick. There is a lot of damage underneath the sound hole because there is no pick guard. He will outgrow a half or 3/4-size guitar, so I wouldn’t spend much money because if he stays with it, he will eventually need something larger anyway. I don’t think the quality of the instrument is initially as important as the scale of it, so definitely get the right size for him.
  15. Awww, thanks, all. @Arctic Mama - if you think my dress is 80’s you should see my BIG HAIR on my wedding day! Lol! I’ll attach an image of some samples of gowns they make. The ones they make for baby boys tend to be solid satin, often with the addition of little bow ties and vests. I just googled to find a group near me if anyone is interested in exploring this for themselves.