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  1. I taught my first high school psychology class to homeschoolers today. It was SO MUCH FUN.

  2. Just dropped Alex off at sleepaway camp for the first time. *sniff*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Rivka


      I miss her! And it's weird to think that I won't know whether she's doing okay or not. Even if she writes, it will take several days for the letter to get here.

    3. Rivka


      I mean, I was a camp counselor in my youth. I know she'll do fine. All of them do. But this feels DIFFERENT.

    4. scbusf


      My DS goes to sleepaway camp for the first time this Friday. I'm already a mess.


  3. For the first time ever, I have run out of "likes." Thanks, Obama!

  4. Alex is having a slumber party. It's only 9:54 and I am well past ready for bed.

    1. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      I hope you got some sleep! I hate slumber parties. Who decided that is the "it" thing for tween girls to do for their birthdays? Parents tired of parties at jumpy play centers?

  5. OMG lice. Someone please hold my hand. Alex has waist-length hair.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PollyOR
    3. loesje22000


      I agree, a lot of movies, conditioner and patience...

    4. Rivka


      Worked on the kids for almost eight hours straight yesterday. Electronic lice zapping comb, then medicated shampoo, then nit combing. Thank God for my regular babysitter who came over and did many loads of laundry while I combed.

  6. I am ooooone like under a "popular" badge on page 1 of the "no school for two years" thread. Not that I'm so uncool as to keep track. *sulks*

    1. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      You made it! I went over to give you a bump, but you were over the top! What an accomplishment. Now maybe I should actually read the thread! LOL

    2. Rivka


      Hee! Enjoying my Sally Field moment now.

    3. Sahamamama
  7. I can't wrench my attention away from the Alecia Pennington thread. It's making me so sad.

    1. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      I didn't hear about the case until today but got scared off by the length of the thread. The whole case just seems so odd and sad :-(

  8. I bought my first pair of yoga pants. My life is forever changed! They are SOOO COMFY!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. FuzzyCatz


      Your first pair!? What have you been waiting for?! :D Welcome to the club!

    3. Mommy to monkeys

      Mommy to monkeys

      Welcome to the dark side. You'll love it here. We're all much more comfortable.


    4. SilverBrook


      I love this from one of Khristne Billerbeck's books. Paphrasing here..but was something like"officially they are called yoga pants. Unofficially they are the pants that I eat ice cream in." Love that.

  9. So how old do kids have to be before they catch on to "Daddy and I are going to take a nap now"?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. M.A.


      That is why we "do laundry" instead of take naps...no one interrupts chores :)

    3. PentecostalMom


      Ha, my oldest ds laughs at me now.

    4. Rivka


      Right now I think they just feel super lucky that they get to watch a movie.

  10. Is it mean to call my daughter "Alanis" when she misuses the word "ironic"?

    1. bobbeym


      depends on whether she gets it or not. :)

  11. Bless Michael, he's taken the kids out for the WHOLE AFTERNOON so I can have a Mother's Day of peace and quiet.

  12. Text from a good friend: "Just did an open house at the local elementary school. Holy hell, when can you come over and teach us how to homeschool?"

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SunnyDays


      LOL. We made our final decision after an open house right before school started!

    3. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      Good thing she has you around!

    4. FuzzyCatz


      Ha - homeschool consulting = $50/hour, no? ;-) I know that feeling well. I wish them luck!

  13. Volunteer-teaching outside classes would be awesome except for two things: the kids and the parents.

    1. FuzzyCatz


      LOL - isn't that the truth.

    2. dmmetler


      Sigh...were you at the same committee meeting I was today??

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