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  1. I am not new to the forums but have not been on in a while. I can start new topics in the forums but I cannot figure out how to post for sale in classifieds. Help!
  2. Hi, I am not new to the forums, but I haven't been on in a while. I cant figure out how to post some items I have for sale. I can start a topic on other pages, but not the classifieds. any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. My daughter is technically a junior next year, but only has 6 credits left to finish. I am debating letting her finish early. She needs 2 English credits though. Is this possible? We had tossed around dual credit as well. Just not sure.
  4. I guess I had read so much on here about Physical Science not being a "lab science" and colleges not accepting it for high school , I got a little nervous. But if they are not going into a science major, they will be ok with physical, biology, and chemistry on their transcript, is that true?
  5. I need help deciding what to do. MY 7th and 8th grader took Apologia General last year, and it seems that is "behind." Seems most people are scheduling Biology for 9th grade. Should they be doing Biology in 9th, not 10th? What would happen if I skip[ped Physical science and they went straight to Biology, would they be completely overwhelmed? They are not real science buffs to begin with. What do you think? Tina in SC
  6. thanks Jane! that makes sense to me. I guess since they were doing well so far on the tests, I thought they didnt need me, so I backed off. I will get back to going over things first with them to make sure they are really getting it. thanks!!
  7. Jane, I will definitely be doing this. I had been letting them work on their own completely, then I just check their answers and go over mistakes. Is it ever OK for a kid to be completely independent with math, or do they always need a tutor/teacher going over it with them first? Just curious.
  8. Jann, thanks so much! I did panic, thanks for the reminder to let the testing help me know how to help them instead of thinking I have ruined them before they even get to high school!! Also, so true about the understanding math part. In many ways, homeschooling them through their math has taught me FINALLY to understand math! I got straight A's in school but not much understanding of what I was doing, I just followed the patterns, and I want them NOT to be like that! Thanks for the encouragement. We will keep moving along with Lials.
  9. Ok, I just pulled out the Lials book. you are right, it is in there. I think some of the problem is that we started this book midyear and they are only in the beginning of ch. 4 which is the fraction chapter. so they WILL be covering all this again. I still dont understand how they didnt "remember" how to do the fractions on the IOWA though. Should I stop everything and do a review right now, or kieep going through Lials and do something during the summer with those basic math concepts?
  10. well, I "thought" they had mastered these things. My son said he had a hard time remembering what to do with the fractions (which I couldnt believe b/c he is the better one at math). In the Lial's they teach them the examples and then they do the problems. I dont know how he would not be able to remember what to do. My daughter said her problem was rememebering how to do percents, and multiplying and dividing fractions. We used math mammoth, like I said, which is a mastery based approach rather than incremental/spiral approach. i am just wondering now if I messed them up by not using a spiral
  11. My kids just took the 8th grade IOWA test and tehy came home complaining about how they "didnt remember how to do all that stuff." They have been doing Lial's Prealgebra this year, and doing fine. But the "stuff" on the IOWA was mostly percents, decimals, fractions, etc and they both told me they hardly remembered how to do that stuff anymore, and felt like they scored very low. Has anyone else had this problem? How do you keep that stuff sticking with them when they move into algebra and higher? Previous to Lials they used Math Mammoth. I have debated about trying Saxon, but always said I wou
  12. sorry about that, it fills up fast :-)


    Is this about the general science you had listed? thanks!

  13. I tried replying to your pm but it said your inbox if full. I can't send you a reply until ya clear some out :)

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