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  1. I've had the opposite problem. I'm 26, and I've recently had adult people (at least 21) call me Ma'am. I am NOT old enough to be a Ma'am to a grown person!!
  2. To which I might have had to answer, "How could YOU not be losing sleep over THAT?" :001_huh: :glare:
  3. I would pay off my debt.... and then make a serious offer to my grandfather to buy the house we're living in. If he had cash for his house, he could retire now instead of working himself to death. I would also buy my parents' houses. (Like, pay off the one my dad & stepmom live in, pay off my MIL's mortgage, and buy a small place for my mom nearby.) I would set up a trust with proceeds going to the food pantry that my church operates. I would get my divorce finalized and thank God that Ohio isn't a community property state. I would upgrade all of my photography equipment
  4. I think if you turn the water off to the toilet (ours has a valve right behind it), and then flush it twice, it should be empty. Going to try this now.
  5. Always a clarification... I do have another gift for them. My aunt made their nursery curtains, and I made them a quilt and 2 floor pillows that go with their theme.
  6. Poll coming!! I have a baby cradle that my mother used when we were babies. She gave it to me when she moved right after I got out of high school. It still meets safety req's. I used it for my children as infants. I want to keep it to give to them when they have children. But.... I also want to share it with my brothers. My SIL (brother's wife) is having her baby shower this weekend. I was going to give her the cradle at the shower. Buuut... is it tacky to give a gift that is expected to be returned at some point? I mean, I don't anticipate needing it back until my kids are grown
  7. Eh... Organize? I'm doing good to keep them all on shelves at a given time. Meh.
  8. The requirements for working adults extends to volunteer and unpaid work, so I would imagine it would extend to homeschooling as well...
  9. We had to install a new stereo to add one, IIRC. I think the stereo was less than $150 and my husband installed it in about 20 minutes. I believe Best Buy installs them for you if you buy a stereo there. ETA: I just found . Soooo... I assume you could do that to pretty much any car with a cigarette lighter outlet.
  10. No need to freak out. A nurse will likely come to tend to the line. My grandma had one for a while, and the nurse came as long as her insurance would cover it, and on her last 3 visits, she showed me how to change the dressing on the line properly. It does seem scary at first, though! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  11. I know, right? I keep walking away and coming back because I just... can't.... stop looking! Turning off the router....
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