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  1. It was, of course, maligned because many thought that Cummins was not the person equipped to write that story. I had purchased and read the book before I learned about the controversy, so my uninformed opinion was, It’s a pageturner that educated me about an aspect of immigration experience about which I had no knowledge. Was it perfect? No. Was it wildly overwritten in places? Yeah. Did earn keeper status in my personal library? No. Am I glad I read it? Yes.
  2. The first bird I saw was an American goldfinch. Thanks for participating, everyone, and may this new year be kind(er) to all of us, eh?
  3. Do you watch the birds that visit your yards or the nearby parks or other outdoor spaces? Your bird of the year would be the first non-pet bird you see tomorrow.
  4. Either schedule will be fine, Robin. 📚
  5. Too many books this year to choose just one, so here is a list of 37 standouts among the 233 I read, arranged in about the order I encountered them: ■ Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men (Carolyn Criado Perez; 2019. Non-fiction.) ■ Women and Power (Mary Beard; 2017. Non-fiction.) ■ Five Days at Memorial (Sheri Fink; 2013. Non-fiction.) ■ Zeitoun (Dave Eggers; 2009. Non-fiction.) ■ Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey (Alberto Manguel; 2007. Non-fiction.) ■ Severance (Ming La; 2018. Fiction.) ■ Catch and Kill (Ronan Farrow; 2019. Non-fiction.) ■ Parnassus
  6. While posting about bird of the year elsewhere, it struck me that more folks may be interested. In her paean to birding, Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds, Lyanda Lynn Haupt writes: After her breathless anticipation, Haupt is confronted with… an Eastern Starling, or “sky-rat.” The Year of the Eastern Starling. Inauspicious, yes, but not without its charms, according to Haupt. As I have on the past eighteen or so New Year’s Eves, tomorrow night I will ensure that all of the feeders are topped off and that corn and nuts are scattered for the squirrels. (There are, o
  7. In my general count, I distinguished the Astrid Lindgren as juvenile fiction to indicate that it was a short read. The two you point out (which, of course, fall under children's / YA fiction, are just labeled fiction in my general count.
  8. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and 375 pages stand between me and the conclusion of The Mirror and the Light, so I am calling it at 233 books read this year. (As always, I have included only cover-to-covers.) Because 233 books and all of those notes are an awful lot to (re)post in this thread, here is a link to my complete list, here is a link to all of the posts annotating that list, and here are a few numbers: ♦ 233 books read this year ♦ 105 fiction titles (not including graphic works) ♦ 61 non-fiction titles (not including graphic works) ♦ 6 poetry selections ♦ 37 plays ♦ 24 gr
  9. Hello! Hello! Missed last week, so I have two weeks of reading to share. At this writing, I'm at 228 for the year. Right now, I'm juggling three books, including the last in the Mantel trilogy. ■ Gideon Falls, Vol. 5: Wicked Words (Jeff Lemire; 2020. Graphic fiction.) This series is barreling toward the conclusion. ■ Still Alive: A Holocaust Girlhood Remembered (Ruth Klüger; 2001. Non-fiction.) Klüger’s is “an unforgiving memoir of growing up Jewish in Nazi-occupied Vienna and escaping death in a concentration camp.” (NYT, October 16, 2020) It was recommended in the lively discus
  10. It’s fabulous. 📚 Hey, am I imagining this or was one of this year’s challenges to read three books by Agatha Christie?
  11. Hello! Atop the stack on my desk this morning is Harriet the Spy. Favorable reviews of the recently published Louise Fitzhugh biography prompted me to revisit this childhood favorite for the first time in many years; I have not been disappointed. Most of the other books on my desk, marked with dogears and slips of paper, were awaiting inclusion in my commonplace book. Since I last posted, I’ve read nine books, bringing my 2020 total to 221. ■ Gideon Falls, Vol. 5: Wicked Words (Jeff Lemire; 2020. Graphic fiction.) This series is barreling toward the conclusion. ■ Still Alive:
  12. RE bolded bit: Well, and the narrator is a master of the well-placed and meaningful pause, no? This memoir was part of my “Jólabókaflóð arrived early this year” haul. I made myself a promise to finish the Mantel trilogy first, though.
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