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  1. We're considering moving to a house with a pool (or without)?🤷 If you have or have had a home with a pool, did you love it, hate it, too much work, worth it? Our kids are 15, 10, 6 and 3, so arguably we'd be using it for a while. We do have nice community/city/YMCA pools in the area, so it's not our only option for swimming. I have no home pool experience.
  2. This thread is reminding me of the couple I know where the husband is going to start using papaya seeds for bc and baby spacing. They're in their 20s. This should be interesting.
  3. Does anyone have an AGA stove? We're considering a house with one...and I'm concerned about the energy/$ suck, as well as the heat in the summer if it's constantly on. There is a 2-burner electric stovetop also in the kitchen and 2 wall those could be used, but I cook a lot and a 2-burner stove for 9 months of the year would make me crazy. We're in the Midwest with summers in the 80s/90s. The stove was not turned on when we walked through the house...burners at least wouldn't turn on. Anyone know what that means? There is a small digital readout on the front, but otherwise it had 4-5 burners and 3 stove "openings." I mean, I know their sexy kitchen ware...and I love that, but if I'm going to be replacing it with something else sooner than later..I want to know that before we jump in. AGA experts out there????
  4. Gut and Psychology Syndrome and the Body.Ecology Diet have been on this path for almost a decade...the Specific Carbohydrate Diet even longer. They're just finally starting to somehow get peer-reviewed research behind it (curious where the $ is coming from). The GAPS diet healed my daughter's epilepsy 7 years ago...there's so much gut-brain connection. It's hard, but so real.
  5. Where is Emily Post when we need her??
  6. Okay, I am totally not crafty and it's possible that my crafty 13yo will end up using this for me. I'm happy to invest in this machine some, but if I can get a more budget version...all the better! I want to cut vinyl for application on glass, plastic and maybe wall words type things. I've ordered from Etsy in the past, but want to do my own thing. I know nothing about vinyl/paper cutters, but knew The Hive would know. Please tell me what to get and what I need to know. #joannfabricsgivesmehives
  7. Try supplementing with zinc. And yes to hormone imbalance. You might want to try an OTC wild yam/progesterone support.
  8. Okay, this is helpful. This would be staying with kids with a very responsible college student (who has babysat for us regularly) overnight several nights and my mom filling in some during the day. Maybe for 2-4 days, while we're out of town. Sounds like setting on an agreed daily/nightly rate is best.
  9. Gorgeous and will be so practical. I love this weight of blanket...all season.
  10. We've never had an overnight babysitter. How are they paid, what have you paid? Hourly, by day/night? What if they're only there overnight or part of day but not all day? I have a very helpful, responsible 13yo who usual babysits for us now for evenings out, but we won't leave her overnight (obviously). Other kids are 9, 5, 2...all sleep through the night. How does this roll $wise?
  11. How is the Well Trained Mind Academy French I class? Opinions sought. TIA
  12. "Pass the bean dip" is always the right answer when talking to inlaws.
  13. I would've been plastered on the ceiling at the librarian. The audacity!! My firstborn, the other library cardholder in our home, would have been plastered on the ceiling at me if I'd run fines up on her library card. 😂 "Mom! My library record!!" 😂 I know, I know, Mama such a rebel!😛
  14. Yes, they want your educational dates/achievements. Feel free to include certifications, and I would also offer a writing sample. We really like to see a writing sample for a position like this and in your case, it might really help you.
  15. Actually wondering if it is Foerster's with "Math Without Borders" teaching videos. Is this combination fairly student independent?
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