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  1. Don't lose all hope. I almost failed 10th grade, was kicked out in 11th, and for all intents and purposes failed 12th (they only passed me to get rid of me, and actually told this to my parents!) After a couple years floundering, I am now finishing my junior year of college with a 3.8 gpa, 4 minors, and a member of my school's honor's program. Your DD may just need time to mature, or a reason to get things together, or... something. I don't really have any answers for you- just :grouphug:. Her future isn't entirely ruined because of a bad high school experience. (Tougher, yes, but not
  2. I got 32/32, but to be honest, it should have been 31/32, since I guessed on the Maimonides. (Off to google...) And the only reason I answered correctly about the predominate religion of Indonesia is from Heather's posts. :D
  3. I'm concerned about the emotional health of my daughter. I don't feel comfortable sharing all the details publicly, but if there's anyone out there who has dealt with emotional/behavioral issues in a child who could answer a couple questions, I'd really appreciate a PM. Thank you.
  4. I'll commiserate with you. I speak both Spanish and French at a mildly proficient level, and can read both even better than I speak. DD is very, very interested in learning both. And yet..... :glare: She understands a little French and a little Spanish, but not anywhere near what she could. Life has just gotten in the way, and we've been unable to do language consistently lately. (I've only been trying to teach her French, the little bit of Spanish she's picked up on her own.)
  5. :iagree:We're using AAS plus Progressive Phonics and just speeding right along in learning how to read.
  6. :grouphug::grouphug: Losing a pet isn't like losing a family member... it IS losing a family member. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Maybe the new kitty was brought into your life precisely because the other kitty is sick and something out there knew you were going to need the comfort that only a pet can provide.
  7. University of Maryland College Park has a Korean studies minor and a couple years of Korean language offered. I'm not sure of the specifics, I just know someone who goes there and takes Korean. :tongue_smilie:
  8. We got picked too!! So exciting. I was a little nervous because I thought maybe they'd want someone with more children and/or older children, but apparently not! :D (Add me to the list of never-get-picked before. I'm probably over-excited about this.)
  9. :grouphug: I had DD at 20, and also would eventually like more kids (bio, or through adoption). But since I am in school, the earliest it would happen would be when I'm 35-36!! I know there are things that I would do differently, but I don't think you every do it 'perfectly', so in that sense they are all practice kids!!!
  10. :lol: For the longest time, I only took out one color of playdoh at a time for DD. She has started to get upset about that, but still keeps them very separate. As for the OP... DD sleeps in panties. I'd be happy to get her in clothes, PJs, anything. But nope. No matter what she starts the night in, by the time she falls asleep it has all come off but the panties. She also hates blankets and kicks them off before you can even get her tucked in. Of course by morning the poor kid is curled in a ball, shivering. :tongue_smilie:
  11. My daughter's tubes fell out on their own (it took quite awhile though. She was 11 months when they went in and 4/5 by the time both fell out. But when I was a kid, I had tubes put in at 4, came out on their own at 7. Tubes back in at 8, taken out surgically at... 13? There was a hole in one of my ear drums and I needed a paper patch put on.
  12. I had this problem also- a child ready for the math, but not ready for the writing. I started out letting DD use number stamps and stickers to "write" her answers. I also wrote the answers for her, and did a lot orally. We've been able to shift most of the writing to her now, but occasionally I'll still scribe for her if she's a little more tired, or just doesn't feel like writing.
  13. Curious... are you in north or south PA?? south PA is definitely close enough for a good artist... :D I'd do the book theme. It's more personal than flowers and... sounds awesome. Then again, I'm getting a book quote tattooed on me soon, (as soon as I find someone to go to since my old artist left!). But, it doesn't sound like you are particularly attached to either idea, so I'd wait. I only get the tattoos I can't live without, not the ones I can just live with. (You know, sort of like picking a mate. :lol:)
  14. We usually start bedtime routine around... 10:30. :D Brush teeth, go potty, wash hands, in bed by 1045, reading for the next 30-45 minutes, then she usually watches a movie before dropping off by midnight. DD is 6, and usually wakes around 10, 1030. I'm in class until 1 some days and 315 others, so by the time I get home from school she is awake and dressed, has eaten, and is ready for whatever we're going to conquer that day. The schedule works out wonderful for us. I'd just feel terrible putting her to bed at 7 or 8 when I've only had a little time with her.
  15. I'll answer for right now, since it's pretty much the norm. We have: 1. bedtime read aloud (currently The Very Little Princess: Zoey's Story) 2. SOTW vol. 1 3. Stories and Poems for Intelligent Children (:lol: Sounds so pretentious doesn't it? But we read 2 selections a week, and I love that it has me reading Shakespeare and Keats to my 6 year old, and she's actually interested!) 4. Random House book of Poetry. (2-4 pages a week, 3-6 poems a page.) 5. a book of Aesop's fables, usually two fables a week. And then we read picture books in between all that.
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