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  1. Our ds5 loves veggies, but will only eat them raw. He must be the only little boy who breaks down in tears when we run out of spinach and jumps for joy over a cucumber.
  2. We've had 3 AWD/4WD crossover/SUVs within the last year. We originally had a Nissan Murano. We never had a major problem with it until we hit about 175,000, and then the AWD started to have issues. After getting a repair estimate, we decided it was better to cut our losses. It was a pretty powerful vehicle, and we never got stuck in it until the end. We then decided we wanted to be able to lug friends around with us, so we looked at 7+ seats and found an amazing deal on a Nissan Pathfinder. Never had a problem in the snow, and the gas mileage was amazing (26+mpg), BUT the newer generation is
  3. All 3 of ours are in ps this year. I don't want to think about them not being home, so my days have been filled with major purging and decluttering of our house. Either I'll get used to the quiet and start working on a new hobby, or we'll have the cleanest, emptiest house ever. So glad it's the weekend!
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