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  1. Tess in the Burbs

    Has anyone added a garage to their home

    my stepdad built a garage on to their home a decade ago...BY HIMSELF. He had permits but built it as he could after work. Some laborers stopped by one day asking if he needed workers. He declined but told them to come back the day he needed to do the roof trusses. They did, and they put it all up themselves. Otherwise stepdad built the whole darn thing himself. I know he was super frugal so that garage wasn't expensive other than the day laborer guys. My thoughts are it could be a small $ or a large $4 depending on how much help you need to hire out.
  2. Tess in the Burbs

    ASL 2

    if you don't mind Christian, Mr Dally teaches level 2 and 3. I know he teaches at Bright Ideas Press but also his own website, so you have more time choices. He prays at the beginning of class, but after that I can't remember how Christian it is. DD is in level 3 this year. Love this teacher!
  3. Tess in the Burbs

    My dad's funeral is this weekend.

    Yes, sometimes life is super hard. My dad died suddenly in May. We were going to visit him in July. My sister fell off the wagon yet again and got into trouble with the law. My stepdad was put into hospice on father's day...and my mom fell and had a subdural hematoma. Stepdad died while she was in ICU unconscious. Dh's grandma died the next day. Mom was in hospital 5 weeks. We finally did my stepdad's funeral. His best friend died the next day. I am over funerals at the moment. I am over estates and wills and family drama. I have been gone over 10 weeks this summer handling it all. Been home 24 hours and summer is almost over. It's almost like a dream. But then all the emotions come rolling in. Life is hard. But sometimes it's beyond hard. Sorry for your multiple losses. I completely understand how you feel right now. Hang in there.
  4. Tess in the Burbs

    New Phone Advice Needed--Samsung/iPhone

    i have a sumsung and it's ok. I have had older iPhones. I use android on my cell phone but mac for my computer. It's easier and easier to deal with different platforms. what kind of phone would the girl prefer? go with that one!
  5. Tess in the Burbs

    Elder parent care - Where to start?

    you need a durable POA. Or someone does. I was told recently a living will doesn't matter...legally the medical POA can do whatever and it supersedes the living will. Depending on the size of the city call the law offices about a will. POA would have been filed with the county she is in, but I don't know they can tell you yay or nay about one for her. If she is capable tel her she has to redo it all NOW. It doesn't have to be you or your sister but you want to know she has a plan and you will stop asking ?
  6. Well, we have a family trip the first week of October. So we are doing a slow start when dd's online class starts this month. Add 1 subject a week through Sept, take the vacation, and then come back in mid October full force. The online class has to start, we might as well try to push through the rest. Kids have been having a good time with I may be the only one not in school mode by the end of the month. But I need to get back to reality. My own life. Too much time to just sit and think and I get too emotional about it all.
  7. I have been gone from home 11 weeks due to multiple deaths and almost life ending injury to my mom. We cut school short. And we may start late. I am so behind planning. I did buy some curriculum this week and hopefully it will be there when I get home. My kids have been in another state with friends this last month, and DH is ready for me to be home. I'm mentally not in school mode. I may not be for awhile. Hoping the kids will jump in and do what they need to do this year. I'm just mentally exhausted from funerals and estate dealings. I still have a house 3k miles away from me to sell.... So no, school and the fact it is Aug isn't on my radar at all. I've been gone since May. Missed all of summer. I may not recognize my kids when I finally get home!
  8. Tess in the Burbs

    So-verbose writing

    My kids are thriving with this company. We did IEW in middle school, but tried the SoVerbose essay classes and am pleased with the course and cost. They are now Lantern English. It is now 8 weeks for $60. They revamped the organization so what my kids took overlaps a few class titles now. You get an email on your day of the week and the assignment is written out with some examples(full essays in most cases). You then have 1 to 2 assignments due a week later. You email it back by end of day. Within a few days you get a graded report. Their rubric is super detailed. Many categories and levels so the score is easy to figure out where you are needing more work/help. The teacher then points out positives and things to work on. My kids emailed more than once to ask more specific questions about assignments. In one case the teacher approved my DS's idea, but agreed she didn't think it through when she read the final paper lol. She was fair about the grade since she had said he could proceed with the idea. They will give links to citation help but now have a citation class(yay!). Mine are taking the Citations in the fall, and will do Argumentative and Advanced essays this spring. I like the simplicity of this course. I like how easy it is to email questions. I like the report they get back. My writing phobic kid is doing great with this format. My writer is doing well with this format. It just works for us. I highly recommend. They do discounts for referrals, so if you decide to try it Teressa LaPrade is my name ?
  9. Tess in the Burbs

    High School Astronomy

    everything I know about is mentioned above. Crossroads was on my list but expensive. Signs & Seasons(classical astronomy) wasn't what my dd wanted. She has this other program that was expensive and came with an astroglobe, but again was focused on the night sky and not so much all of astronomy. We bought the Masterbooks Survey of Astronomy. She's excited about it. I found and saved these but haven't used them. Thinking if the interest continues it gives us somewhere to go after the Survey course.
  10. my DS did Year 1 in 6th grade and loved it. he opted not to do Year 2. My DD did Year 1 in 8th grade. She liked the physics stuff only. She had done BJU Life in 7th, so no need to consider Year 2 for her. I wouldn't just plan 2 years of it. I would do the first year, and then try to find the 2nd to look at. I wasn't impressed with the 2nd year and I know someone who also felt the same way.
  11. Tess in the Burbs

    ACT photo ID question

    It is $54 for a standard ID card so two kids I'm at $108.
  12. Tess in the Burbs

    ACT photo ID question

    hmm ok maybe I'll just pay for the ID. It will cost me about $100 so I was hoping to avoid it for now. But I can see a need at this age. thanks
  13. we aren't doing that test. my 9th and 10th grader will take the ACT this June for the first time. And try the SAT perhaps this fall. And then figure out which test they like better, study on that one and take it a few more times.
  14. Tess in the Burbs

    HS Science Plan?

    Be open to other ideas. My son took Environmental science in 9th. Biology for 10th. He will do Chemistry for 11th AND Geology. I don't know if he will take a science his 12th grade year since by then he will have 4 sciences. I just ask what he wanted to study. Biology was a main one colleges want to see so he had to do it. It's been a good year with Apologia and the student notebook. I asked for either chemistry or physics and he chose chemistry. The environmental science was his favorite and he's looking forward to Geology. So be open to other ideas than just the traditional ones.
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