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  1. Slow it down. I had my dd work an hour a day, sometimes longer if she wasn't complaining. At some point she settled into 1.5 hours a day and some weekends to keep up, but make it work for you. The schedule is too fast at times.
  2. do they still have to put in the homeschool SAT code? 970000 ? I read that before, but then heard it changed. anyone know? My two take it for the first time tomorrow
  3. My 15 year old did pre-calc and physics last year at the same time. Self grading option. She did email for help a few times. It was a lot of work, but she put forth the effort and did great in both. We love DO classes
  4. splurge: Pendelton wool blanket. So warm and comfy. Just the right amount of heavy. Everyone in my family wants mine! regret: instapot I just don't love it and use it rarely
  5. thank you for sharing! I didn't know they had ASL, so I'm excited about this class, my daughter is definitely signing up!
  6. we are contemplating letting DD graduate early. With next year she will be at 32 credits. She's mature for her age, and ready to go off into the world. Her current next year plan: SL Lit 330, advanced math, anatomy, gov't/econ, ASL 4 somewhere, personal finance, psychology, Bible
  7. My dd is doing Pre-Calc and Physics this year. We are going slightly slower than the schedule provided. She had a rough week but given the option to drop one she chose to keep moving forward. I knew it would be a heavy year, so some of her other courses were easier to offset that plan
  8. DS will graduate early. He never loved school, and while he's been successful doing college prep work he could care less about college. He chose his 11th grade year but I'm over the whining. We just made some major changes for this year's math, and going into 12th grade (with help from a wise friend) we are doing what needs to be done in the fall semester and he will graduate in January 2020. Econ, Gov't, Life math/personal finance, adult writing skills It's not many credits but he has everything needed to apply to college and will graduate with 29 credits. I'm hoping he will figure out a trade to learn and work until he has the money to go do it. Getting a driver license is also the plan for 2020 when he turns 18. DD...I might graduate her early. She would then graduate in June 2020. If so, this is her plan: SL 330 Lit, Advanced math, personal finance, Anatomy, Gov't, Econ, ASL 4 somewhere, Psychology, Bible If she goes to a state school she will definitely graduate early and go at 17. If she chooses to go to a school 3k miles away we will graduate in 2021 with her senior year being work, some mission work, keeping math skills up to date. Then she would be 18 when college started. I feel like next year is a mess in progress. We are moving this summer an hour north, so completely different area/community and with no ties I think they will focus on school and getting jobs. The plan is to get DD focused on her career plans and schools to apply to she is ok location wise. Only 1 option in our state for her interests, so lots to think about for her future and how to manage an out of state school...why are none easy to fly into?
  9. honestly, I let my kids pick high school science. college wants 2 to 4 sciences, usually at least 2 with labs. ds will have Environmental, Biology, Chemistry and Geology DD will have Physical, Biology, Astronomy, and Physics. She might also do Anatomy. This year one is doing Chemistry, one is doing Physics. They pick b/c they have to do the work.
  10. go with your gut. Our Ymca had an age 4+ had to be in specific dressing room. I got away bringing ds in with me a few times after swimming saying his clothes were in my bag, but many times he had to go in the men's alone. He came out many times upset saying there were groups of naked men in there! The other option was to ask to change in the employee's locker closet. no bathroom/shower, just enough space to stand. I hated the arrangement, so did DS. I often stood just outside the door watching people go in and out and my kid in there forever and my mind going crazy wondering what was happening. Years later, another YMCA...same situation. He had to go into that bathroom and again, said multiple naked men just sitting around talking. He was uncomfortable about changing in there and eventually opted to ride home wet. We tried Target bathroom when he was 8, but he was in there so long I finally had to ask men to stop going in so I could go investigate. Apparently my son was holding the door open for everyone he never went bathroom! But again, I was nervous and he wasn't ready to just go in, do his thing, and get out. So consider the kid and maturity and understanding what he needs to do, and trust how you feel about it. Some will be ready long before others.
  11. my stepdad built a garage on to their home a decade ago...BY HIMSELF. He had permits but built it as he could after work. Some laborers stopped by one day asking if he needed workers. He declined but told them to come back the day he needed to do the roof trusses. They did, and they put it all up themselves. Otherwise stepdad built the whole darn thing himself. I know he was super frugal so that garage wasn't expensive other than the day laborer guys. My thoughts are it could be a small $ or a large $4 depending on how much help you need to hire out.
  12. if you don't mind Christian, Mr Dally teaches level 2 and 3. I know he teaches at Bright Ideas Press but also his own website, so you have more time choices. He prays at the beginning of class, but after that I can't remember how Christian it is. DD is in level 3 this year. Love this teacher!
  13. Yes, sometimes life is super hard. My dad died suddenly in May. We were going to visit him in July. My sister fell off the wagon yet again and got into trouble with the law. My stepdad was put into hospice on father's day...and my mom fell and had a subdural hematoma. Stepdad died while she was in ICU unconscious. Dh's grandma died the next day. Mom was in hospital 5 weeks. We finally did my stepdad's funeral. His best friend died the next day. I am over funerals at the moment. I am over estates and wills and family drama. I have been gone over 10 weeks this summer handling it all. Been home 24 hours and summer is almost over. It's almost like a dream. But then all the emotions come rolling in. Life is hard. But sometimes it's beyond hard. Sorry for your multiple losses. I completely understand how you feel right now. Hang in there.
  14. i have a sumsung and it's ok. I have had older iPhones. I use android on my cell phone but mac for my computer. It's easier and easier to deal with different platforms. what kind of phone would the girl prefer? go with that one!
  15. you need a durable POA. Or someone does. I was told recently a living will doesn't matter...legally the medical POA can do whatever and it supersedes the living will. Depending on the size of the city call the law offices about a will. POA would have been filed with the county she is in, but I don't know they can tell you yay or nay about one for her. If she is capable tel her she has to redo it all NOW. It doesn't have to be you or your sister but you want to know she has a plan and you will stop asking ?
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