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  1. Not exclusively cowgirl attire, but I've been buying a few pieces here and there from www.homefolk.com. She's got some super cute (and comfy) clothes. The items I've purchased have come true to size and are of a nice quality. She runs sales quite often and responds personally to e-mails and questions. The owner of Home Folk is one of the owners of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, which is how I came to find the site in the first place.
  2. So the no gloves situation may well be a temporary thing, and it may be because there is literally a global glove shortage due to covid. From March through August every position at my restaurant was required to wear gloves. We went through TONS of disposable gloves. Mid-August we started struggling to get gloves in and by the end of the month we were officially told that it was of vital importance to save the gloves for food preparation and we were no longer to wear gloves for any other position unless we were directly handling food. Instead we have protocols involving insane amounts of hand
  3. Well, my friendships have suffered a little because I'm SO busy being essential and working 50+ hours a week that I don't have time for anything else. Days off are for dishes and sleeping. And church, since that's my only day off. 😛 Hopefully when all this is back to normal I will still have friends who want to get together because I'm a big fat buzzkill right now. Family relationships took an unexpected twist when MIL (who I've long suspected of NPD) sent ME a personal letter detailing all the ways I've disappointed her as a daughter in law. She said covid and the sudden death of a f
  4. There's a lot of weeds that are edible. Lamb's Quarters, Purslane, Sorrel, Burdock root, stinging nettle, and dandelion all come to mind as weeds that grow here that are edible. Personally, I don't consume any of them. I think if we knew actual hunger I could convince myself to do so, but mostly I'm not interested.
  5. Sadly, I think the timing for this is very poor. While all these people are going on social media talking about how they've just cancelled netflix, they're also going on about how the dance industry is an exploitive mess for children and parents should take better care than expose their kids to such garbage. Today. While the dance and arts industry has been literally shut down since March. Businesses are folding left and right and no one knows how the arts community is going to survive. I have one child in college who wants nothing more than to teach dance and I wonder if there wi
  6. DS's dance season starts next week. He's in the pre-company competition team and officially a substitute teacher for the studio. They had a short summer session and a one week intensive in August. Everyone is masking and they are going lite on the partnering this year. I hope we're able to have a season, but I really have my doubts about it being anything resembling normal. DD is back at college. Some of her classes are online, but her dance classes are in person, and she has four of them this semester. They have marked off the dance studio floors into 10 foot by 10 foot squares, an
  7. Mine opened for breakfast at the usual time, but closes at 7:00 tonight. I suggest calling the store OR try placing an order on the app- it won't let you do so if the store is closed. 🙂
  8. Ha! We just splurged and bought DS the really good tap shoes... I thought pointe shoes were expensive! On the plus side, these may last him a while. To the OP, definitely get her fitted again. My DD changed sizing a few times when en pointe as her feet got used to the shoes and she broke them in differently. Those first few months of technique can be hard on the first pair- after that, for once a week dancing, the shoes should last longer.
  9. I think the setter with the hammer is so much more user friendly than the grommet pliers. I have both and I never use the pliers anymore. When you're holding those pliers and trying to force them through fabric it can be easy to slip and push the grommet on in the wrong spot, and then you have to pry it up, throw it away and start over. With the hammer set, you just lay it out, tap the tool with a hammer and grommet goes exactly where you want it. I use mine mostly for snaps at this point- I alter a lot of dance costumes and I can't afford a miss with the pliers, so I use the hammer set.
  10. Watching Black Panther tonight with DD. He's definitely going to be missed. The tributes from Hollywood have been very special to read.
  11. SOOOO sad! He was so talented and what little I've read about him, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Apparently he's had cancer for years and did a lot of filming inbetween chemos and doctor appointments and such. Black Panther IS my favorite Marvel movie. 😞 I know in comic book world you can simply replace an actor, but.... this makes me so sad.
  12. Isn't it!? I love it with corn chips or on fish tacos. Or on a simple black bean and rice bowl... so many options! And, if your lids have popped, that means they've sealed. Sometimes they pop right out of the bath but sometimes they take a few minutes. If the button has firmly sucked into place, your jars are sealed and ready for storage. I find this particular salsa is good for about two years before the quality starts to head south.
  13. My mom is the exact same way! I never even had a fresh peach growing up. She wouldn't buy them because she couldn't touch the fuzz. (And definitely can't eat one with the fuzz intact.) We had canned peaches or she bought nectarines.
  14. Here's the peach salsa! If you don't like it spicy you can adjust the jalapeno peppers- use a bit more bell pepper instead of them. If you like a spicier salsa, swap out more of the bell pepper for jalapeno. I never use the cayenne at the very end of the recipe. I suspect one could freeze this if you weren't interested in canning it. I would follow the recipe right up until you put the hot salsa into jars. Use freezer safe containers or jars. Peach Salsa makes about eight 8-ounce jars 1/2 cup white vinegar 6 cups chopped pitted peeled peaches 1 1/4 cups chopped
  15. In the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving there is a recipe for Peach Salsa that I make every year- SO good and is a necessity for us! We love it on tacos or just scooped up with chips. Also from that same book I've made and enjoyed: Cranberry Peach Conserve, Peach Almond Conserve, Hot and Sweet Chili Sauce, Peach Butter, and the Zesty Peach Barbecue Sauce. I did not like the Summer Salsa at all. If you don't have that book and need the recipes I would be happy to get those typed up for you. 🙂
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