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  1. My DS is enamored with Biore's charcoal face wash. He gets really bad outbreaks after a long dance day where he's sweating a lot. I have noticed that his face has cleared significantly since he started using the charcoal face wash daily. Prior to the charcoal he used a sensitive skin Biore, which did seem to help, but the charcoal really seems to be the ticket for him. It's only $6 for a pump bottle at Target. Editing to add a link to it on Target's website.
  2. Oooh, I like this idea! This could be perfect for my stairwell! I also have a noisy house and am not a fan. DH is a loud talker, and he literally has to go outside or to the garage to have a conversation or we all know what it was about. I've been working on putting down big area rugs everywhere I can, adding curtains, floor cushions, pillows, etc. Wayfair has great sales from time to time on area rugs if you can be patient and wait for them to come around. I also bought a very large remnant for the master from Menards for just $40. It's rough around the edges, but drastically improved the space. Wall quilts also have great appeal to me, as do paneled room dividers- even if you didn't use them to divide space, but to act as a backdrop to something, I think it could be a nice touch. A little fabric, foam, and some decorative touches, I know I've seen the dividers at thrift shops recently.
  3. Another pleased Mirena user here. I used BC pills for years, but when PG with DS I developed clotting issues in my legs, so my OB ruled those out for me in the future. I switched to Depo, which worked, but I got those shots for 6 years and gained a lot of weight over time. Plus the side effects of libido going down was very real and almost eliminated the need for the Depo in the first place. I settled on Mirena over Paraguard, and had it put in while I was still very much protected by the Depo. The overlap of meds about did me in mentally, and I gained about 15 pounds in just a month. But then as the Depo wore off, I started to feel SOOO much better. With smart eating and very light exercise, I was finally able to shed almost all of that Depo weight and I feel like a completely different person 3 years later. I've never been able to find my strings, not even once. When I had it checked the string was kind of curled up on itself, but the Mirena was firmly in place, so I've never worried about it. I was told I was an excellent candidate for staying on the Mirena until menopause, which I may very well do. I can't find the strings and I would never know I have an implant in there, as it's caused me no troubles at all. I honestly wish that I'd switched sooner! I didn't have periods before Mirena due to the Depo, but about a year in I started having super light periods again. It's a tiny bit of a bummer to me to have to worry about a period at all, but as I said, it's super light (and I used to have fairly heavy periods). Like, I need to use a pad one day a month and then we're good.
  4. I recently finished The Kitchen House and Glory Over Everything by Kathleen Grissom. I loved them both so much! Historical fiction inspired by actual places and what might have happened. I'm currently reading Prairie Fires, which I am enjoying. I'm really liking how the author is placing the events of Laura Ingalls Wilder's life into historical context.
  5. Ugh. Next weekend is the Grad party where EVERY world will collide and I'm really not looking forward to it. 😛 I hope everyone behaves.
  6. I've had a pair of jeans for over a year that I bought at Goodwill that STILL smells like fabric softener/perfume. I probably wear those jeans once a week because I keep thinking that surely, the smell will go away soon. They fit me so well and are comfortable as well as stylish or I'd just get rid of them. It's not as strong as they started, but every time I put them on I'm amazed that I can still smell it. I have not tried Dawn though.
  7. Snapchat has the location option for friends, though they need to have that feature enabled.
  8. If hiding food has been happening since the age of 5, I would lean towards something that she should probably see a counselor for. Sounds like some kind of disorder, something compulsive that maybe she can't control. I wouldn't be harsh about what you've found, BUT I would address the simple issue of food being under the bed- especially open food. We've had too many issues with ants and rodents in homes in the past, so we have a simple rule of no food in the bedrooms at all. The exception being that candy is okay IF it is in wrappers and is kept in/on a desk or nightstand. And of course, wrappers need to be properly disposed of. We have a spot in the dining room where the kids can keep their personal candy stashes and it is assured that no one else will take their treats. There's almost always an assortment of candy there, as well as varying jars of spreds like Nutella and cookie butter. Maybe it would help your DD out if she had a safe spot in the home where she can keep her own personal snack stash? Agreeing with others that the adult themed fan-fic is normal for the age. I was reading VC Andrews at that age (and hiding it from my parents)... the quality of that is certainly not much better than a lot of fanfiction. I might be concerned about cellphone issues being combined with normal exploration of the adult themed materials. I would make sure to have a conversation or two about being smart with online chatting and apps and the dangers of traffickers and predators today.
  9. I always thought I would love joining a CSA and was thrilled when my favorite farmstand offered a short-season CSA option. I paid for a box every other week in September and October. I thought it would be a great way to get a small supply of storage veggies for fall, plus try out the CSA model. Turns out it wasn't for me. I didn't like the handful of this, small bunch of that... End of season pickling cukes would have been great- but there were only about 8 of them. Not even enough to fill a pint jar when sliced. It seemed to me that most things came in a quantity ideal for a single person or a couple looking to add some vegetables to their meals- not a family of four. Also, arugula. Blech. That arugula came in a HUGE bunch in every single box. I just had had visions of getting a nice box of produce that I would spend a few days creatively using, but hopefully have a few things in quantity to preserve some for future use. This was not that. The mystery aspect was a lot of fun, but that wasn't enough to warrant the price tag for me. I would much rather go to the farmer's market, and choose the produce I prefer in the quantity that I prefer. My market is a little pricey, but if I took the same $50 a box that I spent, I could still make it go a long way and bring home a decent amount for that.
  10. My theater chain rewards program works WITH the Fandango app. If I book movie tickets through Fandango, I also use my theater rewards- and the theater rewards eliminates the convenience fee. I try to always book movies through Fandango because then I get rewards points for both programs. According to the Fandango website, Malco is listed as being one of their partners. But I suppose that probably means you can buy tickets with Fandango FOR their locations- not necessarily that there are discounts available. I might pester the theatre a little bit and see if they have any plans for a rewards programs. Most theaters have them now, I think. PARTNERS Fandango's founding partners include the nation's leading exhibitors: AMC Theatres, Carmike Cinemas, Century Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Edwards Theatres, Regal Cinemas, Regal Entertainment Group and United Artists Theatres, as well as American Cinematheque, Bartlett Cinemas, Brenden Theatres, CineArts Theatres, Cinebarre, Cinebistro, Cinelux Theatres, City Base Cinemas, Cityplex, Cinemas Palme d'or, Cinetopia, Cobb Theatres, Flagship Theaters, Frank Theatres, Georgia Theater Company, Goodrich Quality Theatres, Harkins Theatres, Kerasotes Theatres, King Theatre Circuit, Krikorian Premiere Theatres, Malco Theatres, Memphis, Muvico, NCG Cinemas, Pacific Theatres, Paragon, Penn Cinemas, Prado, Premiere Theatres, Reading Cinemas, R/C Theatres, Rave, Regency, Southern, Starlight Cinemas, Studio Movie Grill, Tristone, and Wehrenberg Theatres.
  11. Is there anything that you were eager to eat/drink after being overseas, and you have been able to have a fabulous moment enjoying said item?
  12. We've been trying to find more protein sources for DS and he has tried every flavor of YQ. The only one that he has me buying is the vanilla, which he sometimes eats plain, but most often adds a scoop of jam to it for added flavor. All the other flavors were bland in taste and chalky in texture.
  13. Anyone seeing any good movies right now? We saw, and loved Avengers:Endgame when it came out. We've been wanting to go again, but I think we're probably not going to get to it, as there are a bunch of other movies we'd like to see. Today the kids talked me into Detective Pikachu. It was a cute movie. I think it was very family friendly, I don't remember any language, definitely no TeA, and the violence was cartoon-ish for the most part. There are some instances of peril, but nothing that I think would terrify a sensitive child. If they are familiar with Pokemon at all, I think they'll be completely fine with the movie. It was sweet at times, and there were quite a few laugh out loud moments. Our theater was quite full with a huge assortment of people. Some families with younger children, a few older people sans children, groups of teenagers, etc. I was pleased that for the most part, even I knew all the names of the Pokemon featured in the movie. 😄 Aladdin is a contender for our next movie, unless Dark Phoenix is out when we go, then that one will be our top choice.
  14. Me too! Wow, that room looks fantastic!
  15. A fourth bedroom. As DH gets older and his snoring gets worse, I'm tolerating it less and less. I wish I had someplace to go where I could sleep. Maybe someday I'll be using one of the kids rooms for that, but for now I go to the living room couch, which works until DH gets up to go to work.
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