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  1. I don't even know what made me start watching it, but I've been sucked into The Good Place on Netflix. It's goofy and quirky, but it's not like it's full of stupid humor- it's intelligent humor. We very recently cut our cable so are exploring all that is available via Hulu, Amazon prime and Netflix. SO much out there, it's actually a little overwhelming to narrow down something new to try and watch.
  2. Not only is it plausible, it's actually happened. Not to myself, but it has happened in both the creeper scenario as well as the person who joins up for a bit only to turn out to be a bad guy. Troubled people go to church too. In fact, they should, maybe they will find the help they need there. Granted, in my church scenario, we are within walking distance of a sketchy motel type of place where people live there for months after they may have served some time, so we have a higher probability of seeing that type of person walk in the door on a random Sunday morning. That completely colors my perspective.
  3. Opposed. Strongly. I wear a name tag daily at work, and I've gotten used to random strangers calling me by name. (Though I call them by name too so we're even, I guess.) But my opposition at church has nothing to do with anything already mentioned, but with the idea of creepers popping into service. No way do I want random creepers getting the names of my teenagers or myself and then seeing us out and about and being able to lure us somehow by knowing our names. I would absolutely not wear one and I would not want my teens wearing one. I am also in church leadership and I would vehemently oppose the idea if it came up.
  4. I was going to pop on and mention that it's been a while since I made homemade yogurt, but that when I do make it, I love my inexpensive yogurt maker. However, it only makes a quart at a time, and as I'm reading through these IP recommendations, the thought of making a gallon of yogurt at a time sounds fantastic! I have an 8 quart IP, but my aunt recently gave me a 6 quart that I've been debating passing on to someone else. Now I'm thinking I might keep it and try making yogurt in it. Love the idea of adding cream to get more calories into DS. He can't stand Greek yogurt, but if I make it myself I can make it thin like regular old yoplait.
  5. This sounds delicious! Please don't stress about cooking this meal. I am an excellent cook and I cannot tell you how many times people have told me that I'm difficult to cook for because they worry that it won't be as great as what I make. Let me just say, I love to cook because I love to EAT. I love food and I always appreciate anyone's efforts in cooking. Sure, there are times where I am given something that I don't particularly care for. But I'm never, ever going to say that out loud. I hope you have a great day celebrating!
  6. Quarantine. Several years ago DH came down with a severe case of influenza. He was sick in bed for over a week. I would not let him out of our bedroom except to get food/drink and use the bathroom. No one used the bathroom he was using except him, and I went in and scrubbed everything every day. I also would go in and change the bedding when he was in the shower- which I also had to make him take every day. Washed the bedding on hot-hot water and also kept on top of his laundry. I would also open the bedroom windows wide open while he showered even though it was January and freezing out. A few times he tried to come out and sit in the living room to watch TV, and I quickly sent him back to the bedroom where we also had a TV. I was a maniac about keeping him away from the rest of us, and we were living in a very small space at the time. But it worked. After ten days he emerged feeling more human, and I gave the house a final thorough scrub down when he left to go do something outside the house for a few hours. None of the rest of us got it. He was mad at me a lot during that time, but I was SO determined to not get it myself.
  7. Hmm, you made me look. We use Zarbees brand elderberry and it's 135 mg per serving, which is 3 gummies. I did make my own syrup this year, but I struggle swallowing it so switched back to the gummies. I guess I should force myself to swallow it down and leave the gummies for DS who absolutely refuses the syrup.
  8. I don't shop at Aldi very often, but when I do, I always buy a few packages of cookies. They also have one that is like Pecan Sandies that we all think tastes better than the real ones. If I need to buy pre-made hummus and guacamole, Aldi is the place. They both taste like they were freshly made and have great textures.
  9. Joannes is my go-to for in person fabric buying, but never without the fabric being on sale or with a coupon because everything goes on sale at some point. Nothing worse than splurging on an expensive fabric only to have it be half off a few weeks later. Wait for the desired fabric to go on sale. Online I love shopping at Fabric Wholesale Direct. The fabric is of an excellent quality and very affordable. Their selection is growing all the time. They are my go-to for fabric when I need more than just a few yards and I have time for it to ship. For a real splurge on specialty fabrics or the occasional specialty notion, I also shop at Mood from time to time. Online, of course. When they ship you your items they include the famous Mood shopping bag as well as a tag to sew into your garment that says Mood on it. Makes me smile everytime I open a package from them!
  10. I think there's different ways to "play online" and some people here are talking about different things. There's the more online gaming with headsets where you chat with people- a lot of role playing games have this set up where you're full-out interacting with other people who are generally strangers. I have family who are hardcore gamers who play these as a family with their boys to teach them how to game safely and properly. They've found a few to play together and I guess they have a fantastic time doing it. They generally do this on computers though, not a game system. With the Switch there is some of that, but actually hooking it up to "online" allows more options and customizations with the games. It isn't an automatic open gateway to creepers and bad people. My 16 year old has been using his Switch to play online since we got it, but he doesn't interact or talk with other people. He does play games like Rocket League where he has many "friends" who simply team up and play a few rounds of Rocket League together. Every once in a while there are messages that go back and forth, but it's always just someone trying to set up a game and wanting certain players to play with them. DS has been playing this game for a while now and no one has ever tried to initiate any kind of outside of game contact. I think the ability to play online with something like the Switch enhances the gaming console and what you can do with it. Of course, there may be more to it and my DS has never had issues with it, but we've always discussed rules about online/phone interactions with strangers and I think that has served him well in helping to set up his own boundaries with people in a virtual world.
  11. I recently tried Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Wash floor cleaner on my floors. I really like it! I have both marble tile and wood floors and I really wanted something that I could clean both surfaces with. It definitely smells like vinegar when you're using it, and for a few minutes while the floor dries, but once it's dry, there's no lingering vinegar scent. I feel like both kinds of floor got really clean with it. I bought it from Grove in the Lime Mint scent. Honestly, I don't really smell the lime mint, just the vinegar.
  12. Oh, I would love to see a movie adaptation! This was definitely one of my top reads from last year. I read quite a few good books, but this one is at the top of the list.
  13. Over the last few months some new-to-us games that we've played and enjoyed Century:Golem Edition, Wingspan, Euphoria and Architects of the West Kingdom. I personally really enjoyed Architects but Euphoria got high marks too and I would love to give it another go now that I know what I'm doing. Wingspan was better the second time we played it. Century got better the more we played it. Oh, I almost forgot the new cooperative we learned, Rail Pass. It was super cute and way more fun than I was expecting. I think it was easy enough that you could teach non-board gamers to play and everyone would have a good time. Old favorites that we keep coming back to are Dinosaur Island, The Reckoners and Viticulture, though I have a hard time convincing people (meaning my teens) to play Viticulture with me. 🙂 We're looking forward to seeing the expansion for The Reckoners making it to kickstarter this year.
  14. I would go so far as to say he might be the best of all time. So sad.
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