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  1. Seconding American Eagle. Sign up for their rewards program so you always shop with discounts and coupons. They carry sizes online that no one else carries and if they don't have it in store for you, they'll ship it for free right there. DS needs 30 x 36 and those tend to be unicorn. When he finds them on a rack he'll buy them almost immediately, but when he needs a specific kind of jeans for dance or photos or something, we go to AE, find a style he likes, and then order them at the store. If you order it online yourself you'll pay shipping, if you order in the store, the shipping is free.
  2. From the blog post shared above: Women, LuLaRoe said, can have it all. They can be Boss Babes who are mothers first, empowered women who still understand that their husband is the one in charge (that was made explicit in the company’s training materials and by its owners). 🤮 I will have to watch the documentary! Reading that blog post I could totally hear Aubrey Gordon (Maintenance Phase podcast) in my head saying all kinds of colorful words. I find it amazing that MLM's are still alive and well these days. I have a FB feed full of people who have been jumping from company to company for over 20 years, looking for the right fit that will make them into millionaires. So sad.
  3. I keep getting e-mails about the new Smart Keurig. I'm envisioning a world where I'm lying in bed feeling like I just want to lay there for one minute more, and opening up an app to tell the Keurig to brew me a cup. I'm trying to figure out how to justify it to DH. We definitely don't need to replace out Keurig.
  4. I'm so happy for you! It definitely sounds like it was meant to be. Those babies are very lucky to have you!
  5. What an amazing resource you've put together! I am currently subscribing to both Misfits Market and Wild Alaskan Company. Misfits Market started as rescued organic produce, but they've been evolving into more of an organic grocery with a limited selection. You pick and choose the items you want, in the frequency you want. I get a weekly box that I choose on Friday. I pick a minimum of $30 worth of items and it ships the following week to be delivered on Thursday. I order from Misfits for the produce, specfically. Things to Consider: Usually the produce is a very good quality, but some things like lettuces and greens only last a day or two before heading visibly south. (Cucumbers specifically seem to have a hard time making the trip and maintaining quality, so I've stopped ordering them completely. ) They have a nice variety if you order early. Packaging has been very good- the gel packs have been frozen every time I've received a box. I like how the produce changes with the seasons a bit, but some of the fruit that I've received has been not great. It's the kind that if I were shopping in person at the grocery store, I would have passed it by. I don't think it's ideal for families. 4 ounce packages of berries don't go very far, iykwim. The convenience right now is important to me. Twice I've had a box get lost or not delivered and the company refunded me immediately once contacted. I would give Misfits Market a 6/10 for a score. I like it and continue using it. I've been contemplating just using grocery pick up for my produce needs, because then I could add produce that they never seem to carry- like bananas. Wild Alaskan Company is amazing. We love seafood and salmon. The wild caught quality from WAC is legit. Once a month I get a box that contains frozen fillets of sockeye salmon, coho salmon, pacific halibut, Alaskan cod and rockfish fillets. Right now I also have ground salmon added to my order and twice I've ordered cold smoked salmon. Oh my gosh, the cold smoked salmon is to die for. The frozen fillets thaw in cold water in about 20 minutes, and they are a quick cook, so perfect for a weeknight dinner anytime of the week. I'm really looking forward to soup season and making some chowders with the salmon and the cod. We're now eating fish about twice a week instead of only having it occasionally. Each month they also offer other seasonal seafood items. Recently they had spot prawns, crab legs and sablefish. They ship the boxes packed with dry ice, and everything has still be frozen solid all summer long. This homeschool mom still geeks out everytime I unpack that block of dry ice. 🙂 I don't have any cons about my fish box. We love having the fish in the freezer. Bonus: WAC has a subscriber only FB community and there are a lot of good cooks out there making meals out of the fish and seafood, so it's easy to find inspiration. I have referral codes for both if anyone is interested, but there are definitely coupon codes to be found for each- I'm not sure it's a better deal for you to use a referral code or just look for a best deal online. The referral for WAC gets you $25 off your first box- https://wldaskn.com/w/SorjjR . Misfits referral is only $10 off. https://www.misfitsmarket.com/?promo=COOKWME-VN1WVX
  6. I got the J&J in May. Six hours exactly after getting the shot I had the worst chills I've ever had and they lasted for hours. I was wrapped up in an electric blanket on high and I still was shivering. The extreme chills disappeared while I slept overnight, but I did not feel good for 3-4 days. Felt flu-ish, sluggish, and I felt like my bones were going to crawl out of my skin. I opted for J&J despite having serious issues with blod clots in my medical history. After doing my research it felt right to me, and I also really wanted the one shot aspect of it. I got the shot on a Friday after work, and despite feeling like I got hit by a truck, I was able to work my five hour shift on Saturday before spending the rest of the weekend on the couch. Purely anecdotal, but I have had DOZENS of covid exposures in the last three months. One of them with someone in a tiny enclosed office space who was coughing very consistently. I have definitely not gotten covid. I'm not going to be stupid and purposely expose myself, but I'm feeling pretty good about it being effective. If/when the booster to the J&J is approved and recommended, I will consider getting it. I like the early reports on the effectiveness.
  7. DS bought this uke at the beginning of summer: https://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender/Limited-Edition-Zuma-Concert-Ukulele.gc He has big hands, long fingers, and is finding playing the uke to be easier for his fingers than his guitar. The sound is perfection. He tunes it before playing by using an app and I absolutely love lying in bed at night listening to him play in his bedroom. He's gotten quite good in a short amount of time.
  8. Here's a funny story about all the tea. Shortly after DS got his first girlfriend, we were talking at work and he said he wanted to tell me about the tea. I was instantly horrified, thinking that he's only 16 and she was older, but put on my brave mom face and thought to myself that I needed to be grateful he was willing to talk about it with his mom. Then he launched into telling me all the gossip from his friend group at the time, and it took me a really long time to realize that Tea=Gossip and not the same TEA that gets talked about here on the forums. AFAIK, our version of tea here at the WTM is still only used here.
  9. I wake up pretty instantly. That alarm goes off and I am up! I can fully function as soon as I need to. While I do prefer the ritual of a quiet cup of coffee before people, I can function without if needed. But for a normal morning, I get up, have coffee while getting ready for work, and then go to work where I can get about 20 minutes of things done (and drink more coffee) before any other people show up. I really prefer a quiet beginning to my day and I think I do better if I have a full hour of being awake before I people.
  10. Scallion pesto is a thing and is delicious tossed with egg noodles. 🙂 I find that pesto freezes flawlessly.
  11. Yes! And Notting Hill is great everytime too! Logan Lucky has become a great pick-me-up. Makes me laugh every time I watch it, and the characters are just so endearing.
  12. Now I kinda want to watch Buffy again! 🙂 I'm agreeing with others. I haven't seen it in forever, but I'm sure there's more sex than I remember and I would want to wait a little longer for a teen to watch it.
  13. I get it! I could have written almost exactly except that I've been with my DH for only 23 years. 🙂 I am 100% not the same person I was when I got married, and while DH isn't either, he is definitely more like that 26 year old kid than he probably should be. I expect reconnection and getting to know each other all over again will happen, but I might just want to take my time getting to that point. I'm sort of enjoying the idea of getting to know and be myself for a while. Since neither of us are near retirement age, I kind of feel like this empty nest time will be a series of many years of trying to figure out what we might want to do when retirement arrives. Or I'll just work for forever so that I can avoid spending time with him. 😛
  14. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082R4ZBHT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 These hair ties have been a game-changer for me! They work super well on my very thick, curly hair. They hold a pony nicely, and hold a bun in even better. I use one every day to bun my hair for work. I've been using the same package of them over and over for months and they never stretch out either!
  15. Flyswatter. Nail clippers. Expo markers. The expo markers are a work thing. We use them for everything and I've been personally buying jumbo packs and sharing with the other leaders, only they're terrible about putting them back when they leave for the day! I bought a pack of 21 two weeks ago and there are just two left. I'm going to have to go back to just buying them for myself and carrying two with me all day long.
  16. With just one at home full time looking at his senior year, other than helping guide him to the right choices for his future (whatever that is), we're practically at that stage now. I'm coping by throwing myself more into my work. I love my job and plan to give it my full attention once both kids are gone to college. I am really looking forward to it. I loved my time as a SAHM and wouldn't go back and change it for anything, but I also really love working and I'm happy to get back to it and really be able to give it my all.
  17. I planted a decent vegetable garden this year, but thus far it's been bringing me no joy to tend it. I'm so busy with work and other things that, while I have been harvesting a few things, I kinda sorta just wanted to let go of it this year and start over fresh next year when I might be better able to enjoy it. Long way to say, I'm not stocking up by buying, but I'm stocking up by forcing myself to the drudgery of garden tending. We might just need those green beans and tomatoes in the pantry, and I need to prep some space for a fall garden harvest too. I'm going in kicking and screaming, but... I think it's the right thing to do. If I'm stocking up on anything, every once in a while I'm finding canning lids, and I've bought the max allowed every time.
  18. I just started listening to Maintenance Phase- these two are fantastic to listen to! Entertaining and informative all at the same time. Unorthodox was so good! I really wish there was more!
  19. Reading: Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden. For fiction I just finished The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah and have The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver on deck to begin. I loved The Four Winds. I keep wishing I hadn't read it so quickly because I want to go back and visit with those people. Music: Milk & Honey by Crowder Podcasts: I listen to a LOT, but these are some of my favorites. Whoa That's Good by Sadie Robertson Huff Dream Big with Bob Goff and Friends At The Table with Patrick Lencioni and the spin-off (on hiatus) The Working Genius Podcast The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast Watching: Re-watching Agents of Shield on Netflix. I'm on season 4 with Ghost Rider and enjoying it just as much as the first time. Also watching Uncharted with Gordon Ramsay on Nat Geo, Alaska: The Last Frontier on discovery+, Elementary on Hulu. I'll pick up the new season of Handmaid's Tale soon, as well as binging Loki.
  20. I stopped tucking my kids in when I started going to bed before them, which probably was when DD was16 and DS 13. It was never so much as "tuck" but just popping into their bedroom to say goodnight and give them a hug. It also gave them an opportunity to tell me or ask me anything that they wanted to about their day. Now, at 17 and 20, I still check in with them on my way to bed. I get up crazy early for my job, so I'm always the first one to turn in. Whoever is home gets a goodnight hug and a brief visit with Mom so I can ask about their plans for the next day.
  21. I think at this point, cancelling the games would be the most crushing blow to these athletes. I think they should probably have been cancelled- but months ago, not a few days/weeks before the games are scheduled to begin. So at this point they should carry on as best as possible. Television coverage of the Olympics has never been great. I wish I had hope that in the era of the pandemic there was going to be an amazing turnaround with that. I also wonder, how can any nation recover from this? Japan has put millions (probably billions) of dollars into hosting the Olympic games, counting on the revenue to come and now they've gone from reduced revenue to practically no revenue.
  22. Every year for Thanksgiving my brother asks if I can make a Cthulu Turkey. He's always kidding around, but I have thought more than once about trying one for fun.
  23. The kids at work are all about their fandom/funky prints. No shows because it's summer and they don't want tan lines with their shorts, but if they're going to be indoors or are wearing pants, they wear taller socks that are packed with prints or designs and show them off. Often mismatched.
  24. Not only does this sound amazing, but if you scroll down she's got a whole collection of pasta salad recipes.
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