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  1. Is there a reason he couldn't do some core classes at the high school as well, since he likes it there?
  2. What about doing the core classes as dual enrollment, if that would count toward his eventual college degree?
  3. The school district we live in weights DE, so if you did that, the C would become a B on your transcript.
  4. My kids would recommend the book "PWN the SAT".
  5. I haven't read this myself but it was recommended on another forum: Road Map for Graduate Study: A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students 2nd Edition by Don Martin
  6. DS is finishing 9th grade. He's wrapping up the Edhesive AP CS A course and will take the test next month. He previously did the Edhesive Intro to CS course, so he is familiar with Python and Java. He is interested in video game development and we were thinking of having him go through a MOOC-type course to see if he enjoyed it. I'm planning to have him look through these Udemy courses to see what he wants to do, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations (or non-recommendations!) for any of them in particular. I would only buy them when they are doing one of their frequent $10-12 sales, of course. If there are other courses that anyone would recommend other than the Udemy ones I'd be happy to hear about those, also. The EdX HarvardX CS50's Intro to Game Development looks interesting. I've looked at the Edx RITx Video Game Design XSeries and I'm not sure that's what he would want, although I will show it to him in case. I also looked at the Coursera MSU Game Design and Development Specialization and that looked intriguing but I don't think Coursera's monthly fee setup will work for us. I would rather just pay once and always have access to the course. He is not interested in the art side so much as level design, programming, etc, if that makes a difference. I realize he may well not end up going into game development, and he and I both think he should get a Computer Science degree, perhaps with a game development concentration, rather than a Game Design degree. But since this is a current interest of his I would like him to explore it. This is not a subject I know anything about--I don't particularly enjoy playing video games--so any input would be helpful!
  7. I agree with others that your dd will likely be a strong candidate for competitive scholarships. If she will qualify for National Merit, Texas A&M has a good scholarship for that, and some National Merit students are invited to interview for the Brown scholarship, which combines with the National Merit Scholarship to make a full ride. A&M also has a new scholarship (this is the second year it has been offered) called the Brockman Scholarship and it is not just a full ride but full cost of attendance, including an MS in Business. But the MS is required, and I don't know if your dd is interested in business.
  8. @RootAnnLooks like you added her to Texas A&M Corpus Christi. If you look at the entry right above that one for the main campus Texas A&M, she's on that. So you can delete her from Corpus Christi. Thanks for keeping the list! I may as well add the info for the decisions list: Where: Texas A&M Why: full-ride scholarship and a great fit Major: Biomedical Sciences
  9. Dd has accepted her admission to Texas A&M! (She is on the waitlist at Rice but we're proceeding on the assumption that she will not be accepted from the waitlist.)
  10. No acceptances tonight, but we are all satisfied with Texas A&M!
  11. Thanks, Lanny! I'm thinking Rice is likely to have a higher yield this year because of their new financial aid initiative, so I'm not sure the odds of getting in off the waitlist are going to be favorable! On College Confidential some people are wondering why Rice didn't reduce the number of acceptances even further in anticipation of a higher yield. We, too, are awaiting "Ivy Day" tomorrow and those will be the last decisions to come in for DD.
  12. DD has accepted a spot on the waitlist for Rice.
  13. Scholarship update for DD--she has been offered the Brown Scholarship at Texas A&M, which combines with their National Merit Scholarship to make a full ride! Very thankful! She also has been offered the President's Scholarship at University of Texas at Arlington.
  14. You know what I love about this board? Not once has anyone said, "Oh, he's too young to be thinking about a PhD."
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