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  1. Scholarship update for DD--she has been offered the Brown Scholarship at Texas A&M, which combines with their National Merit Scholarship to make a full ride! Very thankful! She also has been offered the President's Scholarship at University of Texas at Arlington.
  2. You know what I love about this board? Not once has anyone said, "Oh, he's too young to be thinking about a PhD."
  3. I did mention an award in my midyear report, but she also uploaded or emailed the award certificate to the colleges.
  4. Does your state have an online public school option like Connections Academy or K12?
  5. Yes, she has some schools she won't hear from till March. So we're still waiting! She ended up not applying to UT, but her brother might in a few years, so it's good to hear of an acceptance!
  6. That's fantastic! I remember discussing with you some time ago on another thread about UT and homeschoolers, so your report is encouraging!
  7. @easypeasy, I would recommend that your dd create an account on and ask questions there. They are a great resource.
  8. Dd has been named a Regeneron Scholar! She submitted the research she has been doing at a local university with a biology professor. Now we wait for Jan. 23, when they will name the finalists who will be invited to Washington, D.C. to present their research. The list of scholars lists our homeschool name and now I almost wish I had put the words "home school" in the name because the name I use makes it sound like a private school. So it's not obvious that a homeschooler is on the list!
  9. @mirabillis, there is some talk on the hs2coll Yahoo Group that Oct 24 test takers are contacting the National Merit people (not the College Board) to see if they can be allowed to use the "alternate entry" method, which is based on SAT scores taken between Oct and Jun of the junior year. The person said that the National Merit people are "waiting to get all the statistics from the College Board," but it may be worth a try to contact them.I would think that the more people they hear from, the better.
  10. Wow, looking at the "Understanding Scores 2018" document, missing just one question on each section (Reading, Writing/Language, Math) on that Oct. 24 test would give a National Merit Selection Index of 215, well below the cutoff in many states.
  11. DD's Texas A&M portal has updated to show that she has been awarded the President's Endowed Scholarship.
  12. We've received notice from one college that our FAFSA was selected for verification (not surprising since we didn't use the IRS DRT), and we will need to submit a tax return transcript, which we can get as an online download. Does this mean that we will need to submit this verification document to all the colleges that received our FAFSA? Just wondering.
  13. Thanks for the prompt, RootAnn! For my DD: Texas A&M Texas Tech (Presidential Scholarship) University of Texas-Dallas (Academic Excellence Scholarship) University of Texas-Arlington
  14. Well, DD hit submit on her early action app! She already has acceptances to four state schools, but her remaining apps are all uber-reaches and this early one was her favorite of that group, so it was the one that felt the most momentous! I don't know whether to feel relieved or anxious!
  15. Yes, she is going in next week to ask the prof for a letter of recommendation and whether the prof still has a record of her comments. I'll encourage her to contact the college as well. She can't be the only one whose papers were submitted online!
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