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  1. Yes, I've been playing with dates. We are hoping for a 10 day vacation and trying to work around everyone's work schedule.
  2. We would be flying out of Minneapolis airport. What is a travel hack?
  3. I was thinking that too. I'm sure gas prices have increased flight costs. Hopefully gas prices keep going down. What websites do you look at for finding cheaper flights?
  4. Cool I live in MN! Maybe we will see them!
  5. Dh and I plus two of our adult boys plan to fly to Las Vegas, rent an RV, drive to Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks then back to Vegas to fly home. I was hoping for cheaper flight to Vegas, but am not finding any. Is it better to wait a while? Am I looking too early? We are hoping to go the end of April or early May, so we still have time. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. I wore a panty liner for a while. It took a few years for my period to finally stop. Thankfully its done for me. Its very annoying when going though those changes. If you have concerns, ask your GP.
  7. None of my immediate family smokes and many of my extended family have quit smoking. Since businesses and restaurants don't allow smoking inside anymore, I rarely see smokers.
  8. I really like the Marvel movies including the first Dr Strange. I wanted to see the second one, however two of my son's saw it and didn't like it. One of them said I wouldn't like it either. I looked up the review on Plugged-In and decided not to see it. So disappointing, Disney took Marvel to the horror level.
  9. This is good news. When vaping first was popular, I knew it was not the "safe" way of smoking as many made it out to be. Many teens are into vaping, and its very sad.
  10. Go to your doctor to get paxlovid. It has good results for mild to moderate covid.
  11. At least he's had the vaccine with boosters and its mild and he is receiving Paxlovid.
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