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  1. Yes. I taught 30 years ago before I had my own children. Now, I want to get back into the school district here so I can do enrichment classes. I took the Core yesterday and I found that to be quite easy. So, I don't have any real concern about the curriculum content but rather with the jargon and 'ed-u-speak' which I am sure has changed significantly since my time in college.
  2. Can you share the name? Or just message me? Thanks. This all came about really suddenly and I'm rushing to get everything finished and submitted before the big summer crunch hits the state education dept. Yuck.
  3. Has anyone taken this? I'm trying to re-vamp my certification that expired 30 years ago. I know it's not just content but contains a lot of teacher lingo which I'm sure has changed in 30 years. I would love to hear from anyone who as done it recently.
  4. I wasn't sure so I texted my youngest. He said he's never heard me say it. But, I think that question would need to be contextual. I would never say it in anger but, really, my kids and I have never really dealt with one another with that kind of language. I've had arguments with my kids, I had disagreements with my kids, but I can't recall any of them ever doing what I hear people call 'being sassy', 'back talking', or 'being lippy'. It's hard for me to even find a phrase in out family culture to describe that. If you mean asking for a lower volume or 'indoor voices' I use an
  5. Simple answer: Yes. Expanded answer based on you additional info- In your case, I would only say 'yes' if I was sure son had his wits about him and understood the implications of hard jumps. Safe jumping must be observed.
  6. Just FB search Kate Estes. Two or three will pop up. She has 'homemaker/homeschool mom' in her description.
  7. Anyone have any anecdotal stories? Did it help? hurt? Would you do it again?
  8. It's messy but so what? In just a few minutes it would be tidy. It's not as if there are three day old cereal bowls half filled with milk or full ash trays lying around. It isn't even cluttered. It just has bits and pieces lying about. It would go from messy to tidy in about 10 minutes and back to messy in a blink - several times every day if there are actual people living in the house.
  9. He has an appointment tomorrow with Alaska Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic. I've heard good things about their sports medicine guy.
  10. Update of sorts: Still waiting for a spinal orthopedist appointment but had the scans read by a neurologist today. He said that with the way his scans look, he might as well be a sky diver...he has way more damage than would be expected for a 17 year old kid. However, the irony about this whole situation is that the pain he is experiencing is from the muscles rather than the spine. So, if we hadn't had the muscle injury, there would have been no scans to pick up the spinal issue until the impingement had progressed to a dangerous point. So, at present man/child will definitely be loo
  11. I've been on the phone all morning getting referrals, sending records, etc. And, as luck would have it, my older son's girlfriend works for a neurologist and her boss is going to take a look at his images and let us know where he thinks we should go. But, the good news that I am hearing is that while a rest from gymnastics and skating may be required, developing a strong ( or in his case, stronger) core and a good stretching program is very beneficial. I did locate a practice here that does a lot of spine work and has sport medicine doctors on staff. It would have been easier if the
  12. The man/child hurt his back about 18 months ago. He was helping me in the garden and was moving rocks in the 15-20 lb range. He didn't lift with his knees...someone asked him why. He said the rock didn't come with a warning label. I figured it would get better in a week or two. So, we did the ice, then heat, ibuprofen, etc. It improved a bit for awhile. Then it worsened and we saw a chiropractor. In the last year, he has seen two different chiropractors, 2 different massage therapists, and finally a new physical therapist, taken a slew of NSAIDs and used a TENS unit. All this t
  13. Not road trips but I've flow to Australia from Maryland with a 3 month old . That trip is over 20 hours of air time/ about 30 hours with layovers. I've also done the same round trip with a 10 week old. Lots of car trips with infants over the years. Move as far as you can while they sleep. Stop for nursing and diaper change when they wake rather then when your normal schedule says it's time. Have snacks available in the car for everyone else so you can go long stretches without stopping to take advantage of that sleep time! Have Mama sleep with a small blanket or burp cloth tu
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