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  1. I found a cd-rom version cheap on Amazon, so I figure we'll give it a shot. If it doesn't work, I'm only out $6.44.
  2. I saw the information about Kinetic Principles of Physics in the Homeschool High School Physics thread. I think it looks interesting, so I emailed Perfection Learning about it. The woman who wrote back to me said that it is not set up for use in a homeschool environment. Can anyone explain why this is? I'm assuming that someone here has used it if it's in the high school physics thread. Thanks.
  3. I don't mean to sound flip, but my response to that would be, "Ok." He didn't practice. He got a lower score. How does he feel about that? Does it matter if it doesn't bother him? My son is an elite-level hockey player, so I understand the idea of doing the best that you can. But at 15, his primary interest with regards to hockey is having fun with his friends. Maybe your son just wants to have fun and not feel pressured. My son loves hockey, but other interests and priorities are cropping up, too, including "I'd rather just sit on my butt and watch Youtube than do drills in th
  4. If your son is in high school, it's really time for him to take ownership of his activities. If he is not practicing in archery, you are not obligated to continue to pay for it, but I wouldn't nag him about it. Having parents who nag about activities that are supposed to be fun kills the joy. Ask me how I know ... As far as the biology grades ... I just started back to school after nearly 3 decades years of not being a student. One of the first things I did was give myself permission to get Bs. When I was in high school, my parents were so strict about my grades that my mother once grounde
  5. Sorry. Your example and your ancillary comments made it seem like you were taking a stand on the Civil War issue. I guess I misunderstood.
  6. There is a difference between reporting only "one side" of an issue and reporting factual information. Regarding your example about the Civil War, people now may say that "slavery was only a small part," but contemporary documents (primary sources) reveal that slavery was the big issue. So if you consider that bias, then yes, you will find bias in History of the World. Indeed, it is impossible to have "non-biased" history source because every author makes decisions about what information to present and what to focus more and less on. If you feel that SWB leans left, you will feel the s
  7. I also had a child who had an IEP, and I worked for a program that dealt with children in SBH (severely behaviorally handicapped) classrooms when I was a social worker. The law says what it says. How specific schools interpret it may vary, but the law deals with what a student is legally entitled to.
  8. No, because FAPE only applies to special education services and any types of supportive medical and behavioral services a child needs. A child with a 504-designated disability who would also benefit from advanced courses is not entitled to them under FAPE. In other words, FAPE applies only to things that are legally designated as disabilities, not to every aspect of an individual who has a qualifying disability.
  9. Agreed. Our willingness to underfund the education of our children (and, actually, of any person of any age who chooses to pursue an education of a variety of sorts) is repulsive.
  10. I find this country's overall lack of commitment to funding public education repulsive, but I don't find it repulsive that we have a law that at least attempted to ensure that our most vulnerable students receive what they need.
  11. FAPE (free, appropriate public education), specified in section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, is only required for students with disabilities. It is a huge misconception that schools are required to provide FAPE for all students.
  12. Having been through this with one who is now a college graduate, I recommend that you don't start the college search. Give the information offered on this thread to your dd, and she can start the college search.
  13. This made me chuckle. I have never, ever even thought about whether eyebrows are "in" or "out" or anything other than just there are on your face, doing their eyebrow thing. :D
  14. I have never gotten my nails done. I don't paint them or do anything other than routine maintenance. I don't even get my hair cut outside the home. My husband cuts it. I tell you this so you know where I am coming from. It sounds like you are spending $100 a month or so on nails and eyebrows (which I'm going to admit, I don't even know what eyebrow waxing is or how much it costs, I'm guestimating $25?), and I can see the need to cut back on that. That said, if you love having your nails done, then designate the $30+tip as your personal discretionary money (which everyone should have barrin
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