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  1. Looking for guidance from others who done this. If student fails DE class and then retakes it again and passes, how do we show this in the high school transcript? How does it get calculated in the GPA? Thank you.
  2. Ds will be taking DE math through local cc and we nee to decide which math to pick College algebra or Pre-Calc. He has taken completed algebra 1 and geometry at home with a solid B (because de did not put more time into studying as he should have). And finished Derek Owen Honors Algebra 2 with a solid B -again because did not spend as much time studying as he should have but still made 89 for the year. So, which of the two DE classes do we pick? Would it look strange to have Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and College Algebra listed on transcript? Thank you
  3. My current 4S iPhone (that is almost 5 years old and in its originally purchased rubber otter case) has been sat on, stepped on, spilled on, dropped from 3-4 feet height on driveways, concrete floor, tile and wood floors and is still alive, not a scratch on it. Just getting a bit too slow. I need to get a smartphone that can handle that kind of real life usage- one for me and one for ds 16 who will be starting college classes this fall- neither one of us is super careful in handling the phones with out most care. That is why looking for a "life proof" phone. And preference is for small screen phone. Thank you very much.
  4. Ds plans to do dual enrollment this fall and will be taking a 2 credit hour course as one of his classes. How do I list that on the high school transcript- a 1/2 credit class or a 1 credit class? Thank you
  5. It is a small company - 25-30 people including management. And there is only 2 who handle interviews and hiring that I know of. I wonder if it would be better to call and see if management is in the office before popping in.
  6. Just seeing what is the general consensus on this. Ds (16) applied for summer apprenticeship last Monday ( for which he received acknowledgement of receipt) and sent in an inquiry Monday this week for an update (for which he did not get any acknowledgement of receipt or any update). Question is when would you consider a "no answers" as "the answer"? As you can see we are all new at this teen job thing as no one in this house had to job hunt for at least 20 years if not more so we are out of tune with the current norms. Would it be ok for ds to pop into the business office either end of this week on even on Monday to see if he can maybe catch whoever is in charge, chat and see if he even has a chance or would that be overdoing? Ds really wants to try this over the summer. Thank you so very much.
  7. So, ds submitted application for a summer apprenticeship job with local company earlier this week with references and all. Can he inquire with the company on his application (to see if he is still being considered and to make sure application did not get lost in the shuffle somewhere) or not? And if he can, how long to wait before checking? Thank you
  8. Two questions this afternoon for all the moms who been there 1. Ds had tutor this year for his Japanese he met either weekly or byweekly depending on everyone's schedule. Meetings were done through Skype or Facetime, not in person. Do I give teacher an end of the year gift, a gesture of appreciation. If so, what do we do/give? We do not live in the same city- I think it is about an hour drive between us. 2. Ds (10th grade) applying for apprenticeship with local electric company for the summer. It would be a full time 40 hours a week job with a good portion of it outside in the southern sun and humidity. My question is, am I allowed to go in and ask "mom" questions when he goes in to turn in paperwork and interview. "mom" questions meaning things ds might not think about like particular shoes he may need, or how extreme heat is handled by the company (how they handle heat stroke possibility outside and all that), maybe other safety questions due to the job itself. Things like that that usually do not come on the priority list for many teens. Or would it be seen as a bad thing if mom shows up to the interview and starts asking questions. Thank you for any advise.
  9. Lori D. Thank you! That will keep mine busy for a long time.
  10. Looking for clean fiction reads with werewolves or dragons. Not overly gory. No romance (specifically requested by this child). Books appropriate for 11-12 year olds. I have found some on dragons but none on werewolves that would match no overly gory or no romance. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  11. Thank you for all the ideas. We might try another one using one of the suggestions. Ds chose time as his topic and ended up with little over 3 1/2 pages.
  12. What are the best aptitude tests available out there? (does not have to be free) Do you find them accurate or at least helpful? Trying to see if it might help Ds fine tune what it is that he wants to study. Thank you.
  13. Ds need to write a definition essay for his English class. Basically choose a word or a phrase that is abstract enough that it would have multiple meaning either by definition or to different people. Abstract enough that 3-5 page essay can be written explaining logical and conceptual meaning of the word or the phrase with definitions, history, all the different meanings and applications. Beauty, love, friendship, home are on the banned list of words. Thank you so very much.
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