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  1. Library Momma

    What's for dinner?

    I'm making stuffed shrimp tonight. It's my son's favorite and he recently broke his arm, so I'm indulging him a little. It's labor intensive and I would normally make it on a weekend. Not sure about the rest of the week yet.
  2. This is done differently here too. When the girls sell individually they take orders. The troop is then sent exactly the amount of boxes too fill the orders. If the troop decides they want to do a cookie booth they can order cases to sell from a "cookie cupboard." After the booth sale the unsold boxes are returned to the cookie cupboard.
  3. Wow - We received 25c per box no matter how many we sold or how many girls participated. 35c with no incentives.
  4. Agreed - We were happy when the girls realized that too and voted not to receive them in favor of the extra money.
  5. That's not how it is supposed to work. The troop gets a specific amount per box sold. Period. That amount can increase if the girls vote not to be awarded incentives but unless things have changed drastically it shouldn't matter how many girls participate.
  6. I was the cookie mom for my daughters troop for a number of years. We had 18 girls in the troop (give or take each year) and were active from kindergarten through 8th grade. Our troop was part of a service unit that included 30 or so other troops from our town. I mention this because it sounds like our GS cookie experience is very different from yours. First off most Daisy troops decide for themselves if they even want to sell cookies. Ours didn't - We just felt they were too little. Once they started selling some girls decided they didn't want to participate. Very few girls sell direct or pre-sales. Of the ones that have - 600 boxes would have been an enormous amount of cookies. Most troops don't even sell that much. Cookies that girls sell in the pre-sale are credited to those girls and those girls alone. We would also then do one or two cookie booths. Some girls only participated in the cookie booth sales. We would divide up all sales made from cookie booths and divide those boxes among the girls that participated. When they were younger they voted to be awarded the incentives (which included bandannas, water bottles, etc - whatever GS offered that year). Only girls that reached the corresponding amounts were awarded the incentives. As they grew older they decided they would forgo the incentives in favor of earning more money per box for the troop. Every girl that participated in selling was awarded a patch (not the badge unless they earned that). I will say again - we would never take boxes from one girl to give to another, especially if it affected the credits they were earning for summer camp. I'm not sure about the cookie ceremonies or incentive trip you mentioned because we didn't really have those things.
  7. Library Momma

    Venting: teen drama

    Kids that would do this to your dc are not their friends. I think it is pretty normal for friend groups to evolve and change as kids grow. Most of the tween and teen drama I've seen centers around a kid who isn't accepting of this. Some kids have a bestie that remains their bestie for life but that isn't always the case. I know it can be hard and in this case the kids are being really rude, but hopefully your kids will come to realize that they don't really want to have much in common with people who act like this. Let them develop closer friendships with some of the other people they know and give them a chance to find others who value their friendship.
  8. Library Momma

    Need a good Christmas movie for 5-12 yr. olds

    I also say Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas - My all time favorite!
  9. Library Momma

    Pinguecula? (Eye)

    My sister had this when she was about 10 - so around 30 years ago. At the time it required surgery but I'm not sure what modern treatments would be.
  10. Library Momma

    Your opinion on teacher’s policy re: bathroom

    In my experience this is fairly common. Kids who have any sort of intestinal or bladder issues usually can just excuse themselves and leave a class to go to the bathroom any time they want. All it takes is the parent speaking with the school nurse and getting permission. Sometimes a doctor's note is required. The nurse then makes the teachers aware and it's not really a big deal. The teacher can tell who is abusing the privilege and who isn't. Sometimes kids who have more serious issues are allowed to use the closest bathroom even if it is a teacher's bathroom or sometimes they will always go to the nurse's office for more privacy.
  11. Library Momma

    S/O Abcde - musing on naming conventions

    My daughter went to camp with a girl named Maple. Her twin sister is Harvest.
  12. Library Momma

    PS High School competition- is this similar where you are?

    That is the way it is at most schools here because those students in CP classes are for the most part going on to some form of college. There are so many public vocational and magnet options that students who have no interest in college or academics usually take a different path. I know plenty of plumbers, electricians, landscapers, hvac folks, hairdressers, etc but I can't think of one that went to their public high school. They all went to a vocational high school.
  13. Library Momma

    PS High School competition- is this similar where you are?

    This is not how it is near me, and most of the suburban public high schools around here are similar. over 95% of the class going on to college and the top tier heading to ivies and top tier schools each year. The only students I see getting tutoring assistance are students truly falling behind in a subject and that is when after class extra assistance from the teacher isn't enough. If a student handed in a paper that someone else had edited first they would most likely get a zero.
  14. Library Momma

    Flat Earth again

    I didn't know it was a documentary.
  15. My kids' last day before break is the 22nd and they return on Jan 2nd, so 10 days including the weekends. It is basically they same as when I was a kid, we always went up until the day before Christmas eve and then returned the day after New Year's Day.
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