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  1. I've never been to a potluck or anything called a potluck. I've participated in a number events where I needed to bring a food items to feed a large number of people, but there has always been a specific sign up where you can see what's needed and what everyone chooses. I've also been to less specific events where everyone brings an app to share for example. Relying on luck sounds like a bad idea.
  2. We have a cute blond jogger who is probably in her late twenties. She is usually wearing bright pink or tie dye running gear, and she smiles and waves to every car that passes. One of my male friends thought for about a year that she was only waving to him, until he overheard other people discussing her one day. I think he was a bit heartbroken.
  3. Yes - Here the cutoff is Dec 31st and holding back/starting later isn't that common.
  4. Most of the kids I know with birthdays Sept through December are going away to college at 17 so it really isn't that unusual. I was 17 as well and my son will be 17 when he starts. I don't think it's as uncommon as you think it is. The not driving is probably not an issue either as many college freshmen don't have cars on campus (depending on the school).
  5. If you have a Dunkin Donuts nearby they do a Box of Hot Chocolate just like their Box of Joe. They give you the container already filled, and the cups and lids. It's easy, just maybe not as inexpensive as buying the mix and cups and doing it yourself.
  6. My religion is Reform Judaism and I have no issue with attending events in churches. I've been to numerous weddings, baptisms and funerals, and I've even been a bridesmaid a number of times in church weddings. I've never met another Jewish person who would have had any issues either, excluding Orthodox Jews. To be honest though, I've had very limited exposure to Orthodox Jews.
  7. OK - I finally got mine today from Amazon. I do like them - They actually look like jeans if you hide the wide waist band. I'm 5'10" and I ordered the 14 long. The length is great and they are comfortable. Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. I actually usually order them for him at American Eagle. He doesn't like rips though and the options without them are more limited.
  9. Ok, Well I just ordered a pair for myself. I've actually been shopping on-line for jeans for my son who is a 32 x 36 and can't easily find jeans in stores, but he can wait.
  10. He has always been a favorite of mine -- so sad!
  11. Here I've only ever seen it done to trees and only on "mischief night," which is the evening before Halloween. Usually only a few houses get hit or a specific block or neighborhood. It doesn't seem any more or less than when I was a kid.
  12. I have worked for many years for a company that has sold materials to and donated items to libraries. Once items are donated the library can use them in many ways, including using as "premiums" or incentives for donations. But the monies should benefit the library or the donee, not another organization. The materials themselves can be passed along to another charitable organization but requesting money on behalf of a second organization gets murky. Also you need to determine if that other organization has a not-for profit status. If not, donations can be solicited, but most states have a law that for profit organizations requesting donations have to clearly state that they are for-profit organizations (usually in writing) at the time and place of the solicitation.
  13. Free pre-K at the elementary school here is only for special/high needs students and a few "peer mentors" per class. They will take all the students that qualify as special needs but the peer mentor slots are limited. We do not have Head Start in our town, but there is another non-profit program that factors in need as well as many private preschools. I don't understand altering the vaccination schedule. Here the kindergarten cut off is Dec 31st so many students are not yet 5 when they begin kindergarten. We just continue on the regular vaccination schedule submitting the updated forms after the most recent dr visit. No need to move a November annual visit to July, most insurance wouldn't even pay for that. I can't imagine a school making that requirement.
  14. My Experience is similar and I have parents and grandparents with college degrees. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that People chose not to go to college. I thought it was just the track you were placed in. After middle school kids who weren't serious academically always went to one of the vocational high schools. Every person who works in a trade that I know graduated from a vocational high school program of some sort. Those that remained in the public high school or went off to an expensive prep school went to college. I've never met someone who went to any sort of a trade school school after high school. I expect my kids to go to college because I know that they need a degree to get a job that will adequately support them. I would have been fine with them going the trade route but they are in public high school now, not vocational high school, so they are past that decision in my eyes.
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