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  1. Can someone let me know as well - This sounds awful
  2. Perhaps years ago. When I graduated eighth grade in the eighties I feel that students who weren't academic or who even had behavior problems were directed towards vocational school. I'm not sure how much choice they had, it was just understood that was their path. They just had to decide if they wanted automotive, plumbing, etc. Also most people who went to vocational school emerged working in their trade. Now the choice is more of a big deal and students have a more active part. There are school fairs with the schools competing with each other to be a first choice in a respected p
  3. That was really my point. I never said that these programs exist all over, but when I read a thread where people are saying repeatedly "hey wouldn't it be great if this existed!" my response is "hey there are places where this exists!" Maybe someday someone in Texas can develop something similar to what is working well in Connecticut and New York. I'm not sure why we are always looking towards Finland.
  4. They exist across the state and a students have a many choices. If they want the maritime school I believe there is only one. But there are numerous others that offer trades and culinary. There are a handful of agricultural programs. For example a student that graduated from the local 8th grade in my town could apply to 3 trade schools, one maritime and one agricultural school that would be a reasonable drive. I think there are many others but most people don't want to travel too far, I've never really heard of someone not getting into one of these schools. They may not get their first
  5. I don't think people are spreading misinformation, I just think people say things never happen when in fact they do in many cases. The vocational schools are public schools that do offer college prep options, but I don't know how many AP opportunities are available. Most students continue on working their field of study but some have continued on to college, so that is a path that is available.
  6. I believe you and like I said thing are very different all over. I think it's terrible that students everywhere don't have the vocational high school opportunities that we have here. But the flip side is that our community colleges have suffered because of it. they are not really the go to for any sort of vocational training - why pay for something that you can have a superior version of for free. Some states have wonderful community colleges - That just doesn't exist here.
  7. I've tried to stay out of this thread because the things people say happen in schools is very often the opposite of what I've experienced and see in person. I remind myself that schools are very different all over but apprenticeship in schools exists. Students attending vocational high schools take classes, train, apprentice and get real time work experience. Many stay with they company or business they apprenticed at after they graduate. This is across all of the types of vocational learning from plumbing and HVAC, to culinary to cosmetology to agriculture and even maritime professions.
  8. I don't think there is a public school in the state of CT that doesn't have a nurse on staff, and most of our schools are small (each city or town is it's own district for the most part). Inner city schools usually have some sort of heath center that goes above and beyond the normal school nurse scenario. I was just speaking with someone yesterday about what a terrible job being an elementary school nurse must be. Between vomiting and lice and now Covid - yuk!
  9. There are parts of the country where people just really don't know what homeschooling is and use the word to mean the virtual school public schools are providing. I can't tell you how many pics I've seen on Facebook where on the first day of virtual classes people have their children holding up signs saying "First day of 2nd grade Homeschool!" I've tried to tried to correct people in conversation and they look at me like I'm crazy. I am 50 years old and have only ever encountered two homeschooling families in real life (and one flip-flopper who has probably tried every type of school).
  10. My son starts back Sept 8th with a hybrid model. There will be a mask requirement but people here have worn masks in all indoor spaces since March. It's sort of a given.
  11. I'm sure that Baker & Taylor has some core collection or collection development lists they could give you to assist with ordering. I've been working with libraries for many years and from what I've seen, although we'd like to think library collections should contain highly educational or multi-cultural materials, for most libraries the top items that circulate are mainstream and popular. Not that there shouldn't be an array of titles but you don't want to waste a limited budget on titles that will never leave the shelf. Perhaps you could request input and suggestions from your patro
  12. My dog likes to sit in baskets (like a cat). She has one particular basket she sits in and instead of facing towards the room, she faces the wall, and licks it. I'm not sure why that particular part of my wall is so tasty
  13. Randolph Mantooth, Dirk Benedict and Harrison Ford. I still still have my Dirk Benedict scrapbook. I cut his name out of the TV guide every time I saw it, and that is what the first page is covered with. I guess 10 year old me was a stalker!
  14. My son has a 36" inseam so I feel your pain. Nike has tall length athletic pants and occasionally I find them at Marshall's/ TJ Maxx.
  15. An Amazon cart is not like a cart at Lowes. When you take something off the shelf at Lowes and put in in a cart no one else can buy it. A cart on Amazon is more like a wish list. Something you would like to or intend to buy but until you do it isn't allocated to you. The price can change at any time and often that is a reflection of the price they pay for the items. When their cost goes up or down the price they charge goes up or down. When you purchase a mattress at a store, even if you have a period of time to pay, you still purchased the item. You just owe them the money for what
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