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  1. We EO believe that hell is not a punishment at all: when we pass into eternal life, we all experience the love of God more fully, more intimately; for those who've loved Him, this love will be the fulfillment of every longing, but those who've rejected Him will perceive His love (which it is important to note is unchanging, as He is unchanging) as a burning flame. This is like Katie's analogy of the child and the stove--God doesn't will our suffering, we have willed it ourselves.
  2. This book has actually been saved by being redone as the Story of Little Babaji, with ethnically appropriate illustrations.
  3. We are having ham, mashed blue potatoes, spinach salad with caramelized nuts and mandarin oranges, stuffed squashes (modified version of this http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/pumpkin-stuffed-with-everything-good-361169), cranberry sauce, and apple and pumpkin pie.
  4. When this happens to me, I listen to an audio book quietly, one that I know well, and don't need to truly follow. It engages me enough to take my mind off the 2 am worry, but not so much that I can't sleep. It's like a reset button for me.
  5. Budget Bytes has a great recipe for turkey burgers with spinach, feta, and onions. We make it often, and I never used to buy ground turkey. :)
  6. I used pads for about fifteen minutes in my early teens, switched to tampons, and used them for years. About 8 years ago I switched to a cup--miles better. Dds use cloth pads and a cup, respectively.
  7. Yes, I think that would be a good idea. We have used Kilgallon in interstitial years, and concurrently with ML.
  8. The ML books are the most repetitive of the level 2 books, but each one is more detailed than the last. Dds say, "more implementation, deeper detail."
  9. Man, I haven't been here in a long time, but this is a topic dear to me, so I'd like to comment on it from the perspective of a family that has used all 6 levels of MCT with success. Those who say it's not a good choice for parent-teachers who are not the best in language arts themselves are probably right. It has a high level of presupposition of teacher knowledge and comfort. I am a professed language nerd. Although I had not the benefit of the best grammar *instruction* growing up, I had the advantage of hearing flawless grammar *usage* in my home, and of being exposed to a wide, wide
  10. I'll put my own saint's name into the mix: Kassiani (also spelled Kassiane, or Cassiane) She's a shared saint from before the EO/RC split, and she's venerated as one of the only women hymnographers in the church. 😃 Zebulon Gideon
  11. You can substitute 1/4 C cocoa and 1T of butter for one square of baking chocolate in any recipe you happen to like. Our family's favorite is the Joy of Cooking's brownies Cockaigne.
  12. Katie, when we go to visit my MIL in Omaha, we attend one of the Orthodox churches down there. In the western rite parish to which we usually go, we make no special efforts in advance to make our arrival known, because it's a VERY small parish, and I have a big family--they remember us! :) if we go to the much larger Serbian Church, it is incumbent upon me to email or call in advance, tell the priest who we are, where we go to church, and that we are members in good standing with permission to receive the sacraments. It's not that we couldn't just go to church and receive--it is just courteous
  13. Rosie, love and hugs. There are no words. He was a beautiful boy.
  14. My daughters' names are Susannah, Eleanor, and Cecilia; middle names Elizabeth, Beatrice, and Rose, respectively. I still don't love Mabel. I don't hate it, and I don't think it's too "old," but it's not pleasant to my ear. Ruth, otoh, I love. :)
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