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  1. So - not to sound like a nutter but there is a reason for this IMO. In capitalism, it is through having employees that capital owners can become rich. They essentially are skimming off the productivity of the people they employ. That is the only way that someone like Jess Bzos could become so rich compared to everyone else, or that such a large proportion of wealth could be help by a fraction of the people. They clearly are not actually that much more productive themselves and its built into capitalism to work that way. There is zero reason people like that, and by extension the state that is dependent on them, would want to change the model. And if they do it will be to something like universal income where there is still that dependency and ability of capitalists to determine what those on the bottom who aren't working get to keep.
  2. I stopped doing cards perhaps 10 years ago. I still wanted to do them, and would even get the photos of the kids printed on cards, but I wasn't getting them sent out. I tried organizing them early and sending them out right after Thanksgiving, but I found I had trouble making that happen, too. After a couple of years of ending up with the stack of unsent cards, I decided just to stop doing it. This is what happened to me, and I haven't done cards in a few years as a result. I'd like to get back to it, but I do think I will keep my list short, to people who especially like or need a card, people I don't see so often, that sort of thing. As for the cards themselves, I don't normally keep them and I don't think it's necessary. I don't have a place for keeping that amount of stuff, and I don't think that is the point. I tape them to a door in my kitchen for the Christmas season and they are part of my decor, or occasionally I have a string to hand them on the fireplace. I also don't care about photos and such, those are rarely my favourite cards, I like ones that are beautiful or have some meaningful image or are funny. When I have sent cards I go to a fair bit of effort to find ones that I think are really lovely.
  3. I think that this is why the momentum has been towards all able bodied adults working, and governments in many places have been willing to take on socialised childcare. It's a view of the citizens being a worker-unit. I wonder though if that really works in the end. Not only is there a requirement to organise childcare, it becomes a problems for eldercare, care of the disabled. there are health outcomes related to things that are connected - use of off the shelf food, less exercise. Fewer people doing necessary volunteer work. Even looking at environmental concerns, lack of time is a big factor in terms of people living more sustainably. If you could really pencil it all out I wonder how much better it really is even in pure economic terms to have all adults at work.
  4. I wonder though if there isn't a demographic element there. I don't think the reason so many people don't cook now - and this is attested to in all kinds of studies of eating patterns - is because people are eating out all the time. Someof it is that, but not all or most. What's more common is what happens in some of my kid's friends homes - they typically are eating foods that are largely pre-made, frozen, and also often in individualised servings. My teen daughter's friends don't eat together as a family often at all, it is a special occasion thing. They come in and make some soup from a can or a pizza pocket or whatever, or even if they all eat together it is frozen burgers or pizza, or something from the deli section at the grocery store. But I have noticed, these are mostly working class families, though I see some more middle class families eating similarly. But people I know in academia, for example, or medical circles, are much more likely to cook fairly regularly.
  5. I think some people are just naturally more suspicious of people's motives, or maybe they are better at reading cues or something like that. Although age does make a big difference, you can learn a lot over time.
  6. Over the past years there has been a real shift in when people put stuff up. Shops here are getting their Christmas stock in before halloween. For that matter, they start putting Halloween stuff out as soon as Back To School is over. I think it's mainly about trying to make the period for buying seasonal stuff as long as possible. Private homes seem to have followed what shops do. They came up against people's tolerance about five years ago, some of the big shops and the city tried to start lights/music etc on Nov 1. But that mean that Remembrance day on Nov 11 had all these Christmas things and it seemed inappropriate, and there were a lot of complaints. So that no longer happens, they may put up decorations and such but no music or turning things on and such until the 12th.
  7. I guess he would have a lot of scope to be involved in some sort of home reno sex scandal.
  8. I can't speak for people who want one income families and who oppose universal healthcare, but I suppose they would say they would want healthcare to be arranged to accommodate a society with many one income families. I imagine they probably have unrelated reasons for opposing universal healthcare. Two income professional families with higher education are generally better off financially through having two incomes, even with paying for care. It's no different than a job of that kind where it makes financial sense to hire a cleaner while you work rather than doing the cleaning yourself, because you will make a lot more than you will pay the cleaner. The ability of a family like that to have two incomes and pay for childcare is actually a class advantage, it makes the difference in incomes even more pronounced. That will be true whether or not two or one income families are more usual.
  9. I know people generally recognise people of their own race better than those of other races, though I think it also depends on their local demographics.
  10. It's Remembrance Day here on the 11th, so generally you don't see too much decorating until after that. Stores will be getting things ready but they won't have lights on or music - a few years ago many started doing it earlier and people objected pretty strenuously. We don't do trees and such until mid December. We observe Advent, so once that starts I'll slowly begin to get things in order, but I like to save the very Christmassy stuff till the nd since Advent is meant to be solemn. I usually try to do any outdoor stuff first before it gets too cold or I can't easily get boughs into my pots and such, and the creche is out for all of Advent minus Jesus and the wisemen. I used to leave the tree till the a day or so before Christmas, as you'd get good deals at the lot, but now the sellers have all packed up by then. We like to observe the 12 days too but I have had a hard time lately keeping a tree that long because they cut the trees so early now that they don't last as well. It doesn't help either that we are crowded in our house a bit so that it takes up room that is in short supply.
  11. I also tend to thing programs like these are really a band-aid solution, and have consequences beyong the imediate help they give to families (assuming they are actually well run.) There is a lot of practicality IMO to having some before and after school care available at low cost, in a school designed for that kind of use or in a nearby place. But the underlying problem has been the pushing of people into being largely two income families. And whatever anyone would like, it's not just a private choice with personal repercussions, if there are many two income families it affects the functioning of the overall economy. So at some level we have to ask the question, what do we want to be normative, families requiring two full incomes to get by, or one, or one and a half, or something else? While there will always be exceptions and demographic differences society can encourage the model we want to make most common. The fact is that as soon as very cheap childcare is available for extended hours it becomes difficult for parents to say no to working more, particularly working class families. It also becomes much easier for employers to become less flexible and more demanding of employees. This changes the face of communities.
  12. I wonder though, what you would do to stop it? I can imagine in a situation like this maybe you would stop working with the person, and tell him why, but I can't quite picture publicly reprimanding someone. And what is it you would really know, that they were having casual sex with fans? I doubt all the details would be known. You might not like that, but it's also kind of someone's personal life, and is that something you would talk about really? I know people I work with and am friends with at a certain level, but I'd probably not talk about their sex life even if I more or less disapproved. Even another Christian, in most cases I wouldn't, it would have to be someone I was fairly close to, or had a certain type of authority over/responsibility to. Possibly I might say something in a non-confrontational way.
  13. Yes, sleaze is a good word for what you are describing. I think in some cases it's not just about the getting ahead business though, it's more like power is a turn on for people, or whatever passes for power in that setting. It's somehow about status and it really does seem to be attractive, (although I doubt even Mick Jagger could get away with trying to pick someone up with spinach in his teeth.)
  14. I guess I am wondering what your real goals are. Like, how important is working to you - do you care if the masters eventually leads to employment? Also, are you interested in the subject of your other degree? Are you really more looking to do something worthwhile rather than getting paid being a priority? One thing I have found is that often, things come up if you are keeping your eyes out, and a direction will present itself
  15. I'm a little unclear about what actually went on here, from the article. The calls and texts aren't described all that much, so it's difficult to say how bad they might be. That sort of thing could be very minor, or very serious. And I'm not sure about the ticket thing, clearly from a standard Christian viewpoint that's a problem, I'm not sure it is so much from a secular one. Transactional sex is legal, and while I have serious issues with sex for money, I don't know that sex for tickets to a comedy show is quite the same, the pressures aren't the same. It's unhealthy IMO but is it a legal issue? I'm also not sure which is the stuff he is admitting to and which is the stuff he isn't.
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