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  1. I am sure it is actually an infection, they did dip for that. But a yeast infectin is a possibility, I will look into that. THanks!
  2. Hi all I am in need of an opinion as I can't decide if I should try and make an appointment now, or wait a day or so and see. I am very prone to UTIs, in fact I have an appointment with my GP to do some more significant investigations in early June. However, I had oe about three weeks ago, and got an antibiotic at the duty clinic. They didn't culture it although they usually do. I didn't feel like it cleared up as quickly as usual, but it did seem to clear up. Skip to Thursday two days ago, and it seems to be back, so I went in and they gave me a different antibiotic, and sent in a culture. I didn't hear back that the lab said I needed anything new, but I would not have expected to until Monday. I felt better Friday, but now midday on Saturday I feel worse again. Buring, frequency, also just tired and gross feeling. No fever. Now, they usually say about 48 hours before I can expect to feel better, and I only took the first pill at about 5 on Thursday. So part of me feels like I didn't wait long enough yet. But I am thinking that with feeling better and then worse again, maybe I should see if I can get in this evening - it's late to make an appointment but then it's a nice day after bad weather and so likely they will be less busy than usual. Or - I could wait until tomorrow morning. What I want to avoid is taking all the trouble to get there and having them tell me I just need to wait longer.
  3. Bluegoat


    I remember my parents putting up wallpaper in my room when I was small. No shock that they divorced shortly after that.
  4. I can see in this case, though I think that I'd actually approach it differently, and say that if that happens, they won't be allowed to go at all for some period of time.
  5. My kids started handling such things themselves at that age. If they needed drives or something they arranged it.
  6. I've found that I need to wash my hair more often. Using a deep conditioning regime now and again seems to help more than using anti-frizz products as it also seems to get greasy more easily. In part I've had to change how I think it should look, too, and you might think about a different hairstyle. I think it's really common at that age, if you've been going white more slowly before, to suddenly get a much faster progression.
  7. Bluegoat


    Ah, but how historic does it need to be?
  8. Bluegoat


    Yes, wallpaper is very on trend right now. Often it's more of a peel off type.
  9. I thought it was an pretty poor film. I didn't expect it to be realistic, but I was bored, I didn't finish watching it and I was stuck on an airplane for 6 hours. I really didn't like the songs particularly, which is a problem in a musical. The costumes and such were great, but not enough to watch the whole thing for.
  10. yes, sorry, I meant WWS. For some reasonI often get the acronyms backwards.
  11. So, my dd14 will bein grade 9 next year. She's done a variety of writing programs over the years, but I feel like she has kind of regressed in some ways. She is a good natural writer, she isn't coming up with ungrammatical writing or anything like that, and her grammar background is fine. But she seems to be struggling with putting together essays and similar kinds of formal writing, even when I walk her through it. This part year we have used Bravewriter's high school essay writing program. She hated it, and I don't know that she'll end up finishing. She finds the exercises stupid and annoying, and she doesn't like the style of the text either. I was thinking of maybe switching to WWE, but I am not sure if we would be best to start with the first level or not. Or maybe there is another program that would be better? I would like her to have the nuts and bolts of expository writing, but in a fairly straightforward way.
  12. I've noticed this too. I think one reason is a lot of things are much more professionally made though. It's been a while since I ordered something and it looked like it had been put together in someone's basement.
  13. That is a hard age. My 11 year old, even a year and a half ago, used to think my eldest, now 14, was totally crazy and awful. I would tell her it was just puberty and she'd do the same thing soon enough, which she denied. And then demanded I tell her if she was being that way. Now of course she is the same, or actually worse. Dd14, thank goodness, is now past that and treats dd11 from a very superior perspective.
  14. I've generally felt that a significant factor of so many women having this problem is related to lifestyle. Things like, it's not all that eays even if you are home, to sit and feed a baby for 15 min out of every 45. It really goes against our expectations and the way we do things. And that's to say nothing of mothers who have to work.
  15. We don't have anything comparable in Canada either. I often try and watch when they are at a similar place in their season, plant wise. So I'd be watching episodes with the daffs just out now, when they filmed them in March!
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