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  1. I voted other. It should depend on the situation and never be based on in-laws trying to obligate their children and families to visit with any particular frequency. It especially should not be healthy elders expecting frequent visits while never being willing to come to their children. Both of our parents live a similar distance from us. When our kids were younger and our primary social connection was family, we visited both sets of parents weekly and looked forward to it. Now we see each other 2-3 times a month, but it more frequently involves them coming here. Our lives just got crazier. On
  2. Living in Chattanooga, TN, I drive to and in Atlanta fairly frequently. On the interstates, if you are only going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, you better be in the right lane. I usually follow the speed limit, but in Atlanta it is not possible to do so safely.
  3. I am expecting my monthly subscribe and save package today: assorted Zevia sodas multivitamins Casscade pods razor refills granola bars
  4. My brother prefers chlor-tabs. They are just a 4 hour pill, but inexpensive, OTC, and effective. DH also has the RX eyedrops Pataday which seem to help.
  5. We dropped level 2 for the youngest, but I have been happy with it for level 4 and level 7.
  6. Any chance she could be reacting to pollen on her person/clothing? Did these reactions occur close to a time of being outdoors? Windows open allowing pollen on the table perhaps?
  7. In my experience, I only get RSVPs from people who are coming. So when I've gotten no responses I've also had no attendees.
  8. I've started getting more brutal about getting rid of clothes. I used to keep too many things just because they were in good condition. Now I get rid of things that are too bulky, unloved, annoying to launder, duplicates, less loved because of new purchases, hard to match, etc. Your kids are old enough to help. Every once in a while I ask my kids to go through their clothes and tell me what they want to get rid of and what is too small. Then I make a donation pile and pass down things to younger siblings if the younger sibling likes the items.
  9. The Good & the Beautiful is unique and affordable. Its popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds and it is still being built. There are other good curricula, but nothing like it I've seen.
  10. Quinoa and riced cauliflower are good replacements for rice. Against the Grain has a pizza that may be ok. Check for soy as I am not sure. Definitely go for potatoes. Google for Paleo whatever for recipes. My husband enjoys bean pasta.
  11. Man, my daughter just started level 7. That stinks. I wasn't worried about buying it because of the good resale value. So much for that.
  12. Braised cube steak in gravy, mixed veggies Baked chicken tenders with a parmesan coating, green beans, corn muffins Tacos with zucchini Steaks on the grill, baked potatoes
  13. I agree with the others who suggested separating chores and allowance. I have not succeeded in getting my kids to do much of their own accord. The dishwasher has been their job for 4 years and I still have to remind them every day. They don't usually complain though, since they know it's their job. The main thing I am trying to teach is that everyone lives here, so everyone helps. I think this lesson is starting to sink in. My middle daughter is a natural. She could handle the instruction "Go clean your room." at age 3. If she were an only, I am sure she would have regularly done her list from
  14. Their quality has gone majorly downhill lately. The seam came out in a pair of yoga pants I bought my daughter after a month or so. I have another pair of yoga pants from them that have lasted through probably thousands of wearings. They were my oldest's favorite pants for about 5 years.
  15. My grandparent's RV was in addition to their manufactured home in a community.
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