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    Level 3's three DVDS Parent guide in its binder--both used gently just once, looks like new. Also: A color-photo step by step guide to soap carving http://www.amazon.com/Soap-Carving-Children-Schiffer-Woodcarvers/dp/0764308599 2.5 inch stack of Dover art cards: Greek, Roman, Japanese, up through 19th century Western art The Renaissance Art Game (cheap on Amazon, but if you email the cheap sellers it is for the book only, not the pretty cards you play go fish with). http://www.amazon.com/Renaissance-Art-Game/dp/1889613029 PPD, Paypal please


  2. THe inscription on the grave stone of my father's GM and GF (he fought for the North in the Civil War): They dared to know the right, and knowing, dared to do it. I googled these phrases and found "He knew his duty, and knowing dared to do it" in a speech to the Senate regarding the death (in a duel with a pro-slavery judge) of David Broderick, about 1860. I'm sure the inscription is a reference to GGF's Civil War involvement.

  3. What is your picture? It looks a little like green condoms stuffed with sushi??

    1. thescrappyhomeschooler


      Thanks! I needed a laugh like that this morning! I like to roll stuff up in collard leaves. This was hummus, cucumber strips, red pepper strips, arugula, and quinoa that I cooked in veggie broth. You take a paring knife and slice down the leaf to cut the stalk down even with the leaf. It helps to put something like hummus or baba ganoush or veggie dip on the leaf first. It holds the other stuff down while you're rolling it up like a burrito.

    2. thescrappyhomeschooler


      I make Greek salad ones sometimes that are really good. Put a yogurt dip or sauce with cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, feta cheese and a grain of your choice. Taboule would be good.

  4. Now my mother's journal is noting a huge trade fair in a part of town that "apparently was the home to many Jews recently". This was after Kristalnacht, and I'm wondering if they had started transports already. March 1939.

  5. Reading my mother's travellog in Europe Mrach 1939. She notes that in Austria there was celebration and "making whoopee" far into the night on the anniversary of German's annexation of Austria (Mar 12, 1938).

  6. Hands-On Equations have been a very nice change this week. It really upped motivation for mental work. Great to see!

  7. Legos are on my mind. And floor and table and under the bed.

  8. Everyone I admire is dead, or near so. Mostly. Or so it seems.

  9. A four day weekend. Whoo hoo hoo. I aim to scratch my cleaning itch.

    1. Halcyon


      What? You're not schooling on Friday???? jk ;)

    2. kalanamak


      Well, that too. I love days off for schooling. It is coming home to slog through a hour or two AFTER work that is the hard part!

  10. Oh no, another murder. At our sister hospital. Fear is tiptoeing behind me. It doesn't HAVE me yet, but I hear its tread.

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    2. nmoira


      I'm sorry. (()) Was it someone you know?

    3. kalanamak


      They haven't released a name yet, but it was a patient. Murdered by another patient. After the last one I learned that murder like drowning, can be very silent.

    4. Juniper
  11. Today I got a scanned letter my brother wrote my father in fall of '69, from Vietnam, discussing how he was in a very dangerous situation. After talking to father about the details he mentioned something new to me: that most of his fellow draftees were high school dropouts, and that they were bloodthirsty. Eager to kill. I guess I am used to seeing that war either through the CBS evening news or via movies with sympathetic and intellectual protagonists.

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    2. Pink Fairy

      Pink Fairy

      :( It makes sense that it's true, but it's not something I want to believe.

    3. In the Rain

      In the Rain

      Gosh, that is sad. I hadn't heard that viewpoint before either.

    4. windmillmarie


      My dad tells me stories like that. He says they kept all the people from Chicago grouped together because they had this reputation for being a little overzealous. He was in earlier than '69 though.


  12. Hey. Long time no see. Hope you are well! I miss your periodic blips of humor.

  13. Greetings, Washintonian!

  14. Sorry. We all seem to have lightening fingers tonight. :)

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