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  1. momee

    Analytical Grammar


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    Teacher Book in 3 ring binder - $20 + shipping Thanks for looking



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    We are a non-smoking home. For Sale: Complete RS2 Math set of manipulatives $110 http://store.rightstartmath.com/rs2-math-set/ Rightstart Math Level C Lessons spiral bound book $40 You pay shipping. Thanks for looking.


  3. I am not a CC administrator but I have never heard of this in my experience with Classical Conversations.

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    Memoria Press: Farmer Boy Student Study Guide Farmer Boy text Winnie the Pooh hardback Mary Popping hardback Rod and Staff Math level 6 Teacher's Manual Part 1 and 2 Prima Latina Teacher Manual second edition answer key Christian Studies book 1, student workbook, teacher manual and flashcards Christian Studies book 2, teacher manual and flashcards 200 Questions about American History teacher guide States and Capitals study guide Geography I student text and teacher guide DK World Atlas Rod and Staff Spelling 7 student and teachers manual Classical Composition I, II, and IV Teacher Guides English Grammar Recitation book and Student book, level I English Grammar Recitation TEacher guide level 2 D'aulaire's Greek Myths text and student guide Book of Astronomy Student book and Glow in the Dark Constellations Field Guide



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    Bible Study Guide for All Ages, maps, bible summary cards, cd and Wall Map, Timeline Label book as well as timeline charts Unveiling Glory Cat and Dog Theology Elementary level package - cd, comic book, BEcause He Liked It book, Parent's Guidebook, I Heard Good News Today and Children's Workbook (may be colored throughout) included in case you want anyway Exploring Creation with Astronomy - written on through pg 27, junior notebooking journal Exploring Creation with Astronomy text, hardbound Understanding God's World Fourth edition Investigating God's World fourth edition both Abeka Science Series Various TOG books Homeless Bird Adara Egyptian Gods and Goddesses A Cry From Egypt Your Travel Guide to Ancient Israel Who Were the Romans God's Ancient Egypt Dover Coloring Book Gods of Ancient Egypt You Woudn't Want to be a Sumerian Slave Buried City of Pompeii I Was There book Fandex 50 States Homeartstudio Second Grade DVD Classical Academic Press - God's Great Covenant - Old Testament 2, 1 Samuel to Malachai combination workbook and text (can order the mp3s audio to go with if you wanted from their site) Rightstart Math Level C teacher's book - Second edition, good condition, spriral bound Rightstart RS2 Math Set - this is $205.50 new and will be expensive to ship, please make a fair offer Fair offers only accepted


  6. We just built a house and in laws moved in with us. We hired an architect to get exactly what we wanted. He "gave" me things I never thought we could afford. I know the charge seems high at first but it is really worth it if you consider they are "for you" - not a builder. He just was able to move walls and etc I'd never dreamed could be done.
  7. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! My Plum Paper Teacher planner. I customized the subjects and it has four lines in each subject...If I wanted to I could have a line for four kids...but I am not schooling four :) Love it! Did I say I love it? Quality ring binder, love the customized cover with my name on it, love the customized subjects, the extra note paper I'm keeping a journal of important things in, and LOVE the quality of the paper itself. Awesome for the $.
  8. I love my Cuisinart Food Processor - I've had it so long the bowl is in dire need of replacment though. May be time for a new shiny one. I am so pleased with splurging on my Cuisinart crock pot - it can braise and steam! My must haves in the kitchen are my Henckels Zwilling Pro 6 inch knife and paring knife. https://www.amazon.com/Zwilling-J-Henckels-Chefs/dp/B007I1PLJY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1474560033&sr=8-1&keywords=henckels+zwilling+pro+6+inch very reasonable and a superior knife! and the paring fits my hand perfectly, love the handles. https://www.amazon.com/ZWI
  9. I bought this at a much higher price at a specialty store. It's been a great crockpot for our large family. Note: small electronics not included in the extra 25% off sale though... http://www.jcpenney.com/cuisinart-3-in-1-cook-central/prod.jump?ppId=pp5005211889&country=US&currency=USD&selectedSKUId=78040250018&selectedLotId=7804025&fromBag=true&quantity=1&cm_mmc=ShoppingFeed-_-GooglePLA-_-Slow%20Cookers-_-78040250018&utm_medium=cse&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=slow%20cookers&utm_content=78040250018&gclid=CjwKEAjwgdS-BRDA7fT68f6s8zMSJA
  10. momee

    Sonlight Core 200


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    History of God's Kingdom. Purchased new in 2013. Copyright 2005 and annually thereafter. Student and parent guides included. The student pages for the schedules only (36 pages total) are written on but the parent's are not and can be copied and given to the student. All books have been cared for by one student from non-smoking home. She wants to keep many books but only two I could not pry from her hands, lol. Wise Woman and Other Stories and Till We Have Faces $275 media mail included in price paypal accepted but prefer it is done without a fee included


  11. Just wanted you to inspire you = not guilt you... we were at the Smithsonian Museum of American History and I happened to be standing behind a little boy and his mom. She asks him as he darts off towards the next exhibit, "Wait, what is this all about?" The little boy pipes right up, "I know, mom. I already read it and know about it. It's talking about..." and he proceeds to go into the intricate details of the commentary board. She was clearly embarrassed that he was running off, in effort to reassure her I asked her how old he was. She replies, "9". She may have been embarras
  12. Wanted to report we are all still alive. No problems at all and that kid with the stomach bug thinks she ate something while in town. YAY! In spite of soaking in cool water overnight, the hard boiling still saved us :)
  13. We went this January and it was TOTALLY an unexpected trip. I planned three hotels, all of our parks and some food the night before we left. I did touringplans to guide me through the park - and we used our smart phones quite a bit to tell us what rides had big lines. You know, for all the stress of learning touringplans and the WDW app = we walked right up to the princess castle, dd got a makeover and a dress for $60. I didn't know there was a huge demand on that kind of thing until after we finished the bippity boppity experience. We were there during a marathon week and supposedl
  14. I do the herb thing - it does make a big difference in using them if you see them and can touch them, lol. When they're in a bag in the crisper = forgeddaboutit. I put the eggs in the fridge. I have one with stomach bug today = she hasn't eaten an egg yet. Now if anyone else gets sick - we'll all be blaming the eggs :huh: :huh: :huh:
  15. I've been recognizing the amount of food I end up tossing = whether it is because I was going to make something and didn't, or didn't label the food correctly, or just laziness :( I was trying to be efficient and think ahead so I boiled a dozen eggs I then went upstairs to "rest" my eyes for a few minutes while they cooled in water. 12 hours later I came downstairs to find a pot full of cool water holding twelve happy boiled eggs! I have to throw them out, right?
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