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  1. ETA: SP is for after you learn phonics ....age 8+, oops. For under that, I'd use Logic of English, but not sure if the beginning level is formally out.
  2. We love Spelling Power. I review it in depth on Amazon under the 3rd edition. I use kalanamak on Amazon
  3. They all say "great" but don't discuss size, detail, examples, ages much.
  4. Like art history, earth science, the body, or the countries of WWII? Amazon has a bunch. What say ye?
  5. My other technique is to convince myself carrying this sorrow or unforgiveness or whatever is actually rather self-centered. That is always the icing on the cake for me.
  6. Simplify everything you can and then become Sarg. As in drill. X not done: no leaving for your Y class, sorry if you miss it. etc.
  7. In AA, you do what you can, and you do some sort of service if you can't. Was the person a Vet? Donate to the local VA hospital time or books or some such thing.
  8. Not a Christian, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for one: Making it right by anyone who was harmed. Vowing to do better in future. When I have a memory of something I did, I just remind myself I've done both of those things. If I can't stop the thoughts, I go into the bathroom, look in the mirror and say STOP THAT very sharply. Works for me.
  9. Word roots. I look at the spelling words, and pick a couple to put up and dissect. I used to do math, but now tend to use the Boogie board for it. If I know there is going to be a word in dictation or narration that is hard to spell, I might write it up and ask him to look at it before reading. Spelling rules. I use Spelling Power, and put up the rule for the list we are working on. I flesh it out (SP is brief on rules), and perhaps put up common exceptions. Chores, so he can check them off.
  10. And may be for weeks. When my father had pneumonia he said: Why didn't doctor tell me I'd feel awful for 6 weeks? Promise me you'll always warn your patients that this can last and you feel depressed and tired. So, plan on 6 weeks and be joyous if youth has its way! As long as his breathing is okay, let him sleep and hydrate him, and make the food simple, plain and easy to digest. I'd feed him in bed, and "freshen" the bed nearly every time he's up to pee. Nothing says love like a comfy bed to a sick child.
  11. How long they are covered for leak, seal breech, etc. How long the company has been around. I had some paving done, and the guy, I found out, regularly closes his business and starts up under another relative's name, so he doesn't have to be responsible for problems.
  12. I know a realtor who, when starting out, took anyone, and found out there are a lot of dreamers out there who love to gawk at house they don't have a snowball's chance of getting. I don't blame realtors for this rule. I got a letter from a financing place which said I was approved for XXXX dollars. After finding a house, I shopped around for financing and went with some one else.
  13. I voted boy because they are statistically (a little bit) more likely.
  14. The WORST girls were the daughters of the local university football and basketball coaches. I had both of them in my class. Ugh.
  15. It is forming the classic "other" to unite a group. I was one. I ignored as much as I could, listened to my mother talk about what low class scum they were and how I would leave them far behind in not very many years. I look on the positive side of things, and what I learned from being the other was that I didn't have to spend my time scrabbling and kissing up to try to get into the "cool" circle. I was so far outside of the pale, and they were such horrid children, I didn't care what they thought of me.
  16. I'd send the first one back, and trash/donate any more.
  17. Gosh. I'm rather glad I seem to have amnesia for that line. I bribe. As soon as you're done, its off to the Y with papa.
  18. Yes, pneumonia usually comes on quickly. That is why it is called the Old Man's Friend and the Poor Man's Friend: short course to death and low doctor bill. Of course, that was the saying before antibiotics. Most people to catch a bug from someone with pneumonia won't get pneumonia, just bronchitis, etc. Of course I'm talking about normal community bugs, not Ebola, etc.
  19. These numbers should be broken down by part of the country and socioeconomic class. And mom's who have + UDS or STDs. I am still shocked at how I think of bearing a child as the most serious affair in my life, and others view it as something that happens 9 months after sex. I remember Macnamara becing accosted by a protester in Washington DC over ??our relation to Cuba or some such thing. He told them they should be rioting about the infant mortality rate in DC.
  20. When I was younger there were adhesive semi circles you stuck on UNDER the b@@ks and they worked very well.
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