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  1. Thanks, all! Really good advice here, as always. :) She's needs electives, so I'll keep it on her transcript. She has plenty of extra-curriculars, too, so she's good. I like the idea of calling it a Theater Appreciation class. That makes sense to me. I'll definitely collect all her papers and grade them myself. I'm pretty sure the translations exist somewhere on the computer as well. I'll have enough to give her a grade. And it's definitely a full credit course. A lot of in and out of class work was done. :) Thanks again!
  2. DD took 2 semesters of a class at a local community theater. It was a home school Shakespeare class. The theater considered it an English class. They did not do any performances. They studied a ton of of Shakespeare's plays. They read them, watched them, "translated" sections to today's English, discussed them, memorized lines, and wrote papers. No grades were given, but DD is very strong in English, so I have no doubt she did A level work. She just "gets" Shakespeare. She was in 10th grade. I'm not sure how to put it on her transcript. Right now, I have it listed as "A Study of Shakespeare", but I'm not sure about that. She doesn't need the English credit, but it can be an elective. Should I give a grade or just pass/fail?
  3. Yes, there is an ACT option. She's taking that in June. We'll wait to see how she does on that to make a final decision.
  4. We only have the scores at this point. The whole report will be available next week, I think. Good suggestions, though. I feel like I have some real practical ways to figure this out. Thanks!
  5. No, they don't superscore. However, I'm not worried about the CR section. She is naturally very good at that and actually didn't prep much for it. It's really all down to the math score, I think. Good advice about checking how many more correct questions 70 points would represent. We'll check that.
  6. She's pretty clueless about finance, although we have talked about it. I do need to point out that it's an easy way to get another $2000/year in scholarship funds, as opposed to searching high and low for other opportunities. :)
  7. Thanks! The only downside is that she doesn't want to retake it. :) She found the test exhausting (understandably).
  8. The college DD is most likely going to attend has automatic academic scholarship based on GPA and SAT (or ACT) scores. They only look at critical reading and math scores. DD recently took the SAT for the first time (she will be a senior next year) and made a 1380 on those 2 sections. 770 on critical reading and 610 on math. If she can raise it 70 points, that would take her from $9000 a year to $11000 a year. Math is her weakest subject. She makes A's and B's. She just finished Algebra II and will take pre-calc next year. Should she retake it? How likely is that she could raise her score 70 points on those 2 sections?
  9. Thanks for everyone's input. I thought I had missed out on something essential. Good to know I'm not the only one who just gives year-end grades. I'll add the fall grades for those classes that will not be finished until May. Gotta keep everyone happy! :)
  10. That's what I do. She did say that they want the fall semester grades, so I guess I'll include that. I'll just note it as "Fall Semester Grade" instead of "Final Grade" on the transcript.
  11. I'm working on DD's transcript so that can take dual credit classes next year. I asked the advisor if I needed to show the grades for the fall semester, since we don't have final grades for the year yet. She said that most transcripts show grades for fall and spring semester. In all the homeschool transcripts I've looked at, I've never seen semester grades shown. Does anyone show semester grades on their transcript? If you have to show a mid-year transcript, how do you handle that? I just got our transcript looking the way I want. I do not want to re-do it.
  12. We are doing a photo collage announcement through Tiny Prints. I am not sure how to word it. Most announcements have the school's name included. I thought about saying "DS is graduating from our homeschool", but I don't really like that. Any suggestions? (Class of 2015 is already printed on it.) Also, this could be an invitation as well, since anybody is welcome to come. Should I mention the location and time on it? There's room for that. Or I could skip it and include a scripture. Ugh. The pictures took longer than I thought, so now I'm in a time crunch. Thanks for your help!
  13. I looked at bookmooch and really don't like the layout of their site. I buy used books at a variety of sources and will continue to use paperback swap as one of them. It's been a valuable source for me and I don't mind paying for it. I'm going to go a la carte for now, but may purchase a yearly plan eventually.
  14. I've looked through the websites of both and can't find the actual instructor names. I have to turn in a list of courses taken to the group he's graduating with and I thought it might be faster to get the answer here than to try to get it from them on a holiday. I hope someone can help me! Thanks!
  15. I plan to do a lab intensive with my kids this summer for Chemistry. The reality is, we won't get them done if we have to fit them in during the year. It will also free up some time to get the course work complete during the year. Another consideration is that when DS started Chemistry in January, we did not have any extra money for lab supplies. We'll have that money this summer. (DS will have had basically one semester of Chemistry by the time we do the labs. DD will be starting the class in the fall.)
  16. My life is full of enough stress. The last thing I need is a computer that I have to wrestle with. No, thanks.
  17. Thanks! I wasn't sure if I could order from Amazon's UK site or not. I will give that a try. :)
  18. No, I don't like my name. I never really have. My kids have normal, but not incredibly common, names. Everyone's heard of them, but you don't find many kids with their names.
  19. My son loves the Skulduggery Pleasant books. However, only books 1-4 can be found in the US. I would like to buy the rest of the series for him, but have no idea where to order them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. When my children were young, my best friend and her husband were our guardians. As my children got older, some of the reasons we didn't choose siblings were resolved, and DS's Asperger's became more of an issue, so we switched to my sister. My friend completely understood, and I think was a bit relieved. We kept her as the one in charge of finances. Not because we don't trust my sister, but they are not the best with money and my friend is excellent with money. Good luck with your decision. It can be hard.
  21. Will they allow you to change your pace once the year has already started? I'm pretty sure he can finish it by the end of the summer. He really needs to, because he needs to take German II his senior year. (getting this kid through high school is going to be the death of me)
  22. DS is behind in OSU German I. How long do they give you to complete the course? We began in September.
  23. If you're only looking at comparisons among others in our country, no, I didn't. Dad was a teacher. Mom was a secretary at the school. We lived in a small home and did not have nice cars. We didn't go on fancy vacations or have the latest and greatest things. However, there was lots of love and I never felt deprived. My childhood was wonderful. It's only looking back that I see signs of the money problems.
  24. If we as readers had known exactly what she was thinking, the ending would not have been the surprise that it was. I think she planned to kill Coin at that moment, so she played along so she would have the opportunity.
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