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  1. Both of my girls contacted instructors after the semester. Both ended up with grade increases (B+ to A for both). For one of them, it was the entire batch of students the instructor taught this semester who felt their grades were incorrect. All but 5 grades were changed. Some up, some down. Fortunately, dd's was an up! The department head ended up involved. Dd said she is pretty sure the guy just doesn't know how to do basic math...meaning average grades. A couple of her friends went from C's to A's. Fortunately, he isn't a math teacher! So, yeah, it happens a lot.
  2. I have no idea, but he is definitely older. I do not know him personally. This is a real possibility.
  3. Lol! The thing is he was making up his own properties of water. Well, he was just deciding some things would be included there. It could be found nowhere other than his own mind, I am certain of that .It was very odd. Granted, the material was in the material covered in class. It was just AP according to Prof. XXX. I was helping her study, and I, who knows a little about biology and anatomy, just was flabbergasted at what he was saying/making up. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and find it somewhere/anywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. She did learn the material according to his notes.
  4. It is just genetics. Out of my 4, fortunately only one got the bad gene. It happens to be the one who has always brushed her teeth every. single. time. she ate. Flossed twice a day minimum. Didn't matter. Cavities anyway. Sealants on adult teeth helped. Seems like they had to reapply them at some point. Honestly, after a while, all her molars were filled and that cut back on cavities. She'll still get one now and then on a non-chewing surface though. Funniest thing, this is the one who plans to be a dental hygienist. Her dentists have always recognized the fact that it is just a genetic thing and not scolded her for not taking care of her teeth. I feel for you, and them. It isn't fun.
  5. Updated update: Dd made an anonymous report. Turns out there is no rule against giving tests during finals week, even though the dean thought there was too! Not following the syllabus for grading gave her the option of protesting her grade, but she managed to pass with a C, so she just kept it. She would have done much better, and honestly needed to, if he had done things correctly. However, now she has been contacted by the school and asked to become un-anonymous. They are letting this prof go at the end of this semester. He is suing based on them fabricating student complaints. Pretty certain he was told he had to keep a decent rate of progress in his class in order to not just give tests at the end of the semester again and was being monitored this semester. In order to share her complaint, they need her permission. She has given it. Turns out there were multiple complaints, all anonymous of course. In fact, they are receiving them again already this semester because he is pushing it all to the end again. Good to know the school takes the student responses seriously!
  6. One dd just graduated from MTSU (business). She has been able to get a job right off the bat at an unbelievable salary in the area she wanted to be in. She has liked the school fine. Some of the teachers are awful.. Some are fantastic. Pretty much standard for a large school. The crime in the campus area is pretty high. That is the biggest negative for the school imo. Have another dd at ETSU. You did not mention it. It would be another hour away for him. THis is my favorite from all of the TN schools. THe area is beautiful, friendly, and safer than MTSU or UTk. I know a lot of kids who attend UTk (none of my own). They all seem to really enjoy the school. I have spent a lot of time in that area. It is an okay place. It is your standard large campus school in a good sized city. Truthfully, it would not be my first choice of school. Most of the kids I know who choose it are UTk football fans. Ds looked seriously at TnTech. I liked the school. The kids I know who have attended it tend to come home a lot. Like almost every weekend. It is more of a suitcase school than the others. The ones I know have recently graduated (last couple of years). They all have been employed straight out of school in excellent to good jobs. They seem to have been happy with the school.
  7. Dd22a joined this one her freshman year. At her school, the $25 included a very nice sit down dinner for parents and student. It was worth the $25. The cost for this one was low enough that it was worth it just to put it on a resume.
  8. I feel lucky that the laws are as strict as they are. I seriously doubt making them more stringent is going to happen anytime soon. Of course, even with the laws we have, most smokers don't seem to follow or even know what the laws are. Most college campuses these days are legally smoke free, however, that does not stop anyone from smoking on them. The vast majority of our population does not really notice smokers and where they smoke. As a parent with a dc who is extremely allergic to it (she wears a mask when out in public for this reason, but it really isn't enough), I pick up the smell of smoke from an incredible distance. No matter where we go, there are always many, many, many, many smokers who are smoking where it is illegal. If you say something to them, which I do, you are quite frequently (more often than not) treated horribly. The most "normal" response is for them to blow smoke directly at you and turn around so they are no longer facing you. Most often, this response is a result of simply being asked to move from the doorway (which it is illegal to be smoking beside) so that my dc can leave the premises without having to use a rescue inhaler immediately after walking out. We do have a problem in that the legally required distance from the doorway is not actually far enough for her to safely pass, but with a mask, a scarf bunched over her face, and holding her breath running by she can usually manage to only have a coughing fit. Smoking anywhere other than inside your own, personal, individual home should be illegal. There does come a problem even with that because homes that house more than one family should not have smoking allowed anywhere in them at all. In addition, it should be illegal in homes that have minor children. People tend to have a problem with that.
  9. My brother worked in an alternative school as security and outdoor coordinator for a while. He was one of the ones who was responsible for monitoring the lunch area. I am betting the school system thought that the label of alternative on the school was adequate notice. Your friend just didn't know what the word meant in regards to your school system. There should be less chance of your friend coming to harm there than in a regular school. All the dc there are "known" as to what types of problems they may have/cause. The security is assigned with that in mind, and it will be more safe than a school where that is far from the case. Someone will be nearby who is very capable of disabling/restraining a student who might cause problems. And, they will be being watchful.
  10. I/we did...nothing. I'm not big on celebrations though. I probably should put more effort into that sort of thing.
  11. As a parent who has had dc take these remedial college classes, for my kid, they were pointless. Dd had to take remedial math and reading classes. She got A's. She learned...nothing. She took the classes because her ACT scores were low. THe Accuplacer test had her with low scores also. The problem? She has ld's and does not test well. That is especially true on standardized tests to the Nth degree. She would have been just fine starting in the regular college level classes. Her high school grades reflected her ability. The remedial math classes were not bad. I am not sure they would help a kid who had not been able to pick up basic math in middle/high school. A better solution would probably be to allow dc to graduate with basic math classes from high school instead of forcing them through higher level maths. The remedial class was simply an accelerated version of basic math through pre-algebra. The remedial reading class was just a joke. A computerized class to help teach an adult reading is not very practical. I strongly suspect that most of the kids who are required to take the class have an ld. The class is not going to do anything for them. I do believe that these kids who have lower scores that currently require remedial classes should be given the option of trying the regular class first if they desire. The remedial classes should be available, but not required. And, honestly, a class with a good teacher or tutors being made available who know how to do the basic math would probably be beneficial too. (Believe it or not, most of the tutors in the labs do not know how to do basic math. It has been forgotten. The reading questions are so...ridiculous... that there really isn't a cut and dry answer to many of the questions. They frequently are a guessing game.)
  12. For ours, I had to go in and get a stop membership letter from the local manager stating the end date of our contract. I paid the contract out. The membership continues until that end date. We both had to sign it. I then had to send that letter to the headquarters with a return receipt. I am keeping my returned receipt in case they decide I didn't do it properly. The credit card that was used for autopay just happened to have to be replaced/changed account number, so they cannot just keep charging my account! These nationally/regionally based gyms are notoriously bad about scamming people/making it impossible to cancel that it should be illegal.
  13. Honestly, Apologia and college anatomy are two completely different beasts in my mind and experience. I am afraid I really can't explain it well. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of Apologia classes overall. I like my science classes to be more...open and shut? Apologia is....wordy and convoluted? Just a personal opinion there. College anatomy is very straight forward (from personal experience and two kids who just finished it at different schools). I did have one dc who used Apologia anatomy in high school. I think the human systems coverage in the latter part of BJU's biology was a better preparation for the college class. If I had to do it over again, I would have taken those last chapters of BJU's biology and created my own Human Anatomy class from them instead of using Apologia.
  14. I did that in high school myself. No confusion that I remember. My own kids I had doing Latin from elementary up to high school, then switched to Spanish (at their choice). None had a problem. Dd#1 switched to Japanese instead of Spanish. Honestly, I would let him decide what language he wants to learn. Already having resources for Spanish interferes with that thought a bit though!
  15. You probably did hear that. It doesn't mean it is true. In fact, it is not. After being convinced by people "who know about math" that TT was not up to snuff, I moved my first dd from TT algebra to a publisher the board approved of. Not only was she fully prepared from algebra 2, it was 3/4ths review of TT algebra 1 (which is normal in math). She had zero problems other than being a little bored. I left my other 3 in TT the whole way through high school. No problems were caused by this decision. No learning lost. No difficulties encountered in high school or college math or sciences. Proceed forward in a normal fashion. All should be well. edit to add-- This was with the original format for TT. I do have some reservations about the changes I have heard about. I did not like the set-up for precalc (multiple choice answers to choose from). I think the newer/computerized versions are more similar to this only with computer grading? Personally, I would not have used any math program set up like that.
  16. Or, this professor does not respect student opinions. When this incident happened, he saw himself as presenting an alternative line of thought. In actuality, he degraded and spoke condescendingly to the students who had offered an opinion when asked. Truth is that the students' opinions on his teaching reflect more than just this one incident. If many students are reflecting this attitude towards his teaching, he should probably look at himself as a professor more closely and check to see if he is being condescending when dealing with students in class discussions. He doesn't need to avoid challenging their opinions; he needs to do it in a manner that is not devaluing the student response. My girls utilize professor reviews when they are choosing their professors. There are a lot of students who give good reviews to instructors are just easy. Those are pretty simple to spot. There are some negative reviews that cause the reaction of, "hmmm, he sounds like he is actually really good". They can tell from the wording that the instructor is hard but fair and knows the material. Why have student grades risen lately? Personally, what I am seeing is odd things in grading that are coming about because the classes are using the internet so much. Often read a selection, write something short about it, write a response to another student's reply. I know my kid's aren't getting anything out of this, and the grades on these activities are pretty much always perfects. Quizzes are generated online. The questions are often reused on tests. Most of the internet based assignments turn out to be busywork that results in perfect scores. In addition, my kids are not seeing their peers come up with great grades like I am hearing is happening to all students. Online, my friends are mostly reporting 4.0s regularly for their kids. Then again, a lot of them don't mention grades. I sometimes wonder about these self reported happenings though. Among the kids mine knew in high school, 95% had at least a 32 on the ACT. I am pretty sure there was some lying going on there...
  17. DD21a is currently working 3 jobs, getting very little sleep, and running herself ragged. Job 1 is swim coaching. Fortunately, that will be over soon, and she will not be continuing in the fall. Job 2 is mermaiding. This one is summer only. Job 3 is diving at an aquarium. She just started training for this month and will continue come fall as a replacement to coaching. DD21b is also mermaiding. She is taking an online class and getting everything lined up to start clinicals in the fall which require getting certification, scrubs, insurance, and other stuff that I only hear about in passing. In addition, she is visiting the doctor every two weeks for antibiotics. This week's visit turned up a positive strep test. Thinking this is the cause for the entire summer, but antibiotics aren't getting it. Hopefully, the more aggressive approach this go around will knock it out! Dd23 spent the first two weeks in Japan sight seeing and attending concerts. She is finishing up a summer internship (with pay/for credit) and will graduate after this semester. She should be being given a job offer with the company she is interning with sometime in the next couple of weeks. If rumors are true (and based on the hourly rate she is receiving as an intern), she should be set for living a comfortable life... She will take a 6 month break between the internship and starting work to try to get some answers to her health issues that have been plaguing her for six months of so. The week she comes home, she has many visits lined up with doctors with many more to be made. Hopefully, she will be able to get off antinausea meds and eat more than potatoes and rice as the majority of her meals again. Part of me doubts it though. Testing so far has yielded no answers.
  18. Honestly, one of mine was probably ready at 5. Most of them by 6. All of them by 7. We did start leaving them alone for short periods at around 7. At 8, for slightly longer times. Never had any issues.
  19. They do, but don't waste your money. I unloaded an entire can of the stuff on a dog that "won't leave its yard". Well, unless I was walking my dog on a leash apparently, because it not only left the yard, but crossed the street and came after us every. single. time. (Its people are always outside with it assuring me it won't leave the yard as it goes over the curb...) Anyway, the can only sprayed a few feet. The dog took it straight in the face and didn't even flinch. I started walking with wasp spray. (It was that or a gun.) Dog didn't even have to be hit with it. He dropped to a down position when it got close to him. (I was spraying from across the street.) He stayed there, not even barking any longer, until we were well past his yard. He got up and went to his owners then. I ended up using it on a small pack of strays. Same results. Used it on another dog that is inside an invisible fence that works great until the dog decides it wants to attack. Same results. Those who want to flame me, honestly, my choice was this or carry a gun and shoot the dogs. Lesser of the two choices, imnsho. Never had to actually hit the dogs physically with it. Just sprayed in front of them as they charged us. I would have sprayed it in their face if they had continued.
  20. Insurance. by far. I feel like it is $ just being thrown in a deep hole and buried. Second: taxes. Of course, if I were to add in all the sales tax, it might actually be first. I just don't notice that sales tax since it's doled out in smallish increments.
  21. Do you have a specialty swim shop nearby? They can usually do a "fit" with goggles and find the best pair for your dc. The Vanquishers were the favorite for all of mine. Have you tried changing out the nose piece? My girls needed the smallest bridge on the women's Vanquishers. Ds needed the largest on the men's. How old is ds? Does he need the Jr version? The adult goggles typically will not work for younger children. I will say, the 2.0 do not work as well as the original!
  22. We have a set amount set aside for each dc. We pay out what is needed at the beginning of the semester. Dc pays all bills/expenses. They know how much $ they are allotted (which is based on their need) for the semester and must make it last. If something unexpected comes up, they let us know and we will move more if needed. Anything left at the end will be theirs. Dd23, I moved everything over to her savings at the beginning of her last year of school. Ds used very, very little of his. He decided to go to trade school instead. The state kicked in a program that paid all but $100 of his tuition the year he graduated from high school. I put in a monthly amount to his checking to cover food, fun, and clothing. We have not moved all of his college $ to his account. We will keep it set aside for a while, I have no idea how long, in case he decides he wants to go back and get a college degree. If not, he will have a really tidy little nest egg eventually. The decision of where to go to school, how long to take to finish, where to live, whether or not to travel overseas during school will all make a huge difference in how much $ they will have left to start off their "adult" lives.
  23. Yep. Fill up the tank before it is returned to the house...every. single. time. the car is used. Both going with one as passenger, split cost to fill. Otherwise, pay for your gas and return the car with a full tank.
  24. Chose "don't use" because I use both. It depends on which key I have typed before I need to hit it.
  25. Yes and no. Still a student, no. We have no need for the assistance or the income. Ds has graduated and has a real job now. We are allowing him his first couple of months for free. After that, we will charge him rent, cell phone, car insurance, and health insurance. We will save it and return it to him as a down payment on a home (or something). We decided to charge him because we do not want him to start thinking that his paychecks will be as large as they currently seem. When you have no expenses, that starting wage can seem quite huge. When you start taking out expenses, you realize exactly how much you are making and how far it will get you. The girls living in our homes are still students, so they get a free ride still.
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