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    Christian, Homeschool Dad
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    appalachian can't get here from there...
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    Jesus, Family Discipleship, Non-agribusiness Farming, Work, history/futurology
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    Paying bills and homeschooling mine since day one.
  1. Hey! if you visit, say Hi, or 'drop dead,' or something at least!! :-)

  2. LOL...thanks! I'm not half as hatable as some people here think I am...LOL!


    Had you in my prayers lately, BTW...I appreciate your note and your insightful posts.

  3. For a worser half you're not half bad:smilielol5:


    Love the day of ps plan you laid out... priceless!

  4. saw your signature might enjoy this blog. I check it daily to see if it's time to lock myself into my shelter :-)


  5. Roflol! My husband recently stormed out of a "convenience store" when he realized it would be quicker to drive the ten miles to the next store. I love those days, *snort*.

  6. Eggplant here! You made me LOL...I'm not angry, but the day that the story happened, I was having 'a day.' Full day of work, watching my daughter's 4 hr swim meet (which was great, but incredibly hot, like 97 degrees), then I had a 2 hr drive w/ family to get to a 4H event for the older 2 kiddos the next day, everyone was concerned about arriving too late (got there @ 11:00pm, we're morning people, like 5:00am morning...) and after the meet DW & I JUST WANTED A COLD WATER BOTTLE FOR THE DRIVE...and I wasn't 'at my best.' So I shared the experience just to see if I was nuts or not...that's all!

  7. You're not a moron, but if you keep holding in your anger you will become an eggplant head..... :p Just a warning, all in love :lol:

  8. Hey! Barry here! If you visit, feel free to leave a message, even just to tell me I'm a moron :-)

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