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  1. Please disregard my post completely...my three year old got my phone without my realizing it.
  2. Zappos is an Amazon company, so I am not surprised at the excellent customer service.
  3. I have been thinking about that. Do you have a brand to recommend? I typed to Stacy in the above post that I have found a local listing for kissaluvs. What do you know about those? Is $175.00 for 23 fitted and 6 covers a good deal? Seems kinda high to me, though I think it is a little less than half the regular price. It is scary to put that kind of money into something I don't even know will work for us.
  4. I have actually been considering that. What is the best brand of cloth diapers, though I am sure it is probably a personal preference? I found a listing for 23 kissaluvs and 6 covers for $175.00. Is that a good deal?
  5. Thank you all for these great suggestions. To answer a couple of questions: We live in a rural area and try to consolidate trips to town, so that we only drive in three times a week. I think $200 per month is fair for my gas. The extras would be for toilet paper (amazon subscribe and save, $14 per month and usually have a little extra left when the next shipment comes - I have an irrational fear of running out of TP :), school supplies (very occasionally, and I purchase it on sale), dog food (expensive, but lasts about 6 months), chicken food ($12 per month), diapers (I am registered with amazon moms and get them for around $35 per month), laundry (amazon S & S, $14 every month) We have a very good savings built up. If something big were to come up, we should be ok, unless it is super big. We do not have any other debt besides our mortgage. I don't know how long this budget amount will last. My DH is in a nightmare job and while he is making lots of money and is committed to it until late summer, we are determined to find another job for him. The budget amount above is what I will have to spend after this job ends and he finds another job to take its place. I have a little bit of time to sort of stock up to carry us through the lean times. We do have a deep freeze and will have summer vegetables in it. I also can lots of tomatoes, jellies, and salsa, etc that will be helpful. I am feeling a little more at peace this morning. When I posted my original question last night, I was in a bit of a panic about it and the whole job change, etc. I feel much more able to tackle this head on in the light of day :) Thanks to you all for your suggestions and I look forward to hearing more!
  6. I have a budget of $30 per day to feed my family of seven, provide gas for two vehicles, and buy any extras we might need. This money is after all other bills have been paid, so it is groceries, gas, and extras. How would you do it?
  7. Going gluten free completely cleared up my ds.
  8. Someone could be calling from a Skype number. When someone calls my cell with Skype, that is the kind of number that pops up on my caller I.D.
  9. Yes I have. Earlier in my pregnancy, I was suffering pretty badly with acid reflux and indigestion. For about four nights in a row, I drank a small bit of ACV in a glass of water and I have not had a problem since. It made a believer out of me.
  10. Thank you for your reply. I feel like the doctor is really watching me extra closely since I am AMA. I don't feel any older, but they sure do make me feel like something bad is going to happen at any moment. Stressful! Thanks again!
  11. I am 28 weeks today and took my glucose screening yesterday. They said my numbers were supposed to be under 140 and mine were 202. She wanted me to monitor my blood glucose levels to see if we were looking at a problem or just a fluke... Would you take a look at my numbers for me and tell me if you see anything concerning? I am scheduled for the three hour test in the morning and I have a question about that, too. Would it be a good idea to eat something high in protein (steak slices or something) around 10pm? So, my numbers from today are as follows: Upon waking - 88 Before breakfast - 91 1 hour after eating - 191. (I had two PB sandwiches and a soft drink - yes, very bad!!! Lesson learned) 2 hour after eating - 108 Before eating Lunch - 84. (Lunch was a grilled chicken and cheese wrap) 1 hour after eating - 111 2 hour after eating - 95 Before eating supper. - 78 (grilled chicken fajitas & chips/salsa) 1 hour after eating - 136 2 hour after eating - 108 I will check it again before bed. Does anything seem alarming (besides the breakfast number)?
  12. I received an email from them regarding a back order and it went to my junk mail. You might check there.
  13. Your definition of abuse and mine are vastly different. And I hardly think using the toliet is a special privilege.
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