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  1. Has anybody made, or know of any schedules combining these programs? I LOVE the American History embedded in World History, but I want my high schoolers final go round with World History to have a heavy emphasis on American History and Government. This would take us about 2 - 2 1/2 years to complete (depending on when she completes MOH 2, she is 1/2 through it now) I know I can go through and write my own schedule for this, but it would be much easier if there was one already done so I figured it was worth a try ;) TIA!
  2. Bumping in hopes of some thoughts on this ;) I know so much depends on the kid... just trying to figure out when to start thinking about this and make an easy transition ;)
  3. When is a good time to switch from Singapore Math to Saxon math? Would 54 be the time to do it? A later book? I guess what I am asking is at what level would the transition be easiest? Also, about what Singapore level would be the precursor? Obviously I will be giving him the placement test, but I am curious about what book for planning purposes. Thanks!
  4. I.LOVE.THIS!!!!! LOVE!!!! We have only started the lazy 8's so far. We are going to add in 1 new activity every 2 weeks so it doesn't overwhelm him (and me LOL) But even just doing those for nearly 2 weeks, I am seeing it help with his reversals!!! (not all, but its early) LOVE this. It just makes so much sense!! Any specific questions?? I have read the manual 2x and plan to again :) Just to make sure i know what i am doing LOL.
  5. Can somebody please scan test number 2 from Algebra 1/2 3rd edition and email it to me PLEASE??? For some reason, that is not in our book o.O It goes from test 1 to test 3. The 2nd test should be on the back of 1, but there was a printing error and it is just a white page with ink streaks.
  6. Can you point me to some good lists... no twaddle. They can find that easily enough on their own. I am looking for good, quality literature :) Thanks!
  7. So, we finally took the plunge and bought the Brain Integration Therapy Manual, Right Brain Phonics Program, Right Brain Phonics Cards, and Right Brain Sight Words cards for my ds who is a '3rd' grader (reading at about an early 1st grade level, doing TT3 but really struggling with math facts). We waited because everybody told us to give him time and we did (and very glad we did.. I hope this doesn't sound like we have regrets because we have NONE. He has matured so much these few years and is really ready to get going on this) He is 9 1/2 now (will be 10 in October) My books should be here

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    I have the complete Teaching Textbooks 6 set. I put the disks in jewel cases to protect them. I am asking $100ppd. This price includes postage, a tracking number, and insurance.



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    I am looking for this in like new condition. Covers in good shape, no writing. I am also looking for the teacher disk with this. If you have this for sale please let me know. Thanks


  10. A long while ago (I don't remember how long ago) I came across a list of words writers are not supposed to use (boring words). I had it saved in my booksmarks, but we had a NASTY virus and they had to bascially wipe most of our system clean and now I can not find that list to save my life. I do not remember the key words I used to find it in the first place, or even where I would have found it. Does anybody know what I am talking about? I was going to print it out last night for use this semsester (we school year round) but I just can not find it. HELP!
  11. AAS says to make sure your child is hearing the /tr/ blend correct. It says some kids hear that as /ch/. My son hears the /tr/ as /ch/ but it does not give any tips on how to fix that. I have to waaaaaaay over pronunciate each sound individually until it doesn't even sound like the word anymore for him to hear the correct sounds. Does anybody have any tips on how to help with this?
  12. An LD in math is a possibility. It is a very real possibility. It is just so foreign to her. She is so SO creative in other areas (making clothes and such). I will read responses better later but now I have to run!
  13. Her ultimate goal is to be a mommy. There is no plans for college. Possibly a trade school but not positive. She is going to get a job after high school and see what happens. (if she wants to go to some sort of trade school before kids or just work and save for a while.)
  14. We are doing geometry. We just need to know what is available after that.
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