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  1. They protested a funeral in our town and all of us went to be a barrier between them and the family. Swine is too nice a term.
  2. Oh my gosh. If someone that age had been sniffing around my girls at 15 I'd disconnect his brake lines or something.
  3. This is all my sister- Bono, Rick Springfield, Huey Lewis, Barisnakov (spelling, you know, the ballet dancer). She worked on the road with Bon Jovi. All sorts of country and rock people. Um... Bear Bryant (Roll Tide!!) and Nick Saban. Kenny Rogers, Carol Channing. She's met countless others that I can't remember. Obviously she works in the entertainment business. Lots of times I get to tag along.
  4. Our precious MeiMei was killed before she was two years old. She was yellow and white. Not a year later Otis came into our lives. He's yellow and white. You can love them for who they are. Adopt the cat.
  5. Say "Honey, I'm really concerned about your need to know details of my personal sex life. Perhaps a copy of 50 Shades of Gray might satisfy you?"
  6. Thanks for starting the dog picture thread. I had to search for what ACD meant. :001_rolleyes: I hope you keep Tick busy!

  7. Hooray for old biddies like us:)

  8. Okay, the video is great, you've got some really beautiful horses!

  9. Too funny. Better a horse than a girl anyday at a young age!

  10. Older ds had his second horse riding lesson this morning. He came home and started lifting weights and stretching. I thought I would have to wait for some girl to come along before he started "working out." Oh, it's love alright... love and a horse. Did you want another son?

  11. I heart you.


    I plan on dishing something out. I'm just not much of a stander upper. It'd be easier (and more effective) if I could get you to do it for me... :D

  12. Get out your catwoman whip and let them have it.

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