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  1. Say "Honey, I'm really concerned about your need to know details of my personal sex life. Perhaps a copy of 50 Shades of Gray might satisfy you?"
  2. If your dh won't back you up tell him he can stay off the furniture too, and sleep in a doghouse.
  3. BTDT with my sil. She is dh's sister and she is an insane control freak. I got tired of her bossing me around (yelling at me, cussing because she did not like the way I handled a favor to her) and just dropped her. My kids still go see her occasionally and eat dinner with her but they know not to bother me with her.
  4. My sister's ex is NPD. He is insane. Forces his visitation rights even though the children cry and cling to their mom and beg not to have to go.
  5. This has probably already been answered butl...... if you don't want them inside you say "I do not want you inside. Play outside or go home." Easy peasy.
  6. I probably shouldn't even admit to this, but my kids thought Abraham Lincoln's stovepipe hat hid horns underneath. What can I say? Old Southern family.
  7. Oh sweet mercy!! I have two perfect doors sitting in my garage. I wonder if my non nerdy kids would disown me???
  8. No big deal. What I don't get is if it bothered you why didn't you speak up?
  9. Remudamom


    I had a rough coated Collie that fit all of those requirements. I've had four different types of herders, collies, border collies, Australian sheperds and ACDs. Go with the classic Lassie type. eta- agreeing with the above poster about heelers (ACDs) Mine was tough and fierce and didn't listen to anyone but me. She was with me almost constantly, when she was a baby I carried her with me in a baby carrier thingy. She was trained and worked with and still got in a few nips. They are bull headed too. She wouldn't let grandma out of the car unless I was there. Grandma, for pete's sake.
  10. I wouldn't work unless I had to. The guys need me more here on the ranch running errands. I've got my horses and gardens. I want to be free to visit family.
  11. This is why we have camera phones. Film them and report them. Good for her.
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