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  1. I do not understand why so many on this board think physical science is always a middle school science course. My son's college-prep STEM-focused high school not only considers physical science a high school level course, it requires that all students take it. Students who take Algebra I prior to 9th grade may take physical science in 8th grade for high school credit. The default 8th grade course is 8th grade science. 8th grade students who take physical science are in the same class as high school students with all students being held to the same standard. The school requires that students complete physical science, biology, and chemistry before taking any AP science courses. Students fit in multiple AP sciences by selecting science courses as electives thus allowing them to earn more than one science credit per year. I do not have advice on which sciences a pre-med major should take. I just wanted to let the OP know that based on the colleges that have accepted students from my son's school, having physical science on a high school transcript will in no way stigmatize a potential student.
  2. Ummm. Have you consulted a real estate agent? In my area, the curtains you have would be fine. You also wouldn't need to paint or do any updating. Houses are selling in days. If you must have something, I'd so with temporary paper shades.
  3. K - ancient 1 - medieval - early modern 2/k - modern with emphasis on US and state history 3/1 - prehistory 4/2 - ancient 5/3 - medieval (emphasis on Europe) 6/4 - non-western ancient and medieval, pre-Columbian Americas 7/5 - early modern I planned to do modern in 8th/6th, but they went to school. The school did topics in US and state history for 8th and ancient history for 6th. 7th grade is geography. The high school requires 1 credit US history, 1 credit (modern) world history, and a half-credit each in civics and economics. Students may take additional social studies courses as electives.
  4. All of those sound lovely. I find parks and other green spaces relaxing. I also like visiting museums. My tentative thoughts are an excursion to a garden, possibly Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Garden or the National Arboretum, and visiting some of the museums and gardens along the National Mall. The National Zoo is also a possibility. My plans are subject to change depending on what reopens, the weather, my energy level, and whether or not I can get tickets for what is open. (I would really like to go to the Botanical Garden.) I do not like to be out alone after dark in unfamiliar areas, so expect to spend a fair amount of time lounging at my hotel with a book. I will have four entire days plus most of an afternoon and evening to myself.
  5. The camp is at a conference center about two miles from one of the Bethesda metro stations. We will either take a bus or the conference center shuttle to get my teen there. The camp is residential, so once he is checked in, he will stay on site. I could stay at the conference center hotel, but would rather have easier access to mass transit and meal options. Teen will be with me for the first night, after that I will be alone. I plan to do a few touristy things and a lot of relaxing.
  6. One of my teens and I will be flying into the DC area next month. My teen will be attending a camp in Bethesda. Should I stay in a Bethesda hotel or elsewhere in the DC metro area? Any favorite hotels near metro stops?
  7. 4th grade was the only year my children completed a stand-alone spelling program. We used Spelling Works.
  8. Most grocery stores sell kitchen tools and supplies. The store may only offer one or two brands, but if your daughter discovers she can't live without a larger frying pan, a whisk, an egg timer, or whatever, she can pick one up when she does her grocery shopping. If the grocery doesn't have what she wants, she (or you) can order it from an online retailer and have it sent to her apartment.
  9. I was vaccinated at a city-sponsored clinic. The data was loaded to a state database, but I as I was not asked to provide insurance or primary care physician information, my physician was not notified. During my last primary care visit, the nurse keyed the information from my vaccination card into my medical record. I assume that if the doctor has reason to question the validity of my vaccination card she could verify it against the state database. Dh was vaccinated at his usual pharmacy. The pharmacy reported his vaccination to both the medical insurance company and his primary care physician. The same is supposed to occur with our teens' records. I will take their vaccination cards as backups when I take them for their annual physicals.
  10. I would look at a kitchen in a box set as a starting point, adding in 2-4 drinking glasses, a colander, a baking pan, a glass measuring cup, pot holders, kitchen towels, chip clips, dish cloths/sponges, and ziplock bags. Think about the foods she is most likely to prepare. Rice? A rice cooker is handy. Sheet pan meals? She may want two baking pans. Casseroles? Add a couple of casserole dishes.
  11. Kumon has at least one pasting book and an easy crafts book in the My First Book of ... series. There is also a cutting and pasting book in Kumon's Play and Grow series.
  12. Talk with PODS. They have a service specifically for city moves. The POD is delivered on the day of your move. The driver stays with the POD while you load it. Then he takes it away. The POD is delivered to your new location on the day you want it.
  13. My teens were vaccinated at Walgreens. They have state-issued ID cards but were not asked for ID. The only ID the pharmacy tech wanted to see was our insurance card. If you are concerned that you might be turned away for lack of ID, take your children's birth certificates as their IDs. Chances are, however, they won't be needed.
  14. No appointments are necessary at many of the sites in my area. Last week when I was at the local Walmart Supercenter, there were annoyingly frequent announcements that customers could just walk over to the pharmacy for free COVID vaccines.
  15. Immediately after the vaccination mine stated that compared to the HPV vaccine, the COVID vaccine was practically painless. Waiting to get the injection was the most painful part. This morning, they said their arms were sore, but both declined offers of Tylenol.
  16. Appointments for this afternoon. I could not get two same time appointments, so we'll be hanging out at Walgreens for an hour plus.
  17. Regarding patio versus deck - I would keep at least part of the deck. That way you aren't exiting the sliding door directly onto a flight of stairs. At a minimum, you want enough room so you aren't balancing on a step while turning around to close the door. A deck large enough for a table would be better, that way you have place to set items when you open or close the slider. I would not make drastic changes to the yard this year. I would remove or trim the shrubs threatening the house and maybe try to transplant some of them. Otherwise, I would observe the yard and gardens, taking photographs and notes. The evergreens screen your backyard from the neighbors. Are you sure you want to give up that sense of privacy? Think about how you want to use each space before cutting down or removing trees. I would hang a hammock between two of the trees close to house and put up a few bird feeders. Let your children work out the slack line details. Could they play catch between the evergreens and cherry trees? How big are your family gatherings? I would make cardboard cutouts of the approximate size and shape of fixtures you are imagining and move them around the yard to get an idea of where you want to put them. Depending on the style of fire pit you want for example, it could go on a deck or patio, or in front of the St. Francis statue, or you could rework the garden area into a paver patio with the fire pit and seating as a focal point.
  18. Stuart Murphy's MathStart series covers pre-school through 3rd/4th grade math topics.
  19. You could vary the gravies - brown gravy, mushroom gravy, cream of mushroom, red sauce ... Substitute the steak for the burger patties in any of these 11 ideas for leftover hamburgers.
  20. MLA's 9th edition was released last month. Search his college library's website. Many provide links to online style guides. The library will also have up to date copies of most style guides. It is a good idea to have your own copy of the one you use most frequently, but he should be aware that professors usually expect papers to be formatted in the style used in their disciplines.
  21. One child did independent work while I did math with the other, then they switched. Independent work for a 5 year old could include Kumon cutting book, puzzles, and other fine motor skills activities; reading or listening to an audiobook. Basically practicing not interrupting sibling's lesson while waiting for his turn.
  22. I usually give diapers or a gift card and a couple of board books. Diapers aren't exciting, but every baby needs them.
  23. Offer them to a rising senior. Otherwise, offer to a child for dress-up - witch/wizard, judge, plague doctor, professor.
  24. Doesn't COBRA only apply when a person previously insured on any employer-plan has lost eligibility within the past 60 days? Under COBRA the person remains on the employer sponsored plan for up to 18 months by paying both the employee and employer portions of the premium.
  25. Not a program, but my children really liked the Max Axiom graphic novel series. For human anatomy, the three volume Survive Inside the Human Body series is a fun supplemental read. My oldest also liked The Manga Guide to Biochemistry. This may sound odd, but for basic science, BSA's merit badge pamphlets are resources worth considering. There are several that relate to life sciences.
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