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  1. My comfort level in someone else's home has to do with the people who live there. My comfort level in my own home has more to do with the amount of clutter (I prefer none) and mess (also none). :)
  2. Did you really register on a classical education forum just to set us straight on stretching ?
  3. Math makes me tired, too. :) I would be curious to know if he has a hard time focusing because math is his most difficult subject, or if he really is tired. Have you tried changing his schedule? Do his favorite subjects during his typical 'tired' time, and move his math to later in the afternoon. If he's still tired in the morning, you probably do have sleep issues. If he doesn't get tired until you start doing his math assignments, he might just be feeling as if he can't concentrate on this particular subject.
  4. The only people I know who have seen Inception are teenagers, but every last one of them loved it.
  5. Yes. Every day. I hate walking into a room and finding a mess. The bedroom is no exception. Making the bed properly takes no more than a minute or two and it makes the rest of the day more pleasant. I feel the same way about putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher instead of the sink, wiping fingerprints and toothpaste splatters off the sink and counter when everyone finishes their morning bathroom routines, and a general picking up after oneself when leaving a room.
  6. There are some women on whom Bosomy and Bottomy is a good look. Nigela certainly is one of them. I am not. :glare:
  7. I keep my phone in my purse. Which explains why I often miss calls. I can't hear the ring tone.
  8. My grandmother often said, "He talks like a man with a paper a**hole." I still don't know what that means, but it still makes me laugh.
  9. Thank you for this, Rosie. I looked up Pilates, and there is a studio in my city that has gentle classes for beginners or people with pain issues. I think I will give them a call tomorrow.
  10. I don't have daughters, but I hope I would be as wise and graceful and caring as Cheryl if my children were ever in such a difficult situation.
  11. Yes. Both the teachers I know personally (friends and my sister's MIL), and the teachers who have worked with my children in a regular school setting. They have all been supportive of our choice to homeschool as well as the personal and academic results of our homeschooling.
  12. It wouldn't work for me, but then I'm awfully sensitive to starchy foods. Regular popcorn consumption would definitely result in weight gain.
  13. I recently had a conversation about this sort of thing (specifically the N word) with my boys. I was explaining to them that I believe when someone uses that word, they are really saying, "You are worthless in my eyes, and I am a better human being than you are." I may be off base, but there are a number of people in my family who still use such words, and that is the impression I get from them when they do. Like Jenny said in an earlier post, they may just be words, but they are very powerful.
  14. Hi Lisa! Welcome! Would you be willing to share more about the Homeschool Resource Center? I am also in Western Washington (Redmond/Kirkland area), so I am curious.
  15. Yes. You can just reply like you would to any email. Here is an article that may help. This is how I often send text messages to my son, as I have an old model phone on which it is awfully difficult to text.
  16. Mary, this looks almost exactly like my daily diet. By cutting out the sugar and limiting carbs I have lost 12 pounds since the first week of June. I notice a tremendous difference in my waistline. Thanks for the link!
  17. I haven't. In fact, I'm not quite sure what 'core stability training' would look like. Sit-ups/crunches and such?
  18. My teen doesn't know any. He was aware of one young woman at his high school who was pregnant, but he didn't know her personally. I can't think of any pregnant teens, either, but I do know of a couple of young women (in their 20s) who are single and either pregnant or recently had a baby. That was my case as well. I was single and pregnant at 24.
  19. I hate it because it hurts. Both while I exercise, and often much worse afterward. I have inflammation in my SI joints, so I have a lot of pain in my lower back, hips and thighs. Most of the movements in excercise videos are out of the question, as is running or jogging. Walking for more than 15 minutes is ridiculously painful. Riding my bike is my best bet, but even that has been bothering my hips lately.
  20. Wow. Ick. We don't have any Walmart stores in our immediate area. I think the nearest one is about 15 miles to the north.
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