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    For sale: various levels of the superb Michael Clay Thompson (Royal Fireworks Press) English program. Each level grouping was purchased new as a set so they all coordinate. All books were unused and in 'brand new' condition unless noted and being sold far below the retail price. Level 1: Grammar Island 2nd edition, teacher...$20.00 Level 2: Caesar's English I, (2012) part 2, student...$15.00 Level 3: Grammar Voyage, 2nd edition, teacher...$20.00 Grammar Voyage, 2nd edition, student...$15.00 Practice Voyage, (2011) teacher...$8.00 (tiny bends on back cover) The World of Poetry, teacher...$18.00 All 4 level 3 books sold as a set for $50.00 I will need to calculate the shipping based on what you decide to purchase and which USPS shipping speed you desire. I prefer priority mail because it's faster and safer but it is up to you. :) I accept Paypal for payment. I regret over-purchasing these beautiful books at a curriculum fair, and hope someone can give them a happy new home. Many thanks for your consideration!


  2. I caught the cookie thief! But... someone else took sixteen cookies from the cookie jar!

  3. Blueridge stole 15 cookies from the cookie jar.


    Rules of the game: if you find this (anyone except the cookie thief themselves) then post here to say "I caught the cookie thief! BUT... someone else took two cookies from the cookie jar!" That way we know this player has been caught and we'll look on another profile. Next, copy this entire post and paste it onto someone else's profile (player must have more than 100 posts and must have been active in the last month.) Lastly, change the type in red so that the numbers each increase by one. It will be easier to track that way. Please post your findings in the thread entitled SOMEONE STOLE A COOKIE! Forum Game. Have Fun!

  4. That is wonderful! I hope it works out at the sale. Sadly, not long after disasters strike most people tend to forget about it because there is always something else to be distracted by. You must have wonderful children and be a great example to them, and I would guess a very supporting husband. Don't think you're being a bragger by posting great news about your family! We all need to hear positive news! Thanks.

  5. Hello! She has been continuing to sew for several months now, and has a huge bin of all kinds of outfits. We are planning a homeschool used curriculum sale (we are purging 20 years worth) for the end of this month, and she is setting up her display along side the books and things. I am still working out the details, but I am hopefully going to secure our local library's conference room for the sale, in hopes that more people can come. I am praying that the ladies who come will be impressed and buy all the garments. That would be lovely! We found a nice place through the Christian Light representatives where she can send her donations for Haiti. Thanks so much for asking! Blessings~

  6. Hey, what's going on with your daughter's secret mission of making the clothing and selling it to raise money to help with Haiti Relief? Please post it! If you have mentioned it, I missed it.

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