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    Homeschooling for 19 years. Children ages 10 through college.
  1. OK, bought the books but still looking for something similar online.
  2. Can explode the code be purchased as a pdf? I've seen a few, but they don't charge and I'm guessing they are viruses. I'm not looking for free and illegal, just wondering if it can be purchased. If not, is there something similar that I can download and print off for a little girl I'm working with whose family is low income? My kids, all grown now, loved ETC and so did I.
  3. I'm making a list for review of the top 10 military battles that should be common knowledge. What would your top 10 be?
  4. that isn't sweet (I consider ragu sweet....at least their regular sauce is.) This is part of a gift for a friend. We make our own marinara, so I have no idea what the chunky's from the store taste like.
  5. Just went to buy some used books on amazon and saw that "very good" can now include books with highlighting and writing. What's a person to do now? Urgh!
  6. Question about the 9 friends whose images show up under friends on my profile. About 3 months ago a "friend" posted pictures of an activity that our kids were in together over the course of a few days. I checked them out and downloaded a few, leaving a few comments. I went back a few weeks ago to see if she had posted more, otherwise I never visit her page or comment or like anything. She is always in my 9 friend block and I'm wondering why. She's kind of an annoying person, so there are other faces I would much prefer to see, but for the most part I'm just curious. I have pretty much everyone listed as "friend" (she's not listed as close friend or relative, that is) and I have her on the same settings as everyone else. Why is she always moving in and out of my 9 friend block? The other people who are there make sense as I interact with them once in awhile or at least visit their page regularly.
  7. love2read


    I read a blog post about someone switching from DISH to Roku. Is Roku just a device that accesses streaming stations (netflix, etc) that you already subscribe to, or does one subscribe to Roku and then have access to netflix and other channels?
  8. I just bought a book that was oop except as an ebook. I'm reading it on my pc (cloud reader) and wondering if there is some way I can just print it.
  9. Great ideas. Any others? I really need to keep the cost down as we've already donated quite a bit of food.
  10. My assignment for our community dinner/fund raiser is dessert for 150. The other ladies who have the same assignment (were expecting close to 500) are making cake, cookies, cupcakes. What would you make? I'm thinking about cost and time, wanting to keep both low of course. If you have a "feed a croud" dessert recipe, please share. These will be served up on plates, so I'm not concerned about kids grabbing handfuls.
  11. Has anyone doe this? How and where? I've been selling it hardbound for years, but want to make it cheaply available to a wider audience. Thank you.
  12. When I first saw the I Am Autism video I was disturbed, but didn't give it much thought other than that I hated it and wasn't going to share it with friends who didn't know much about autism. It seemed like it was a good idea that went in the wrong direction by dehumanising children with autism. Yesterday a friend sent me this critque which I found very enlightening. http://holysoulsherm...monically-evil/
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