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  1. Both of my girls contacted instructors after the semester. Both ended up with grade increases (B+ to A for both). For one of them, it was the entire batch of students the instructor taught this semester who felt their grades were incorrect. All but 5 grades were changed. Some up, some down. Fortunately, dd's was an up! The department head ended up involved. Dd said she is pretty sure the guy just doesn't know how to do basic math...meaning average grades. A couple of her friends went from C's to A's. Fortunately, he isn't a math teacher! So, yeah, it happens a lot.
  2. I have no idea, but he is definitely older. I do not know him personally. This is a real possibility.
  3. Lol! The thing is he was making up his own properties of water. Well, he was just deciding some things would be included there. It could be found nowhere other than his own mind, I am certain of that .It was very odd. Granted, the material was in the material covered in class. It was just AP according to Prof. XXX. I was helping her study, and I, who knows a little about biology and anatomy, just was flabbergasted at what he was saying/making up. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and find it somewhere/anywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. She did learn the material according to
  4. It is just genetics. Out of my 4, fortunately only one got the bad gene. It happens to be the one who has always brushed her teeth every. single. time. she ate. Flossed twice a day minimum. Didn't matter. Cavities anyway. Sealants on adult teeth helped. Seems like they had to reapply them at some point. Honestly, after a while, all her molars were filled and that cut back on cavities. She'll still get one now and then on a non-chewing surface though. Funniest thing, this is the one who plans to be a dental hygienist. Her dentists have always recognized the fact that it is just a genetic thing
  5. Updated update: Dd made an anonymous report. Turns out there is no rule against giving tests during finals week, even though the dean thought there was too! Not following the syllabus for grading gave her the option of protesting her grade, but she managed to pass with a C, so she just kept it. She would have done much better, and honestly needed to, if he had done things correctly. However, now she has been contacted by the school and asked to become un-anonymous. They are letting this prof go at the end of this semester. He is suing based on them fabricating student complaints. Pretty ce
  6. One dd just graduated from MTSU (business). She has been able to get a job right off the bat at an unbelievable salary in the area she wanted to be in. She has liked the school fine. Some of the teachers are awful.. Some are fantastic. Pretty much standard for a large school. The crime in the campus area is pretty high. That is the biggest negative for the school imo. Have another dd at ETSU. You did not mention it. It would be another hour away for him. THis is my favorite from all of the TN schools. THe area is beautiful, friendly, and safer than MTSU or UTk. I know a lot of kids who att
  7. Dd22a joined this one her freshman year. At her school, the $25 included a very nice sit down dinner for parents and student. It was worth the $25. The cost for this one was low enough that it was worth it just to put it on a resume.
  8. I feel lucky that the laws are as strict as they are. I seriously doubt making them more stringent is going to happen anytime soon. Of course, even with the laws we have, most smokers don't seem to follow or even know what the laws are. Most college campuses these days are legally smoke free, however, that does not stop anyone from smoking on them. The vast majority of our population does not really notice smokers and where they smoke. As a parent with a dc who is extremely allergic to it (she wears a mask when out in public for this reason, but it really isn't enough), I pick up the smell of
  9. My brother worked in an alternative school as security and outdoor coordinator for a while. He was one of the ones who was responsible for monitoring the lunch area. I am betting the school system thought that the label of alternative on the school was adequate notice. Your friend just didn't know what the word meant in regards to your school system. There should be less chance of your friend coming to harm there than in a regular school. All the dc there are "known" as to what types of problems they may have/cause. The security is assigned with that in mind, and it will be more safe than a sc
  10. I/we did...nothing. I'm not big on celebrations though. I probably should put more effort into that sort of thing.
  11. As a parent who has had dc take these remedial college classes, for my kid, they were pointless. Dd had to take remedial math and reading classes. She got A's. She learned...nothing. She took the classes because her ACT scores were low. THe Accuplacer test had her with low scores also. The problem? She has ld's and does not test well. That is especially true on standardized tests to the Nth degree. She would have been just fine starting in the regular college level classes. Her high school grades reflected her ability. The remedial math classes were not bad. I am not sure they would help a kid
  12. For ours, I had to go in and get a stop membership letter from the local manager stating the end date of our contract. I paid the contract out. The membership continues until that end date. We both had to sign it. I then had to send that letter to the headquarters with a return receipt. I am keeping my returned receipt in case they decide I didn't do it properly. The credit card that was used for autopay just happened to have to be replaced/changed account number, so they cannot just keep charging my account! These nationally/regionally based gyms are notoriously bad about scamming people/maki
  13. Honestly, Apologia and college anatomy are two completely different beasts in my mind and experience. I am afraid I really can't explain it well. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of Apologia classes overall. I like my science classes to be more...open and shut? Apologia is....wordy and convoluted? Just a personal opinion there. College anatomy is very straight forward (from personal experience and two kids who just finished it at different schools). I did have one dc who used Apologia anatomy in high school. I think the human systems coverage in the latter part of BJU's biology was a bett
  14. I did that in high school myself. No confusion that I remember. My own kids I had doing Latin from elementary up to high school, then switched to Spanish (at their choice). None had a problem. Dd#1 switched to Japanese instead of Spanish. Honestly, I would let him decide what language he wants to learn. Already having resources for Spanish interferes with that thought a bit though!
  15. You probably did hear that. It doesn't mean it is true. In fact, it is not. After being convinced by people "who know about math" that TT was not up to snuff, I moved my first dd from TT algebra to a publisher the board approved of. Not only was she fully prepared from algebra 2, it was 3/4ths review of TT algebra 1 (which is normal in math). She had zero problems other than being a little bored. I left my other 3 in TT the whole way through high school. No problems were caused by this decision. No learning lost. No difficulties encountered in high school or college math or sciences. Proceed f
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