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  1. The twin xl is same width as twin, but 5 inches longer (same length as queen/king). http://www.beddingexperts.com/mattress-sizes-chart/ (for American bedding.) The twin xl is what many college dorms use. Sheets are fairly easy to find. I have never actually shopped for one, but I haven't seen the beds readily available for purchase in stores. I guess they are if you are specifically asking for them, maybe? I certainly wouldn't want to share a twin width for sleeping. A quick look at online furniture available yielded no twin xl beds. The xl bed frame seems to be pretty easy to find though.
  2. In my experience, no. Dh slept in a queen bed alone for years before we married. He is not a bed hog. (I on the other hand slept in a twin until marriage and when moved to a queen decided I should spread out!) I have shared a bed with ds (who has been in a queen for 7 years) in hotels, and he does not bed hog either. In fact, my girls have queens and fulls, and only one of them tends to hog. She is a kicker and will just boot a bed partner out!
  3. My ds simply will not fit in a twin bed any longer. In a full, he sleeps across the diagonal. He has a queen. When/if he marries, they can snuggle or get a king. (I've never seen nor looked for a twin xl bed frame)
  4. Mine are ready for summer break! Dd19b seems to be maintaining her 4.0, but is increasingly nervous about it. I keep telling her it doesn't matter one bit if she doesn't get an A in something. Her actual grade in her biology class is a B, and it is driving her insane. But, the class average is in the low 60s with no one having an A. I keep telling her that the teacher will most likely make adjustments in the end. It is driving her perfectionistic self crazy. She did get an A on her lab I posted her having lab partner problems with. She received "Swimmer of the Year" award for her entire co
  5. Spring!!!!!

    1. elegantlion


      And we're getting snow. Ha!


  6. Ice is here. It has begun.

    1. LivingHope


      Always winter, never Christmas

  7. Ice is here. It has begun.

  8. Ice is here. It has begun.

  9. The wind. It blows hard and cold.

    1. unsinkable


      The clouds. They release hard pellets of ice.

  10. Good cleaning day!

    1. elegantlion


      My house is only about a day away. You could bring your paintbrush if you'd like.

  11. No more rain coming down...SNOW!!!!

    1. elegantlion


      Now you'll have a frozen lake in your backyard.

    2. Lolly


      Wonder if we can skate on it...


    3. besroma


      I hope it starts here soon...

  12. My backyard looks like a lake.

  13. Next week: normalcy. But, not until the middle of the week...

  14. Poor dd20 has pleurisy. And, it started the day she started finals. Not sure how she made it through!

  15. Christmas seems to be interfering with school today...

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