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  1. Any experience with Liberty Tutorials ? They only meet twice a week for one hour each meeting which is doable. It's the 3 hrs. that is a killer! Not sure about NCAA requirements. Or HSLDA? I know they are NCAA accredited and the times are doable. Just wondering on the rigor...I want it to be rigorous enough and that he will be prepared for Statistics in college the next year with checking all of our boxes. 😛 Thanks everyone for the responses!
  2. Yeah, I didn't see that! I hate that he doesn't use a textbook though and wasn't sure if that would be a problem (for NCAA). I think it would be a good fit if it was thorough enough. My oldest child took DO but my middle one seems to think he might need a little help and that way once a week he could ask questions if he had any.
  3. My son is very good at math, doesn't like the idea of having to sit for 3 hrs. a week listening to lectures but would like one class to go over assignments possibly one day a week. He took Algebra II this year with Foersters using Math without borders (we have done Derek Owens all prior to this but thought we'd try this since it was cheaper this year) he has done really well we are now on chapter 10 but that begins full on trig and I didn't realize and he is having some difficulty and I can't help him! Evidently Veritas Press uses the same book for PreCalculus and trig begins on chapter 9. 😛 So he is beginning the PreCal and evidently needs some assistance. So we were looking for a good math program that offers once a week meeting that is a well rounded program. He is not planning on going into stem even though he is good at math not an interest for him. He is planning on taking Statistics his senior year so we plan on doing that at the college. Another thing we have to consider is it being approved of NCAA since he is hoping to play sports in college.....So any ideas for this math would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I am glad you asked this and debating the same question. For my stem kid we did Owens because it went through Calculus and he liked working at his own pace. But contemplating switching up my middle son just for PreCal with Mr. D. since they offer a live component and we are switching to Statistics his senior year anyway. Thanks for the insights!
  5. No problem, and good point! I think we are just going to stick with where he is...she has been great with him and said she'd tutor him until he went off to college.
  6. Thanks for your often did your child meet with the instructor? Did they have set things for them to study or a plan for them during their off days?
  7. Were you able to get college credit or could you test out? How did that work for you all? We are up for suggestions! The professor was very helpful and might be open to suggestions. Thanks!
  8. My son did Potters for Arabic I & II and has loved his teacher there...considering on staying on but if we could get college credit starting in 11th it would be a plus. My son met with the professor at our community college and was very impressed with where he was at and stated he could skip the intro class. Wish we could work out our times or find a place closer.
  9. Anyone know of a dual enrollment option for Arabic that has many levels that meets live? My son has taken online Arabic with Potters School for a couple of years now, but wants to start college courses his junior year. We met with an Arabic college professor today and was very impressed with his ability and was allowing him to skip a couple courses to where he could begin in his class but they only offer two courses and then we are not sure where to go after that. We would hate to skip around too much. We are looking for an online option that is live not self paced...he wants to really learn it well. Thanks for any ideas!! We have exhausted our efforts in our area with nothing locally. 😞
  10. Thanks for all of your suggestions...funny you mentioned VMI, my brother attended there and they have a high school program for the summer there too. I think he will probably do an international studies major with Arabic as his foreign language. Seems like more opportunities there and where he can go military or CIA whatever he decides after college. It has been fun learning about all options and really appreciate all of your ideas and thoughts!
  11. Thank you all for your ideas...a lot to chew on. I was looking at other majors with Arabic as a minor. I was excited to see some of the ideas for summer immersion programs that would be a good for him as well. He is hoping for a basketball scholarship but hey he is only 6'2" right now so he needs to get a bit more height but he is getting there and has two more years to grow...the doc always said he'd be 6'4" so not center positions. So we are looking at more Division II and probably NAIA. Christian school is very important to us and we are really hoping to make it happen- but money talks. Ha! We got lucky with my first he was a national merit student so got free tuition at Liberty. This son may he is close to getting scores but who knows and I know he won't be making the basketball team there! Whoever mentioned Princeton that's awesome but don't think that's in the cards here for us. Thanks for sharing stories and ideas you all have encountered...this is definitely new territory for me!
  12. Thanks everyone, yes we are looking on the East coast...preferably near VA. Thank for all of your ideas!!
  13. Thanks Claire that is good to know! Funny they picked the same two languages 😊
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