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  1. We are with the Alveary a CM community and are offering free curriculum for students through June if it would be of benefit to anyone. Link below.
  2. If anyone is interested in learning more of a detailed curriculum in a Charlotte Mason philosophy the Alveary is offering a free curriculum to try for now through the end of June. Details are linked below. Hope this helps someone we have been involved for the last three years but they are offering for a limited time....We love the language for elementary particularly and the art program, geography if you are interested in just a few subjects....
  3. No go here....98% here and not surprised by his results...this son of mine is my non-reader which showed in his results today. 😞 However, I was very happy with his results and to be that high was still a good score for him. He aced his math which was great and so now we know he really needs to work on reading comprehension. So yeah, with others on with the SAT. 😕
  4. It's a huge deal for us because we are Liberty U. grads and they give full tuition for semi finalist and full rides for finalists if you are selected (they have a certain number to give out each year.) My oldest was able to squeak by and is there now and loves it. Knowing we can't afford almost $30k a year its huge...I told my kids its like winning $100k. 🙂 No one wants to get out of college with a lot of debt. That is true that many schools don't offer a lot but if you know particularly where you want to go and they offer it it is huge. My son was also looking at Alabama in Huntsville who also offers a similiar deal. I am not holding my breath either, my number 2 felt he did well but not good enough. We'll see, I do think its unfair for those who take the test on test day and then others can hear the chatter and info and are able to take it on that Saturday. 😞 We are in VA which is a touch state to get it....still thinking of you all! Good luck!
  5. is everyone holding up...a few more days to wait in suspense. 🙂 I feel like we can't possibly get it to in a row with middos but who knows? Fingers crossed and thinking of you all!!
  6. Yes I do...thanks for your help! Figuring it was all of those....thanks!
  7. Well, it looks like my cards go to levels up to 3....I forgot that they switch to fact sheets for 54. Anyone know which facts go with 3?
  8. Can you tell me what facts for 5/4 Addition, subtraction, is it multiplication 1-10? Division? Thanks!
  9. Quick question for those who still have those books can someone tell me what facts are being used in Saxon 3 and 5/4? I have the cards but not sure which ones go to which year and want to organize them accordingly. Thanks so much!!!
  10. Sorry, guess I should have been more clear. 😉 NSLI-Y is what he is looking to and hoping to get in. Do you know of any other organizations for studying abroad for Arabic? He is focusing on Jordan or Morocco.
  11. That's tough, I am seeing this to be a common problem. 😞 How comfortable are you teaching math? Are you willing to learn yourself and then teach your child? I would just focus on what you want to teach... 2nd grade isn't that difficult figure out what you want your son to learn and then focus on those. I use SCM Mathematics an Instrument for Living Teaching as a guide to what I should be teaching and focusing on. I love it because it has the kids truly understand what they are learning and not just learning formulas, memorizing facts (without understanding) etc. My son is in 3rd grade this year and I have done this approach with him for the past couple of years and its amazing what they can get if we direct instead of lecture...when they make the connections on their own it will stick and make sense to them. Especially if you are planning on possibly sending him back to school I'd start from the beginning and make sure he understands early concepts because they build on each other! Make it so your kid loves math can do this! 🙂
  12. Funny, normally kids hate writing narrations down. I would let her at it and if she gets "tired" you can finish writing it for her. I would also do like someone mentioned above any difficult words or "key" words that you think she might need I would write out for her on the board. Then let her at it. You can after she is done point out one or two things (TOPS) don't want to discourage her - that she did incorrectly and them take a mental note for yourself and then move on. She'll get it.
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