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  1. OP, this is what I did last year, FWIW. Actually, going back 2 years ago, DS13 did TT7 in 6th grade because that is where he placed. (Did you have your children take the placement test?) Then he did TT Pre-Alg last year in 7th grade. About midway thru the year, we had a pretty good inkling that he would go into PS for 8th grade, so I just got a basic Spectrum Test Prep book and he did that for a few months a little at a time. I'm not sure if it covered information that was not covered in TT, but it did give him practice as to how questions would be asked on the standardized test. He
  2. I think more teens would "stay Christian" if the adults in their lives modeled authentic Christianity, no matter if they are homeschooled, public schooled, or whatever.
  3. At that age, the teacher should have a system to keep track of things. It is her responsibility to make sure your DD knows what to do at home. She should have a homework folder or something like that. I'd request a meeting with the teacher to work it out. Did you have a parent night/open house?
  4. :iagree: That's ridiculous. Oh, and in regards to the OP, my 8th grader's school has 3 options for math: Prealgebra, Math 8 (Algebra 1 at a slower pace), and Algebra 1. Algebra 1 is an honors course. My son is taking Math 8 and has the option to test out of Algebra 1 at the end of the summer. FWIW, he has used TT as a homeschooler (did TT7 and TT Prealg before enrolling in the PS).
  5. I had a long thread on BJU materials (specifically history - heritage studies) last year if you want to do a search. I'm not a fan, I'll just put it that way. And I cannot for the life of me unload the BJU materials I have to sell. So maybe that's karma. :D
  6. I voted yes. In the OP's case, I wouldn't even hesitate to say yes. I would still say yes if it were my kid's teachers, but they don't do that around here, so it'd be unusual.
  7. I have normal kids, lol. :D I keep right on top of all their assignments. They each have an agenda supplied by their school. They have to write their assignments in it each day and I have to initial it and the teacher checks it the following day (for my 3rd and 5th graders). I always check their homework and make sure they know what they're doing. If they are having trouble, I try to help, but if it's a matter of re-teaching or if my child acts as if she has never seen it before, I email their teachers to let them know. It's not my job to teach them. Their homework should be a reinfo
  8. I have chocolate brown towels and dark blue towels. We each shower every day and I just do a load of towels a day. And I throw in the wash cloths, hand towels, and kitchen towel. Gotta love my super capacity washer!
  9. How I show grace to myself...As a Christian, I ask forgiveness from God, but I've learned I need to forgive myself, too.
  10. I see what you're saying. Although, I'd label myself as "involved and caring parent" rather than "former-homeschooler-troublemaker". :)
  11. We have had success with xtramath.org. It's free and emails you progress reports. It only takes 10 minutes a day.
  12. First off, tablets and laptops do not come with their own wi-fi, they come with wi-fi cards that enable them to pick up wireless signals. You need wi-fi at home unless you want to pay for 3G/4G. We are in a city (not out in the boonies) and our wi-fi is much, much faster than 3G here (no 4G available). There are also many places that have free wi-fi when we're out and about. In addition to the suggestions already given, check out this Asus Tablet. DH has it along with the keyboard and he loves it.
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