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  1. Thank you! I don't think my middle child will be ready for Traditional Logic next year (I also really like it - older dd13 is about 50% on watching the videos), but NO ONE (including my husband and I liked Critical Thinking at all) so I am looking for something more directed for middle school :)
  2. Has anyone used Introductory Logic? I am looking at ordering it for my soon to be 7th grader and trying to figure out if I need the dvds. My oldest is doing Traditional Logic and doesn't especially care for those dvds. Thank you so much
  3. My daughter is using Discovery/Dimensions math 7A and I am noticing that I am having trouble breaking the lessons down into an actual lesson plan. Has anyone made lesson plans for these books? Thanks for any help with this!
  4. This makes me so happy! We are just starting to think about high school history and this will definitely be on the list (oldest is just in 7th grade now). Will you guys have them for SWB's Middle Ages and Renaissance books as well?
  5. We liked it just fine and and my daughter really liked the history pockets and the independent nature of it. I like the level 2s that we have done (just started Early Modern, and have done Ancients and Middle Ages). We did not finish Middle Ages as we had a hard year in sixth grade with getting anything done! I do NOT like level 1 one much at all so far (My middle child is out of sync with the history cycle and has done SOTW already and is not ready for HO level 2 Early Modern (she would have done fine with the Ancients one).
  6. We are using History Odyssey level 1 for Early Modern history with my 10 year old 5th grader. She was not ready to do the more advanced work in level 2 that her sister is doing. It uses The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History and A Child's History of the World as well as SOTW 3. I have SOTW3 (my son is using it and the girls used it 4 years ago). I am having a lot of trouble finding either of the other 2 books (at the library or to buy). Does anyone have any experience with substituting a different Encyclopedia for the Usborne one (there are 2 other Usborne history bo
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions! She will read The Witch of Blackbird Pond later this year. Maybe she'll enjoy the assigned reading more if I let her have a little bit of a choice in a replacement read :) She likes historical fiction just fine and isn't a reluctant reader so much as stubborn and independent (doesn't care for being told WHAT to read).
  8. If I can't find anything to replace it with, I may do this. My hesitation is that all she really remembers about it is not liking it (not so little stinker!)
  9. I kept thinking this book sounded familiar and after far too much time looking realized my 12 yo read this book for history way back in 3rd grade. Her history program (History Odyssey Early Modern level 2) recommends it for this year (7th grade). If I read this book then, I don't remember it now. :blushing: Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should replace this book with for her this year? She is a very good reader, who often doesn't care for reading assigned books Thank you so much!
  10. Thank you, I will be checking both of those out :hurray:
  11. Trying to get things ready for this year and spend as little as possible. Any ideas for good, cheap (or free) ways to do Chemistry for 5th and 7th grades? (My 3rd grader will be using noeo chemistry 1) Thanks so much!
  12. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I have most of those books reserved for additional history reading for the next couple of weeks, I guess I'll just have to consider them literature as well. And I will look into that Shakespeare for Everyone book when I pick up my holds at the library, for now my hold limit is full :)
  13. I have a 2nd and 4th grader both doing SOTW2 this year. We are at chapters 26-27 and there are very few literature recommendations. This is Henry V, Joan of Arc and War of the Roses Does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Where do you buy Rod and Staff Eglish from? I found levels 5 and 6 on Amazon, but am not finding much choice there for level 7. I have also tried Rainbow Resources and CBD with no luck.
  15. I have been liking Amazon a lot. there is not as much for my kids on it (they' 've been watching Quack Pack on YouTube lately) . I also can not get Amazon prime on my Wii, but since I don' t watch on the WiI it hasn't been a problem for us, but it would be if that was what you were streaming through. there is a lot of preschool shows on Amazon, but my kids are older.
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