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  1. Does this mean that ALL will not be available in 2 years either? (when my 3rd grader is in 5th grade) Do you think maybe in 4 years? or are we looking at longer than that? Totally understand and WWS is worth it, just trying to plan:D. Oh, and I totally think that you should do separate teacher and student books (that is how I printed the pdf), I think it works better that way.
  2. It looks like level 1 will be ready for release within the next few months, but level 2 will NOT be ready for release NEXT fall (which we all want if we are using level 1 this year).
  3. I just recieved the 1st 15 weeks - Thank you! I noticed that there are periodic reviews in this. Should they just be added in to make a 4th day of grammmar on those weeks where they fall? Thanks! :bigear:
  4. Will there be any poetry memorization in ALL. I couldn't find any in the 5 week sample that I have? Should I just be adding my own, or is it not really necessary for 5th grade and logic stage? I'm so happy to have ALL.
  5. How many lesson are there in ALL? Do the lesson go straight 1-100 like the first 2 years of FLL, or do they go to 90 or so and have additional units like FLL 3 and 4? Trying to get my lesson planning done and didn't see a table of contents on the sample of ALL like there was for WWS.
  6. You are my Hero!!!:party: My oldest will be starting 5th grade in the middle of September. She has done really well with all 4 years of FLL and I am so happy that we will be able to go straight to ALL! :party:
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