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Would you all post links to your blogs here?

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Now that I'm an official member of the blog world, I want to follow lots of you! I know most of us have our blog names in our siggies, but I thought it might be nice to have a thread with all of them listed out. This might have been done before, but I wasn't into it then so I probably missed it.



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Now, I need some help! How can I get a "Currently Reading" gadget or whatever it's called? Also how do I get "buttons" from other websites to link them? Maybe it's easier to just make a list of my favorite places with links?




ETA: Found the link list option. So now I just need a "currently reading" gadget if it exists.

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Mine is in my siggy.


I really only started it as an alternative to a paper journal of our homeschooling adventure for my kiddos to read. However, with all of the troll talk on here, I felt compelled to post it in my siggy so people could verify that I was real. Ha ha ha!

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I just recently got a tumblr. I've been really lax about posting, but I love it. Tumblr makes so much sense to me. It's like the best aspects of Twitter, FB, and blogs combined.


Anyway, mine is The Urban Homeschooler.


ETA: I checked out your blog and I love your owls. They are so cute they make me want to squee. (We're big owl fans here.)

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