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  1. Thank you!!! my dad is having trouble staying asleep, I'm going to suggest this to him.
  2. Beach gal, where do you get your glycine from? What is it called? I just tried looking on amazon and it was confusing.
  3. I've had diagnosed Raynaud's for years now, and I seem to injure my hands more and more easily, and yeah, I get weird bruises and stuff on them. 😞 welcome to the club, it hasn't been bad for me, just a nuisance mostly. My dh handles anything involving the freezer or frozen foods.
  4. I had chicken pox twice, the first time as a toddler- it was mild, I'm told and then again when I was 9. I do not plan on getting the vaccine, and I have been around 2 people who had shingles, but I haven't caught it. My oldest dd had the vaccine as a baby, the others did not.
  5. my husband signed up for Butcher's box, and we've been impressed at how good the meat tastes.
  6. hoping for justice for you, it's nice when evil gets its reward. Crossing my fingers and toes, I hope you get good and fair news on Monday!
  7. Hen


    Roadrunner, yes, that is the chromebook I have. I don't think you can load any programs onto it, you can load apps from the google store, I believe, if you have the space. It's basically like having a big smart phone, you can run apps and online programs but not actually load programs. I haven't every loaded apps from the google store, so I am not sure. I have loaded extensions onto my google docs, like special templates and document converter.
  8. Hen


    I have an Acer chromebook 14 and I love it. It is my second one, my 1st one started having battery issues after years of perfect use. We ordered another chromebook, it was different, smaller screen and I sent it back and asked dh to order the same one I had. It has a 15' screen and has some download space, so I can download some things. I love it. I do photography and do that on my desktop Mac, use photoshop and stuff there. I love the chromebook because it always just works, no virus problems, it's small and lightweight. I had a macbook pro for years before the chromebook but when it died I just couldn't get myself to spend the money. I purchased from amazon.
  9. the last 2 years our dog got relief from CBD oil, it was a remarkable change. I have to stay home with her on the 4th, she gets terrified. the last 2 years we used treats that contained it, this year I am using just the oil and it seems stronger, I've already started her on it, the fireworks are ongoing here and we have a lot of illegal fireworks. I stay with her, and have music up loud to try to drown out the sounds, she spends most of the day cowering under our dining table. 😞
  10. so happy it went so well! Wow, the shirt story is very revealing, glad you got to share it. I am so glad to see a good update finally. 🙂
  11. I am so sorry. I remember you going through the divorce. I will be praying for you and your family.
  12. yes, we did one for our oldest and it was great! We did it in the evening, and had the porch and yard lighted. I thought it was the most relaxed party we've had, we were all able to visit and talk.
  13. I've always had great dealings with modcloth.
  14. Hen


    we are in several different coins. We are in for long-term, not looking to move anything for about 2 or 3 years. Smallish amounts we can afford to lose but will be a nice sum if they triple or more.
  15. so cool! I did not know this existed! how neat to finally find your dog's "thing"!
  16. Ha! I like it, too. I buy stuff in size 16 for my Marine daughter there...unicorn stuff usually 🙂 I like that it is all glittery and girly...a marine girl needs to be reminded she is a girl ❤️
  17. I have Raynauds and my hands often look like that. Usually, one or two fingers will look worse and hurt more, and yes, they tingle and hurt later. I had the worse instance of it a few months back, my hands were throbbing too, which was different, not just tingly...and took photos and sent to my dr. and asked to see a rheumetologist, -I've had it diagnosed for 12 years or so....and they were really not impressed and didn't think I should go on medication yet. was scary, but not an emergency and I can just warm them up. I keep gloves with me everywhere and I don't touch stuff in the freezer.
  18. Praying for you, Stella. I am hoping for peace and less stress for you, and that the appointment will get here fast and you will have some help.
  19. I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a very good girl.
  20. 😊 so lovely! thank you for sharing.
  21. Hen

    Remudamom here

    Hi Remudamom! I'm still here! I am retired from homeschooling (but lurk here) my 3 oldest are graduated adults and my youngest is 16 and at a performing arts charter school. I am working at a homeschool charter school 2 days a week, so I am still part of the homeschool world. It's good to see you! I am still homeschooling myself with curriculum programs I never got through with my kids....!
  22. this is a useful bracelet for someone who always has a hair-tie around their wrist, I bought one for my sister last year, Etsy also has different versions of them Hair tie bracelet, the Grommet library book pendant at Etsy pink unicorn hook (for headphones etc. or just amazon Book: The secret lives of color over at Bas Bleu (got it last year for my dd who is an art major. I'm thinking of getting her this book, Werner's Nomenclature of colors -for her this year. iphone charger bracelet , I kind of want this but am debating how long before iphone changes the charger size again... steampunk style raven boots on Etsy. I got these last year for a daughter. The artist worked with me and took out the skulls on the fabric and used just ravens and words. They were really nicely done, good quality. Easily distracted by birds shirt- on my list I apologize if any repeats, I tend to get my gift ideas here 🙂
  23. Mom2scouts, I didn't know that about the vests, why do they have to have them in their cars?
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