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  1. congratulations! it sounds like a much better situation!
  2. I haven't, but I am thinking about doing it the next dog we get...(my 12 year old dog just passed away )
  3. I love this, thank you! I am in the US, it would be a dream for me to one day see so many wild budgies!
  4. the owner posted about this at the beginning and said not to have a food button, they will get in a loop with it. There is a person on instagram doing this with a cat, the cat is Billi, and she did have a food button and the cat was always pressing it. She finally took it away. It was interesting, and "on brand" that the cat's favorite button seemed to be "mad" ! The cat is under the name "billi speaks" there are some video from a few months ago, where the family with Bunny moved and Bunny talks about her dog friends and is clearly thinking about them and missing them.
  5. no, and check out "what about bunny?" on instagram, she is communicating with buttons. She talks about wanting to play with her friends, and is told "later". and has worked out morning, afternoon, night and later. It's very interesting. https://www.instagram.com/whataboutbunny/ there was one where a stranger came to the door, she barked and used the buttons "stranger" and "concerned" and then she continued to "talk" about it the rest of the day with the buttons. It was really interesting that the one incident continued to bother her all day, something. you wouldn't know without the buttons.
  6. congratulations!! I know it's such an accomplishment!
  7. our orange cat has always been half misanthrope, loving to our kids, who he views as littermates, I think. He would "talk" to them and snuggle with them but ignore us unless he was demanding food. He was also a known bully to other cats in the neighborhood (except 2 that he was friends with) and sometimes chased dogs. He is now elderly, 14 I think and he is now a grumpy old man, who hollers for his food, but is more chummy with my husband and I and will "talk" to us now. He is still not a lap cat for us, but will sleep with the kids.
  8. keep us posted!! I am enjoying your adventure 🙂
  9. Congratulations!! this is huge!
  10. anecdotal, I know, my my 20 something daughter did not get the vaccine, but she didn't know that her desk-mate at work did, and the day she went back to work with him there, she became sick. She started her period 3 days after contact with him/getting sick and she is on contraception that keeps her from having a period. She read that women who are getting the vaccine are having cycle problems and was concerned.
  11. Heart, I'm glad you got to go in and get your insoles. I'm going to try to pm you....
  12. Hen


    Husband and I just ordered MOD e-bikes. They are on backorder till Mid-May, we are really excited. We are a few blocks from an old-town area, we walk there almost daily, but would like the option of using the bikes, and my 12 year old labradoodle is too old to walk there and back- I'm going to order a trailer for my bike, so I can bring her along to our daily jaunts.
  13. so good to hear from you, Lion! Your new job sounds like good potential. Sending good vibes, hugs and prayers that everything will turn out as it should for you. Leave fish in an unplugged appliance when you leave...(my mom did that, I still laugh when I think of it)
  14. we just were gifted a box of chocolate/ caramel apples, and they were wonderful! I kept the info so I could order for others. mrsprindables.com
  15. I love this! My car doesn't have a cig lighter spot, tho!!
  16. we have a labradoodle, she is the best dog I've ever had. She has always been very calm, as a puppy I worried a few times she might be sick, she was so chill. Great dogs!!
  17. Praying for Ri and all of you ❤️
  18. Hi Julie, it's good to see you again! I'm an oldtimer too, my last just graduated this summer, but she was at a charter school for high school, I have been retired from homeschooling for several- like 5? years now. I will go check out your fb page, maybe I can visit your restaurant some day 🙂
  19. yes, knew what it is, have used it in conversation. I live in So. Ca in a large latino immigrant area.
  20. the job sounds like a nice fit! Sending good thoughts your way, and Happy Birthday!!!! 🥰🎈
  21. my husband was for many years, he really enjoyed it. He only quit because it was an all day commitment and also they started putting him in charge of the location and being in charge was stressful. He really had fun, when not in charge!
  22. I am listening to Harley Merlin series right now, it's pretty good, teen/young adult centered, about Magics. Clean, kind of Harry Potterish. Interesting characters, more than one point of view starting in book 2, I'm on book 3 right now. I am also enjoying Breakthrough - think Tom Clancy adventure but with more interesting personable characters that you grow to care for, a bit of romance, but clean, no scenes, dolphins!!! and a small bit of alien life. You get the Tom Clancy -special forces/ tough guy & intrigue, but also science, space mystery and some romance. It's clean, but there might be some cuss words. I think I'm on book 4 of that series. I think there is cussing, but not a lot, not enough that it bothered me. Artemis Fowl series of course! A middle school target audience I think, but my husband loved listening to these, the narrator is incredible!! The movie is about to come out, too. We listened to these on vacation trips as a family. My youngest daughter and I listened to the Raven boys series together and really enjoyed it. It's probably aimed at teens and a bit more edgy, I think the teens might cuss a lot-enough to not want to listen with young kids in the car, but it's clean romance-wise. It's got fantasy, magic, dark magic, dreams, mystery and characters you love, some old english mythology, Latin!
  23. that is really encouraging to know you had this experience! Yay for the Hive!
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