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  1. my husband was for many years, he really enjoyed it. He only quit because it was an all day commitment and also they started putting him in charge of the location and being in charge was stressful. He really had fun, when not in charge!
  2. I've been back at my crossfit gym a few weeks now. They opened a few weeks before and were very focused on cleaning stations and limiting to 10 people at a time, but the Governor closed gyms down again. They have re-opened outside, we have cleaning "boxes" and have a dedicated half hour before the next class to wipe down anything we touched/used. They are also limiting class size to 10. I am very comfortable with this, and I was fine with being inside. I really like the cleaning stations at each work-out spot, and I hope this practice keeps up. I want to go back to normal, but with increas
  3. I am listening to Harley Merlin series right now, it's pretty good, teen/young adult centered, about Magics. Clean, kind of Harry Potterish. Interesting characters, more than one point of view starting in book 2, I'm on book 3 right now. I am also enjoying Breakthrough - think Tom Clancy adventure but with more interesting personable characters that you grow to care for, a bit of romance, but clean, no scenes, dolphins!!! and a small bit of alien life. You get the Tom Clancy -special forces/ tough guy & intrigue, but also science, space mystery and some romance. It's clean, but th
  4. that is really encouraging to know you had this experience! Yay for the Hive!
  5. congratulations!! I will be praying that you feel better real soon, -not downplaying your ptsd at all...just wishing for better days ahead for you. {{hugs}} and people who can't muster up happiness over babies have small, tight hearts.
  6. thanks Katy, that was helpful 🙂
  7. Katy, you mentioned eating Greek yogurt with potato starch at first, to help it take root...what form of potato starch? like, some baked potato, or is it an ingredient or spice somewhere? I am thinking of ordering this for my son-in-law, he's having bowel/ food problems.
  8. Peter Pan: here is the gene info from 23&me....hopefully I can attach the photo ...ok that didn't work, I'll try to insert it Your genotype at one tested marker 23andMe researchers identified one genetic marker associated with feeling rage at the sound of other people chewing. This genetic marker is located near the TENM2 gene which is involved in brain development. Your genetic variants at this marker are associated with slightly higher odds of having this trait. MARKER TESTED YOUR GENOTYPE rs2937573 GG
  9. my youngest child has this. For treatment, we saw a couselor, we tried a hypnotist, had her read a book on it and then finally when she was about 17, they put her on medication. Hers is tied to anxiety, and anxiety seems to run in my family (one of my kids has a phobia of buttons!-which is tied to anxiety) the medication helped imenseley. She was also having some panic attacks at school, this was the main reason for the medication, but she said it has helped the misophonia. She still doesn't like to be in the room with people eating chips, and for some meals I will make sure to have music p
  10. I too, was oddly excited to see this post!! 😆 I think with the Putin look-alike, that clearly the monolith must be a communication method of some sorts. (putting on my tin-foil hat here...) thank you for reporting in, this made my day!
  11. yikes! this is so wrong, I hope they win and win damages or fees or something.
  12. Thank you!!! my dad is having trouble staying asleep, I'm going to suggest this to him.
  13. Beach gal, where do you get your glycine from? What is it called? I just tried looking on amazon and it was confusing.
  14. I've had diagnosed Raynaud's for years now, and I seem to injure my hands more and more easily, and yeah, I get weird bruises and stuff on them. 😞 welcome to the club, it hasn't been bad for me, just a nuisance mostly. My dh handles anything involving the freezer or frozen foods.
  15. I had chicken pox twice, the first time as a toddler- it was mild, I'm told and then again when I was 9. I do not plan on getting the vaccine, and I have been around 2 people who had shingles, but I haven't caught it. My oldest dd had the vaccine as a baby, the others did not.
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