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  1. :grouphug: Eaglei :grouphug: Lifting up you, your son and the rest of your family in prayer.
  2. That is a great site! Thanks for sharing the link.
  3. :grouphug: :grouphug: Eaglei :grouphug: :grouphug:
  4. Oh, Eaglei, :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Praying hard!
  5. :grouphug: :grouphug: eaglei :grouphug: :grouphug: I am lifting your family up in my prayers.
  6. Lori, thank you so much! I am printing this off and keeping it in my binder for when the time comes (which will be in a blink of an eye.)
  7. I bought Jump In this past year and used it a bit with my 11 yr. old. I am not using it for my sole writing program. I liked it more for me. I am a natural writer and it is very difficult for me to explain logically the steps of writing. Jump In showed me what all the steps were as well as what the different kinds of essays there were. (No, I didn't know that either. :001_huh:) I consider Jump In to be more of a teacher resource for me rather than a writing program for dd. I like the pre-writing exercises they offer as well.
  8. We are starting Week 3. So far I have had to tweak some things but for the most part, the filing system is a success. I love having everything in its place already to go for the week. It frees up my weekends a great deal.
  9. We just finished our first week of school. The file folders saved my sanity by a huge margin! Our days were crazy long and at some points discouraging but being able to have everything we needed in one spot helped a great deal. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread.
  10. I only have a month's worth filed but I don't think one crate is going to be big enough. I think I am going to have to have two crates and split the year's worth of files in half.
  11. I"m getting bogged down, too. I have the first four weeks planned out, I still have to finish my history and science lesson plans and I am in the process of filing the work for the first four weeks. I can see this is going to take a long time. I keep telling myself that it this is time-sucking now but it will be worth it when we are in the middle of our school year. I keep telling myself this. I hope I'm right. :D
  12. Excellent blog post, Catholic Mommy! :001_smile: Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to post this. I am sure that it will help many people. I have been reading this thread for the past week and have been nudged to start our own filing system. This past year was not our most stellar as far as getting work done. I have had a difficult year. Many times I just didn't feel like starting school, so we didn't. Due to this year's life bumps, I extended myself some grace and didn't beat myself up over the lack of schooling. I know, though, that this com
  13. I have tried many elementary science programs and have not been happy with them. This year, we are going to try Real Science Odyssey and I think I have found the program of my dreams. Now, we haven't used it (will start next onth) yet but it has all of the elements that are important to me in a program: good living book list, informational, and lots of experiments/acticivities. RSO for now only has three programs for elementary age but I hear there are plans to add on in the future.
  14. The Goddess of the Market ( a bio of Ayn Rand) Six Great Ideas--Mortimer Adler Socrates in Love--Christopher Philips
  15. Thank you so much for the link. Those lessons are wonderful! We are going to be reading The Hobbit this coming year. These lessons will help a great deal. We won't be doing LOTR until the following year. I have LLfTLOTR but these will flesh everything out very nicely. Thanks again.
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