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  1. I've got a stack of mysteries on my night table and audible player (phone! Lol) and reading chair that are all like 85% finished. What is wrong with me? I don't know. I don't know that anyone does. So the next time I report in I'll have a huge long list of finished books. Or I'll be 90% finished. And @mumto2 is being so patient because almost all the books are one's she's recommended I read. I hope she doesn't give up on recommending books to me because I'm a slow reader these days. John and I are making our way through all the classic Roald Dahl books alternating with the Enid Blyton bo
  2. Reading the first one now ... standby for report in the next day or two depending on how life goes. 🙂
  3. Super interested to hear your opinions on Gatsby as an adult rereading it ... Will this be your first reread since high school? I think it might be one of those days because I read this quote and got all teary eyed. Whew. I'm going to need more coffee! Great link. Thanks!
  4. FINISHED: Um ... can I count last weeks BaW thread as read because that's about it these days. I think I only missed a week but things look different around here anyway. Life is good but busy. I'm falling into bed exhausted at night. DD is back in school (as in ... back in a building two days a week). DS is hanging out with mom. And we've also hired someone to help with the company. Which surprisingly cuts into my inter-netting time. I feel a little lazy jumping on here or Goodreads when my employee is ten feet away drafting. And I managed to delete two quotes but at least I r
  5. So we finished another Boxcar Children (it doesn't matter which one but it was one of the original 19 actually written by Warner at least). John loved it so much that he immediately bought it on Audible so he could listen to it again. (Never mind my annoyance that I've discussed WITH EVERYONE IN MY HOUSE NOT TO BUY AUDIBLE BOOKS THROUGH THE ALEXA. You see the Alexa always buys them with a credit when sometimes it's only a $4 book which is so much cheaper than a credit. *rant over*) But it was sweet and I was reminded of why I suffer through these books. There's something classic about these "k
  6. Ditto all of this. Except 17-years-old and now 21 years ago! (My how the years fly by ...) The bone health is such a good reminder that I don't think of much!
  7. I just hit 52 books for the year but a substantial number really didn't count because they're shorter read alouds like Boxcar Children and MTH. For the statistics junkies I've put my breakdown below. 52 books (including short read alouds but not picture books) 19 X Audiobooks 20 X Brit Trips 12 X Read Alouds 9 X Books on the craft of writing
  8. Wow. That's a great list of books! We've got The Star of Kazan in John's bookshelf to try to read soon.
  9. FINISHED: Avalanche (Sheriff Bo Tully #2) by Patrick McManus -- I have two ratings for this book. Because I'm super opinionated that even my opinions have opinions! Well ... let's just get into it. 5 star book -- Excellent narrator and side characters and mystery. Everything tied up so well. It's just what you want when you're looking for a cozy mystery with a fun setting. After years of being the outdoors-man's Dave Barry McManus knows how to do humor and a modern "wild west" setting better than anyone. 2 star book - Tully's interactions with women were so weird and unrealisti
  10. I'm always on the lookout for good narrators ... that's an author and a narrator I've been wanting to try out. Now I'll just have to see where I can get my hands on a copy!
  11. Happy anniversary! I love the strawberry bouquet idea. How fun. Kevin and I had our anniversary yesterday. Can't believe he's put up with my bossing him around for so long. 🥰 We drank some wine and played board games with the kids.
  12. Amy smiles at Junie. "We can still be friends."
  13. Preach it sister! And I don't ever need to read details of an old man peeing off the side of a boat. Ever. My real life already consists of lots of peeing on car tires or trees or on occasion the toilet seat lid because six-year-old boys wait until it's an emergency situation to go to the bathroom.
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