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  1. As is frequently the case I'm late to the party with: Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio by Peg Kehret. It's short (200 pages) and the audience is children but if you haven't read it then do so ASAP. It made a splendid audiobook also. I sobbed and laughed in equal parts during it. Then I went to take my kid's temperatures while they were asleep just in case I needed to rush them to the hospital because as a mother reading the book I kept thinking what would I do if my child was in the hospital for seven months 100 miles from home. And as an adult ... I wondered who paid for all that medical care? I'm going to get lost down some Polio and 1950's medicine this afternoon.
  2. Oh my goodness. I can just see this whole scenario in my mind. And I've told everyone in my family about it. We've had lots of laughs over the books with the red covers. I didn't discover LM Montgomery until I did Anne of Green Gables to Sophia when she was in elementary school. I don't know how I missed it. I read about everything else as a kid. Then I discovered The Blue Castle and loved it even more than Anne. There was something about that was gentle and lovely and ... I lack words to describe how much I loved it. And now as tradition dictates I have to post the worst cover ever designed for any book anywhere whenever I talk about it. I second Negin's recommendation. Go. Read. It. So it sounds like even though it's lovely you don't recommend a lake vacation near you in February?!?! Ditto ditto. We've got about 400 books in our library and share it in my immediate family. We are all big audiobook listeners. And I love how convenient it is!
  3. I'd look on thredup. It's an online thrift store essentially. Buy four or five and keep the one you like.
  4. Playing off Kareni's ideas ... you could do a 'Classic I wished I hadn't read' 10x10. Or a "Well, that was disappointing". Something like that you can't (don't) really want to plan for so you might need to keep it going for a year or three.
  5. I'm glad you've got a new furry friend! I'm rather relieved I'm not the only ones. I'll probably have to start ducking rotten fruit with my next sentence but since we're all friends I'll admit it out loud. I liked the BBC version of Little Women a couple of years ago more than I liked the book! @vmsurbat1 - Glad to see you're feeling better!
  6. Finished: Touch Not the Cat by Mary Stewart. Here's the deal. I really enjoy Mary Stewart books. Complete with the dated clothing and smoking. This one I couldn't really get lost in. The ESP thing was too bizarre. (Granted I tend to shy away from anything supernatural so ...) I'd recommend this one only if you're the Ppresident of your local Mary Stewart fan club chapter and you've already read all her other books twice. This is book 17 for me for the year. Guys. I ONLY read 17 book last year. This year is looking better!
  7. @Violet Crown - What's your Emma schedule look like? I've attempted it a few years ago and can never get through. (I've had better luck with the movies which is a bizarre things for me to say since I'm generally TV-phobic.) I've downloaded an audiobook to try with the idea that it might go better. I'm really attempting to add some culture to my life but I still can't seem to get myself to start Emma again.
  8. Highly recommend both those Mary Stewarts! They are dated but so charming. That's a new Mart Stewart to me. It's on my to-read list ... so many books so little time! Thanks for the heads up about the Eloquence.
  9. I would have guessed my reading is more male author heavy too but it appears it's not! Right now I'm at 50/50. That'll be a fun thing to track this year. @Group - I'd love to know where everyone else falls. Do you tend to read more female or male authors? What about so far this year?
  10. Alexander McCall Smith is such a prolific writer. He's written over 100 books ... he's got to be writing two books a year. And he works as a professor. And travels. Impressive!
  11. I used to tease my grandmother that she was Krauthammer's biggest fan. Looks like she was in good company with you in the fan club! I have such happy memories of watching him sitting beside her on the couch. Thank you for sharing your pictures.
  12. It might be quite the Mary Stewart week around here. I just started Touch Not The Cat as an audiobook. I only picked it up because it's Mary Stewart and I hadn't read the back cover. Well. I just did and I don't know about that premise but we'll see.... I finished The Chenltenham Square Mystery by John Bude. Who first mentioned Bude as a Golden Age mystery writer? Someone on here did and I meant to mark it down and then forgot and now I'm embarrassed. (I REALLY got to find a way to remember who recommends books to me!) Anyway, just read it. It hit everything I love from that era. It's also interesting because it's helped me to pinpoint why I prefer women writers from that era. The men writers never seem to have a romantic subplot and that's one of my favorite things in my Miss Silver or AC novels. Can anyone prove me wrong? Is there a male Golden Age mystery author that adds a strong romantic subplot?
  13. I promise it wasn't just me. Five of my friends have had the exact same experience with gals from a couple of agencies. It wasn't everyday or every week but at least once a month there was ... something. All the girls I had were between the ages of 20 and 30 so they weren't teenagers.
  14. I'm so happy you pointed that out. I rely on Goodreads so much for keeping track of who has read what and I couldn't figure out where I even heard about the book. It was a great recommendation. Thank you so much. It's going to be one of my top three books of the year. I can predict that and it's only early February!
  15. I am getting so much reading done with this flu-induced insomnia! At 3 am I finished Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer. It's another one I was surprised to see that none of my GR's friends have rated yet. It's a romance between the town "crazy" and ex-con. The setting is Georgia summer 1941 so you know there's bad stuff around the corner. It was incredibly well written. The author had her historical facts spot on. The hero and heroine were perfect for each other. It played on the trope of "fall in love after you get married" which is one of my favorites. @mumto2 - I seriously can't believe you haven't read this! I have to wonder if you read it before GR's and it just didn't get marked? Highly recommend!
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