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  1. Has anyone used this program with their child high school studies? I am looking for a program that will help my natural spender see the value in planning, saving, etc. Thoughts and opinions?
  2. I have a very area specific question that I need help answering. If you are in the area please message me :) Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the recommendations! We are lifelong West Coasters. We've done CA, OR, WA, UT, CO, AZ, and NM enough that it's more like home than a vacation. I have friends and family in TX that we've never visited (Spring, New Braunfels, Houston, and Dallas areas). Of course they all want us to visit and make their place sound the very best :). I drive to West Texas one time when dh was stationed at Ft Bliss. The drive was gorgeous but El Paso was a major let down. I'm not sure our route yet but we will avoid that entire area! I'll check out all the places mentioned but I'm thinking we
  4. I should add I realize TX is huge. We will make our route once we have a better idea what we want to do. We will be coming from ID.
  5. We are planning a road trip next month to TX. No particular destination in mind. We're just tired of the snow! What sights should we consider? Cities or towns to explore? Resturaunts to eat at? We are open to anything!
  6. About 6 years, maybe 7 I found a pop music video that featured a man making a piano out of random items (a mattress being the only thing that still comes to mind ) as a way to compose a love song to a woman. He delivers a letter to her that has a string attached and leads back to him. At least that is how I remember it. Does anyone know the song/video I am talking about? I thought it was by the band Over the Rhine but I am not finding it. Anyway for those with magical google powers I would love some help finding this video. :)
  7. I think we'll manage without Costco. Unfortunately we don't have one here either. :( Anything else you can share?
  8. We have the opportunity to purchase a business in NW Arkansas. We've never been there before. What can you share with me about the culture, people, education (homeschooling and higher ed specifically), etc? Why do you love/hate it? Areas you love/hate? Crime? I'm obviously checking internet resources for statistics and such but I'd love to hear real live opinions. :) Thanks!
  9. I am in charge of setting up a weekly group chat for a handful of 7th grade kids throughout the country. They need to have video sharing capabilities as well as chat and photo sharing options. The purpose of the group is kind of a relaxed study group for the kids. FB is not an option and most of the parents would prefer and ad free space. What other options exist?
  10. We are internet sales only so as long as there is a post office and a lumber mill/store somewhere in the vicinity then we will be good. I will check out Grand Haven as that has been mentioned a couple times. I don't think I looked there last month.
  11. It is an option of course but not one we really want to do. We will be relocating our woodworking business and with that comes a shop full of tools. We'd like to move once and save not only time but a lot of expense.
  12. Resurrecting my thread..... Anyone have an opinion on Mount Pleasant or Cadillac? I saw a post on another forum that said "Well there isn't a mountain in sight and it isn't all the pleasant." lol That was coming from an early 20-somethig single guy so I figure I should take that with a grain of salt. lol. We've been in contact with a great realtor in Traverse City but as of yet there isn't much on the market in our price range. He warned us (as did all of you) that we may have to wait a while for something to open up in our range as prices are on the high side. He gave us the sugg
  13. I agree! They have a great website but it seriously lacks any helpful information. I've emailed them so hopefully I can get the info I need.
  14. Just curious to hear opinions on the program. I've wanted my kids to participate for years but we've never lived in an area that had a camp. I'm considering becoming a leader (although I can't find info on their site about being a leader). If you are a leader I'd love to hear about your training and how life is in the trenches. If your kids participate, I'd love to hear your experiences. I'm a former Girl Scout leader and I hated every single minute of it. We had a horrible council that was a nightmare to deal with and I'd really like not to repeat the experience. :)
  15. :) My dh has vacation time coming up next month (mid month) so while it's not the best, it's when we will be headed over. When you say South Central, any area you'd recommend looking at? No one has mentioned Lansing area yet. Is there a reason for this?
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