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  1. Aw, thanks! :D I've been off the board most of the week, so I just realized your Friend request was showing up in the corner :tongue_smilie:

  2. :bigear: Colleen, I love what you wrote here, and I love HSing year round for all the reasons you mentioned. My kids have never been in public school, so they have no concept of summers off, or even weekends :lol: If we have schoolwork to do, we do it, no matter what day it is! Until this thread though, it never occurred to me to schedule the weeks off and then use them for lesson-planning for the next session, decluttering, catching up on household responsibilities, etc. I was just trying to fly by the seat of my pants on those things. This is a wonderful idea, and I'd love to hear more! ETA: YES! Wonderful ideas. I can see so many ways that this plan can slip right into our life here. I love this board!!!
  3. I've been suffering from a major lack of confidence lately and the concern that I'm not doing enough (or the right things) for my DD7. I didn't come across this thread until just a few days ago, but it's helped me immensely. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us the benefit of your wisdom and experience!
  4. There you go, now you're even! :D

  5. OK, look, I don't have a problem, all those other people have problems! I can relax anytime I want to!!! As long as the dishes are washed, of course. And the toys picked up. And there's no mildew on the bathroom ceiling. And all the windowsills are free of that mucky gray dirt. And the ceiling fans are clean, with none of those horrible dust trails hanging down, the ones that look and feel like spiderwebs and get stuck on you and won't come off now matter how much Windex you spray... Wait. What were we talking about?






    That's a little scary, but I think I'm in the clear (for the most part, no matter what my DH tells you). I'm definitely a total control freak, though I'm getting a bit better out of necessity! I have my dad to thank for that. It comes right down the family tree :glare:

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