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  1. So, the guy came to our door this summer selling Southwestern Books. I loved the *idea* of the books (huge reference books on math, science, history, etc....$400 for all) but he didn't have a way for me to look at them. Since then I've found out about acquaintances who have them and love them. But, $400?? Are there any other reference type books that would cover just about any topic, where kids could check on topics of interest or extend their learning? ( I realize the internet is great for this, but there's not a site I can just "let them go" safely on...wish there was one!) Thanks!
  2. Would love it if someone could compare it to Scholaric! And of course the new Well Planned Day (when it appears), or even the Mardel one!
  3. I was told less than 2 weeks ago the COMPLETELY NEW, COMPLETELY REVISED software would be available in "about 2 weeks". They have been testing it on friends and family, to avoid what happened last time. He said they have been intentionally quiet about it, for the same reason, and it's all supposed to be announced soon. Hopefully it truly is great. Just FYI.
  4. Have you thought of starting a CM co-op? There are some out there.
  5. Oh, and the author taught public school for 30 years. She is now homeschooling 2 granddaughters. She spent many years teaching middle school language arts. I think that's interesting! :001_smile:
  6. I will tell what I know and hopefully someone who uses (or tried) it will chime in! One of their "selling points" is that it's student directed. (Kids edit their own papers based on rubrics. You might write on the back of their paper how many capitalization errors there were, etc. and then they find them.) I know Currclick has some of their curriculum in pdf's for sale. I believe soon it's all supposed to be available there. Here's basically what they offer: * Expository Writing - Grades 4-8 * Creative Writing- Grades 4-8 * Daily Dazzle- 5 levels, starting in Gr. 4- Daily L.A. review. Kids can check the "tool box" in the back to help with concepts they're having trouble with. ("designed to enhance students’ standardized test performance, build confidence, and review and reinforce 17+ critical language arts skills") * The Book on How to Really Teach Writing ANYONE? :001_smile:
  7. World Book DVD ROM http://www.worldbook.com/browse-by-type/online?start=16'>http://www.worldbook.com/browse-by-type/online?start=16 (This one is recommended by My Father's World I think.) World Book Online for Kids http://www.worldbook.com/browse-by-type/online Any of these good? Are there better choices out there for "safer" research? Would appreciate any thoughts!
  8. So how are you guys finding out the order of events? (I know they jump around so maybe it's not possible)
  9. I have found the events which will be shown primetime each night, but it's anybody's guess which event will be shown first, etc. So, we're having late nights with kids, waiting! Anyone found an actual broadcast line-up, hour by hour? Thanks!
  10. :bigear: There is a BUNCH of research out there right now regarding PBL...Just wondering how much of a "group" (siblings?) is needed to facilitate the project....I guess homeschoolers usually find a way to make it relevant for us!
  11. Has anyone told you yet today you are amazing? Well, you are! Thanks! :001_smile: I have soooo much to research thanks to you all! Personal recommendations are the BEST. Anyone tie in missionary studies, and how God is working in other countries and hearts, using maybe Operation World or Windows on the World also? Wondering good tie-ins. (But secular ideas are helpful too!!)
  12. Wow Ecclecticmum, and others-- lots to look at!! Thanks!
  13. For elementary. I'm thinking: -online videos, videos from library, Netflix? Does a curriculum out there have this? I'm not wanting the history so much as just showing us what those countries are really like- the people, the culture, the landscape, the daily life. Wouldn't that be fun?!
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