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  1. I am trying to post some items for sale. But every time I try and do it, I get the same message, something about how I need to post at least one thing (which I think I have over 1000 posts). I sent a help message a few days ago and haven't heard back yet. Thanks, Suzanne

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    Complete Homeschool packages from 1A - 4B. All brand new. (Includes teachers edition, student text, and brand new workbook, in each bundle) All were bought new for $129.70 - $134.10 (depending on volume) Selling them for $60 (per bundle) All new!! Shipping TBD based on where you live (I am actually going to the office store today to give myself a better idea of shipping)



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    I bought this new for $544.95 based on the one time recommendation of a speech therapist. I loved it, and think it would have worked much better if it was what my daughter needed. Much of it was never even used. It does include the LiPStick too.



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    This is the entire kit from Gander Publishing. I bought it new for $544.95. Shortly after buying it, my daughter started undergoing more testing, and it was determined that this was not what she needed (darn speech therapist). It was too late to return it to the company. It is in great condition, no missing pieces. It does include the LiPS stick too. Any questions, please ask. Thanks, Suzanne $350 plus S/H.



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    I have the entire kit, including the LiPS stick. I bought this new from the Gander Publishing for my child (a speech therapist told me to get it)for $544.95. However, after I started, my daughter started more testing and needed much more help than this alone. I called the company but missed the deadline for returning it. It is in great condition. Nothing is missing or torn. I am selling it for $350 plus S/H. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks - Suzanne.


  6. Just google LindaMood Bell and you will see it. I had purchased it and found some results with it but stopped because my dd SLP was not as familiar with it as her other program. It really is a great program, and is very in depth.
  7. I am in year 2 here of hsing. OhE has helped me more than you can believe. I think I am going to print off the OP post of hers and tuck it in a safe place so I can reread it whenever I need to. So many people, including family and friends, just don't get it. It helps to here it from someone who does! Thanks OP for posting this and thanks again OhE for saying it!
  8. We started with TWJ this year. I am totally on board already. I actually signed up for the BW kidswrite basic class for myself (and my 9 y/o dd). It is expensive, but I felt like I needed some hand holding, a kick in the butt, and someone "else" to encourage my 9 y/o dd. The funny thing is that with my just reading the writers jungle and slowly starting to implement some of the philosopy in our normal day of school, it was already working by the time my dd started taking the class (which was only like a week). I haven't finished all TWJ yet, but am working on it. Good luck!
  9. I see that the HSBC has this for 90% off. Anyone thoughts on this - like or dislike and why? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I am new here. I am HS for the first year and live in Wales. It is just west of Waukesha. I have 3 kids, girls that are 6&7 and a boy that is 2. Let me know if anyone would like to get together. Thanks, Suzanne
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