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  1. Hi all, My 9 year old girl has worked really hard to get to where she is at. She can read a paragraph on grade level, but her comprehension is lower because she is still working on decoding words, etc. She is still doing her vision therapy program too, so her eye fatigue kicks in the longer she reads (bilateral strabismus). She really hates chapter books, hates them. But at least "likes" picture books - I say like because she sure doesn't love to read...yet. Do you all have a list of some great picture books, but at her level? I have many volumes of FIAR, and was going to go back and look at those of books. Thanks.
  2. Yes, sorry, I just noticed that too. Oh well, I am new to selling. :) Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have tried several times to post a few items for sale, but every time I try, I get the same message saying you must have one post on the forum first - I have a lot more than one. :) What am I doing wrong? I sent an email to the "contact us" spot a few days ago, but heard nothing yet. Any one else having this trouble? Thanks.
  4. I am trying to post some items for sale. But every time I try and do it, I get the same message, something about how I need to post at least one thing (which I think I have over 1000 posts). I sent a help message a few days ago and haven't heard back yet. Thanks, Suzanne
  5. I have been on and off the boards a few years now. Well, dd went back to a neuropsych now that she is older. When she was 6, they flagged her for dyslexia, saying she was too young for an official dx. Well, now it is official. Deep dyslexia. She is both visually and auditory dyslexic. UGH. She is going to work with an OG reading tutor all summer. She has been seeing her for awhile now too. Anyone else have a child dx with this? What worked? What didn't?
  6. I didn't even get to use it all...and I loved it. I bought it for $544.95, it includes the LiPstick. I bought it based on the recommendation of a speech therapist who saw my dd one time, during an eval. But, it isn't exactly what my dd needs. So, after much frustration, I packed it up, and there it sits. Not sure I can post this here too, but I thought I would try it. Contact me if you are interested. Thanks.
  7. One of my kiddos is a very visual learner, one is auditory. Which Spanish curriculum has been your favorite and why? Thanks. Oh, my kids are 8 and 10.
  8. Especially in the dyslexia world? My dd is really having trouble with getting thoughts down to paper. She can try to say outloud what she wants to write, but to write it down is so hard for her. So, instead, she barely writes anything, which then really doesn't show what she exactly knows.
  9. Yes, I agree. My husband and I just discussed this very thing. She goes in 2 weeks and finishes up in a month. But...was glad the school told me their thoughts, but was kind of surprised by how fast they were thinking this.
  10. My 8 y/o dd can read at a third grade level, but hates it. I thought I heard of a horse curriculum at one point. I am thinking I could make it "fun" for her if I had a curriculum geared at her passion. If I could especially hit the language arts with it, that would be great. Thanks.
  11. So my 8 year old dd can read, but hates too. But, she love, I mean loves horses. Anyone know of some good curriculum geared towards kiddos like her? Horse loving girls? She can read at a third grade level, but doesn't like a lot of words on the page. Thanks.
  12. This is my concern...she was flagged for dyslexia back when she was 6. They couldn't dx her with it at that time. She is going back for testing in 2 weeks. I do want to obviously wait to make any decision until she gets all the testing done. We will meet with the neuropsych mid April. It could be that this private school just can't quite make all the accommodations she needs either. Totally, she is the definition of a child left behind (in the school system that is). Sigh.
  13. It is a private school, and in my experience there already, it is far better than the ps she tried for a few months. She would continue to get help (we pay for it). I know to hold a child back and get the same old same old, is not good. But...this school is a college prep school with major hands on learning - project based, which is how she learns best. The class size is small too. But...then I read the research and think, oh man. I would homeschool if I thought is was best, but it is tough to do when she loves her school. I may quietly approach the subject in a round about way without letting on what I am saying. I have mentioned already that her new school is over a year ahead of the ps. (Which it is in some ways).
  14. I use to be on here all time...when I was homeschooling both girls. Then when we moved, our oldest was begging to go to school. We tried the public - it was horrible for her (she was extremely bored), we moved her to a private school, and she is thriving. Okay, now DD2, she is the one I have been on and off this board about for years. We were hesitant in letting her try ps, but we did. We couldn't get her to qualify for an IEP, because she needs to be more than 2 years behind in multiple areas. She is, in the writing, and spelling, but they count that as 1 area. So, she got no help. We moved her to the private school too when her teacher emailed me and warned me she was going to fall through the cracks, etc. So, she loves her private school (she loved the public school - just didn't learn a damn thing). This morning her teacher met with me (2 class teachers, reading specialist, and speech therapist). Here she is getting extra help, a lot of it (it costs a lot too). They brought up the topic of holding her back for third grade. UGH. I get it, I do. She struggles so much with getting thoughts down on paper. Her penmanship is good, actually. She loves cursive. It is more her decoding, spelling, phonics, getting thoughts down. She can read at a third grade level, but can't comprehend that well at that level. So, all the research I am seeing is anti-retention. I am debating between homeschooling again, vs keeping her in the private school and seeing what happens. I think it is too soon for them to think this, because we have many months left, and she is finally getting help (the reading specialist is OG trained). Any thoughts? Thanks.
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