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  1. bumping this because I have been wondering the same thing. A regular fire is $49 (without case) and kids is $99 with case and "extras". Not sure the extras are worth the money if I can get them of the non-kid fire. Anyone?
  2. listening in... Really need Veritas Press to put their self paced history on sale!

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    Looking to buy MFW Kindergarten. All or pieces, just let me know what you have and $. Thanks


  4. Christmas is going to be here before we know it and honestly I don't feel like buying anything for anyone. I have ds 11 and 7 and dd 9, 6, 5, 2. What is everyone else getting there kids and family?

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    Looking to buy LoE foundations A. TM, student book (manuscript) and anything else that goes with it would be bonus. Please pm me ppd and condition. Thanks


  6. I am in a spot where I have delayed starting my 6 yr old so not to overwhelm her or me. She knows very little! I am looking at LoE and really want to get it. I have AAR, phonics road, and a lot of other things but wanting to really try this. I also want to get Christian Light Publications Kindergarten II to do with her. Is this going to be overkill? Does anyone have any experience with either of these curriculums. Also any suggestions what to add for math? Thanks!
  7. If you are involved in CC Essentials what other items need to be added to it to make it a full language arts program? Spelling, Vocab, Comprehension? I know it includes writing and grammar, trying to figure out whatelse would have to be added. Thanks
  8. I oldest ds is a 6th grader. I often feel I am not doing enough with him. Wondering what everyone else is doing and using with their 6th grader?
  9. What if my student is not a good speller (ds 11-6th grade). Rod and Staff looks good but where should I start? Would beginning with 2nd grade be ok to make sure we get the main concepts down?
  10. My 11 year old feels he needs to be a better speller. I would like something very easy and open and go that I could include my other kids in. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. I am currently using AAR level 2 with my son. I was wondering if anyone using AAR uses something different besides AAS. Wondering if there was another spelling program that worked well with it. Thanks

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    Wanting to buy Teaching textbooks 3 complete set. CD's, workbook, answer key. Please pm me $ ppd. Also if I can use the grading online. Thanks


  13. I am currently in a co-op group that meets every week. We have decided each week one of the moms has the opportunity to send a little token of encouragement to the others in the form of gift, scripture, quote etc. Wondering if anyone has any great sayings, inexpensive ideas they would like to share with me. Thanks!
  14. This is the exact situation we are facing. We have had hsing families in our community try to go to the school board to let their child play sports while still being homeschooled and they want nothing to do with it! No one has been willing to take it to court though. But due to the recent cuts the school has now made it where you have to pay to play. I am hoping in the next few years that they will be in such need for money that they will allow anyone willing to pay, play sports!
  15. I feel for you! I sometimes wish I could send them to PS for one day and then they might appreciate it more. I understand that kids want to be around their friends but I really want their brothers and sisters to be their best friends! I even wonder about my older child when it comes to the routine of ps. Not sure he understands you really aren't around your friends all day. You have to sit in your seat during class, there is no recess in high school, you can't just go to the bathroom and stay in there as long as you want. I suspect just like some people say I can't homeschool, I feel lik
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